Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Last day of 2008!

I will be working while everyone is counting down to 2009!

Hmm... a new way to start the new year though! Hee...

Happy New Year! Enjoy all your parties!

A "excited" Polarbear

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Yes Man

It has been a long time since Jim Carrey had a hit movie and I think this is the movie that will bring him back to spotlight, after all comedy is his thing! I dun think I can be like him in the movie saying YES to every single request and not thinking about any consequences, however it does let me see what could have happen. the ending was a surprising twist. Jim Carrey was very funny in the movie. YES! He is back after his last few "serious" movies actually were considered flopped. Overall I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

A "YES?" Polarbear

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
Happy collecting presents!
So where is mine? Hee....

Had a fun night with a group of friends yesterday night! Especially loved the chit chat session till the morning! Hee... As promised, we shall go MAMBO soon!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Zack and Miri Make A Porn

Hmm.... This movie is a funny yet at some point lame movie. It is not actually porn movie but about a group of people wanting to make a porn movie. Overall, I give this movie 2 stars out of 5.

A "good to watch lame movies" Polarbear

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Birthday

Again, I am older by one year old again.

This year, I am a bit disappointed as none of my close friends asked me out before my birthday as I have expected them to do so. I had even did not plan anything on the day before my birthday so that when they call me I will be free. I think I have spoiled them by always asking them out instead of them doing the same to me.

Anyway for this year, the day started off with me working early in the morning, then did with a small celebration, a dim sum lunch with my family and Gum Gum. After which, spent the whole day slacking at home, which is a bit sad as well.

Well, the day came and went in a flash. Before I know it, the day was over already. Another birthday, another day.

Well this year nothing special. This is another rest day for me.

Hope next year will be better.

A "happy birthday" Polarbear

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Finally upgraded to ... ...

After flying for 7 mths, I finally got a free upgrade to Business Class, all thanks to the overbooked flight! Hee.... Well this was my second chance in Business Class actually.

I was pampered for 3 hours from there onwards and can see the difference between economy and business class.

From the moment, I was seated and offered a drink, offered papers and magazines and was asked what drink I want after the plane took off.

Next the difference on the food. Instead of everything being served together, they served it course by course. They even set up the "dining table" before the meal. Hee...

The seat was big and spacious, can even lie flat with it as well. Wonderful!

Sigh... All things must come to an end after 3 hours flight. I totally enjoyed the experience. Hope that I will have such free upgrades more often. (SIA, you saw this?)Hee...

A "pampared" Polarbear

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bolt: 3D

This is the first 3D Movie that I ave watched and I have to say that this is the future of watching movies. I loved it even though it takes a bit of getting used to the 3D glasses.

The movie was good. Again, Disney and Pixar outdid themselves again. This movie is a bout a dog and his "super powers". There were very funny moments and as well as touching one. Overall, I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.

A "is my dog a superdog also?" Polarbear

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Standard Chartered 2008

I am supposed to run 21km this morning. In the end, with no training for it, I decided to run 10km will do. Hee...

OMG! It was the correct decision as I struggled to complete the 10km run. Last year, with training, the 10km run was a breeze. This year, it was almost like a torture for me. I can say that I am very relieved when I cross the finishing line.

Well, I got no one to blame expect myself for not training for it. Need to start planning for next year so that I can start training long long before that run again.

So should I go for 21km next year again? Hmm....

A "very tired" Polarbear

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Cape No. 7 (Hai Jiao Qi Hao)

There was a lot of hype of this movie and therefore makes me keen to watch this. This was one of the Taiwan movies that really left a deep impression in me. The story (was touching) and the acting was good. Again, it makes me want to visit Taiwan. Hee... Overall I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "let's go Taiwan" Polarbear

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kyile Minogue's Concert

This is the concert that I have been waiting for years. Since the last concert where she is supposed to be here (before she discovered she had breast cancer), I had been waiting for her to hold her concert again. When the news came out that she will be here, I was so excited. However sad to say that the prices of her tickets also increased a few times as well. The most expensive tickets at $500 counting down. Of course, I could not afford the $500 tickets and therefore only bought the $150 ones, the first row of the $150. Hee....

All I can say the concert started off with a bang and ended off with a bang. She was totally wonderful and performed to her best for an almost 2 hour show! I was pretty much on my feet for the 2 hours dancing and singing along. It was fantastic to see her live. She seem so small on the stage but still every movement she will be able to capture everyone attention on her and no one else. Everything was good, from costumes to the backdrop that they had used. It was totally worth every cent!

I hereby declared that this was the best concert I have seen so far. I so want to fly to Hong Kong and see her again!

A "can't get you out of my head" Polarbear

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum Of Solace, Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Quantum Of Solace

Another 007 movie with Craig David as James Bond. I have to say that with the new James Bond since the last one, I pretty much like it. Makes him more human than the rest of the James Bond. However, the plot seems to be more action than making it strong. Hmm... Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Another sequel, and this time the animals tried to go home and in the end, got stranded in Africa which is their homeland. It seems to me that this second movie actually is just milking out at their initial success. It was fine with it family theme but some fo the things got stretched a little too far. The jokes got a bit lame and was not as funny as before less the penguins of cos. Overall, I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

A "want to watch more movies" Polarbear

Monday, November 10, 2008

Reservist again?!? Come on!

I just did my reservist for 2 weeks in Sep 08. So I am thinking that I will not get call up so fast. However I was so wrong!

I just saw an sms telling me that I got call up. I checked onto the website and they asked me to be back again next Jun!

Come on! That is less than 1 year leh! Sigh.... Come to think of it, the faster I completed my cycles the better. Hee....

A "so sian" Polarbear

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Avenue Q (Singapore Run)

I have watched the same performance in Manila a few months ago. However before that I already bought the tickets for this perform ace. Still, I was very excited to show LLT how good and interesting this show is.

The perform ace that I watched in Manila is in a small cosy theater, unlike in the Singapore run, it is at the esplanade, where it is a little big bigger, even the props seems to be larger so that it will not make the stage look raw.

The whole show was the same as I watched earlier on and it was still the same funny and flawless. I was totally hooked onto the show and this time I got to understand some of the jokes that I have missed out the first time round.

I am a big fan of the show and would ask everyone to catch this show if possible as well.

A "sucks to be me" Polarbear

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wong Lee Hom's Concert

Did not really expect to go and watch this concert. Since there happened to be free tickets, why not? Haha...

Well it was supposed to be a pair of the balcony tickets when we arrived, we were "upgraded" eventually to a better seat where we are closer to the stage. I am not a big fan of him actually.

When the concert started, he did sound a bit weird but he improved as the concert goes on. Since we were seated at the side, we cannot really see what is going on the stage or what the LCD is showing. It has the usual stuff of the concert. The surprising part was when he did the magic trick and appeared at the other end of the hall.

After the whole concert, I was quite impressed by him but not totally blown away by him. Next time, I don't think I will pay to see his concert though.

A "happy to get free tickets" Polarbear

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

6 months into my current job

Well 6 months into the job, I still cannot say if I am happy with the job, but I can say I am definitely tired and have to give up a lot of my personal time for this job.

I have been flying like almost weekly, working like 20 hours out of 24 hours. Still trying to learn the ropes of the current job.

I have to give up my FYP, my gym time, gaining weight etc. Sad.

Hmm... however what lies in the future, no one knows. So will work and see then. Hee...

A "demanding job" Polarbear

Sunday, October 26, 2008

High School Musical 3

After the successful first 2 movies which is shown free in Disney Channel, this installment is actually filmed and shown in the cinemas instead. I am a fan of the first 2 movies and I can't wait to see the 3rd show, especially I have seen some of the new videos for the new songs in Disney Channel.

"Disney’s “High School Musical” phenomenon leaps onto the big screen in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3: SENIOR YEAR, which finds high school seniors Troy (ZAC EFRON) and Gabriella (VANESSA HUDGINS) facing the prospect of being separated from one another as they head off in different directions to college. Joined by the rest of the Wildcats, they stage an elaborate spring musical reflecting their experiences, hopes and fears about their future. With incredible new music and exciting dance numbers designed to take maximum advantage of the big screen, this motion picture extravaganza delivers plenty of high-energy entertainment from East High’s talented ensemble."

I think I got high expectation from this movie especially when I loved the first 2 movies and the songs as mentioned before. From a movie prospective, the movie had a bigger budget, a bigger scenes and a bigger cast group as well. However to me this might not be something good. Hmm... The feel of this movie is quite different from the first two, this is more dramatise for the cinema feel, I think.

The scenes are definitely might more bigger and with more budget! I loved the elaborate scenes which is a must for musicals. The cast are pretty must bigger as well mainly on the backup dancers but the main focus is still on the few leads, especially Troy and Gabriella. There is also an intro of a few upcoming leads. This must be leading to HSM 4 then. Hee... The dance for most of the songs are still great as usual.

The songs are not that strong as compared to the first 2 as well. The first 2 movies songs are easy to ears and easy to sing along as well. The latest one are more musical type and less catchy as well. The acting is still average for most of them less Sharpay who was really good as the "evil" one. Haha. The plot is simple to follow as all Disney movies are.

Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. This is a must see for all HSC fans!

A "wanna to sing and dance along" Polarbear

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What is wrong with me?

Hmm... for the past week, I had been not feeling too well. Feeling a bit of indigestion with a bloaty stomach, at the same time the feeling of wanting to vomit as well. As I thought all was about to be over, then on Friday suddenly I got a serious bout of diarrhoea.

Hmm... Maybe I should check with a doctor on this soon.

Hope that all these will be over soon.

A "sick?" Polabear

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I finally reached Elite Gold Status!

After 6 months of on and off flying in and out of Manila, I manged to reach my Elite Gold Status! I cannot believe it also. Well Manila is only a very short 3 hour flight and cannot clock much miles anyway, so you can imagine now much flying I had been doing!

Hmm... I thought it is going to take me to clock another 50000 miles to get the status but it seems that I only need to clocked 25000 miles for it!

So now with the new upgrade of status, I can use their lounge! This is very important as they got free flow of food and drinks while waiting to board the plane. Now this gives me a good reason to go to airport earlier as well!

Next, I can board the plane with those First Class and Business Class people and before everyone else. So this means I no need to wait for them to call my row to board the plane. Hee...

Lastly, my luggage will get tagged Priority Tag, so this means my luggage will comes out together with the First and Business Class.

Well I know this is nothing to be proud of, as there area lot of people wit the Elite Gold status as well. Then I thought it will take me ages to reach the status, and this is something that I never expect when I took up this job. Hee...

A "still flying in and out" Polarbear

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tropic Thunder

"Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. lead an ensemble cast in "Tropic Thunder," an action comedy about a group of self-absorbed actors who set out to make the most expensive war film. After ballooning costs force the studio to cancel the movie, the frustrated director refuses to stop shooting, leading his cast into the jungles of Southeast Asia, where they encounter real bad guys."

I had sort of high expectation for this movie because of all the stars in the movie. After watching this movie, I was like ... (speechless) cos it definitely look like a B grade movie. I was a little late for the movie but I think I missed out the best part of the movie which was fake movie trailers.The only surprise of the movie I did not recognize Tom Cruise at the end of the movie. Only when the credit started rolling then I realised that it was him! Haha.... There was some jokes but most of them lame. It was a good brainless movie. Overall, I will give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

A "laugh until cheeks numb" Polarbear

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Burn After Reading

This movie is made by the Coen's brothers that also directed "No Country for Old Men"? Impossible. Haha.... They are just brillant!

"Osbourne Cox is a CIA operative struggling to stay afloat. His job and marriage are going nowhere, and he's got a drinking problem to boot. Harry Pfarrer (Clooney) is a Treasury Department marshal who can't stop tripping over his own vanity. His hobbies include internet-dating behind his wife's back and building homemade sex toys in this basement, not to mention sleeping with Osbourne's dissatisfied wife. When Ozzie gets fired from the Agency, he decides to write a tell-all memoir, blissfully unaware that he doesn't have much to tell. However, a draft ends up in the hands of Harry's other love, harebrained Hardbodies gym employee Linda Litzke (Frances McDormand), and her dopey colleague Chad Feldheimer (Pitt). Convinced they've tapped into classified information, they see this as athe perfect opportunity to make some serious cash, and they bring their discovery straight to the Russians! Instantly, affairs of love and state become absurdly entangled, and nobody knows who to trust or what to believe - least of all, the "brillant" minds at the CIA, who lead us to ask: just how intelligent is Central Intelligence?"

I did not quite get the movie when it started. However, as the movie goes on, the plot just unfolds itself. The story telling was great. The actors were good in the movie as well. I am just amazed by Brad Pitt acting of a himbo. Overall, I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "blur" Polarbear

Sunday, October 05, 2008

A-Mei's Concert

She is back again within a year. Even though I watched the last one and know that it will be a similar concert, I bought the tickets when they are released. Hee... Still bought the same area where I sat at the last concert.

This time round, I am still very excited before the concert! Dunno what she will add during the concert! As usual, the concert started off with a bang. This time round more people are on their feet once the concert started! That is a really great start! You should know how I like to spend my concert standing rather than seating. Hee....

The concert rundown is almost the same as last time round with a few addition songs that was not sang last time round. She is at her best if not better than last round of concert! By the end of the concert, everyone was on their feet! We were all that high! Hee...

All in all, this is still the best concert of the year! Same as last year! Seem like her last stop will be back in Taipei. Hmmm..... anyone keen to go and watch it? Hee....

A "Super High" Polarbear

Friday, October 03, 2008

I should be so lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Guess what! I just bought a pair of tickets (good seats of course) to Kylie Minogue's X 2008 concert on 25 Nov 2008 at Singpore Indoor Stadium!

I am so going to her concert! I was disappointed when she cancelled her last concert. However she is now back stronger than ever! Woohoo!

A "super excited" Polarbear

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Launch of Body Combat 37 and Body Pump 67

Today was the Launch of the Body Combat 37 and Body Pump 67! Not really new releases as I think we are one of the last gym to release it. Hee... Decided to stay far far away from Suntec due to F1 race, therefore head towards Parkway Parade instead.

This is my first time in at Parkway Parade gym. I am quite impressed with the gym, big and spacious. Maybe I should be here more often. Hee...

Well back to the new releases.

I quite like Combat 37, even though I find the music is a bit boring but the moves definitely makes up for it. Halfway through the tracks, I am already tried. Hee... This might be due to me only doing combat once a week. This release is really quite challenging and definitely will be quite challenging for those who just took up combat as well. Looking forward to do it a few more time if time permits and think will get to see a number of tracks being reused when the instructors mixed up the tracks. I had fun with it!

For Pump 67, I was surprised by the warm up track using Bleeding Love. Hmm other than this, I really find this release much the same as the other pump releases as well. At least the music still rocks for this release. Hee...

After attending the two classes, I am so tired that I went home straight to sleep. Hee...

I miss gym so much.

A "missed gym" Polarbear

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Step Brothers

It was a story about two persons that realise that they were actually step brothers and have a lot of jokes. Expected it to be a brainless, lame movie and it turned out to be that way. Well I will just give it 2 stars out of 5.

A "light hearted" Polarbear

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mama Mia

This is one movie that I am quite looking forward to even though I have not watch this musical. I was doubting casting Meryl Streep as the main lead in the first place when I saw the trailer.

"Meryl Streep leads an all-star cast as an independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island, Donna (Streep) is about to let go of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), the spirited daughter she’s raised alone. On a quest to find the identity of her father to walk her down the aisle, Sophie brings back three men from Donna’s past to the Mediterranean paradise they visited 20 years earlier. Based on the smash hit musical seen by over 30 million people worldwide with a gross to date of $2 billion. It is set to songs by popular '70s group ABBA."

After watching the movie, I find myself hmming along to the songs that are sang in the movies. Since this is a musical turn into movie, it turn out to be good and enjoyable. It makes you want to stand up and dance along when watching the movies, and not to mention that the songs are really retro! Like I mentioned before I got doubt on casting Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth as the leads but I am surprised that they can sing. In fact quite good singers! The comedy comes from the 2 best friends Julie Walters, Christine Baranski. The backdrop of the movie totally drew me in and I wished that I can be there.

I am always a big fan of musicals and of cos their movies, this is also one. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "Sing-A-Long" Polarbear

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Fantastic Diving Weekend!

Finally took off sometime to go diving and because LLT is going to take the plunge and take her open water certification! It was quite exciting for all of us cos other than her, my friends also took part in it.

The theory and the pool lessons went well, I even went to give moral support for the pool lessons. Hee...

The trip was uneventful less the van ride and the boat ride. Before we know it, we are all ready for the first open water dive. Hee... I went down with them as usual to give moral support. For the first two dives, everything turned out to be fine and before I know it, all of the trainees are certified open water divers. I was under certain amount of stress, making sure that all things will go well for LLT.

After that, came the third dive, which is officially their first leisure dive. It went on fine, until we saw a lion fish. In my excitement, I want to take a picture of it, so I got LLT to hold my BCD instead. After taking the photo, I realised that LLT went missing and I could not find her anywhere in the water. This is the first time in my diving history that I sort of "panicked", cos she went missing. After a minute of searching in the water, I immediately went up to 5 m for the safety stop. After which, I shot up and was super relived to see her floating on the surface of the water.

After that, I did not let her go out of my sight during the next dive. However at the last dive, I decided to let her go with a different buddy so that she will be able to know what to do when she is with buddies.

All in all, the trip was quite fun other then the small incident. Get to know some new friends and had to chance to eat my favourite Ramily Burgers. Hee...

So I am not wondering when is the next time we are going to dive. Hmm....

A "love to dive" Polarbear

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I am always not a big fan of horror movies, however I would loved to give myself a scare or two at times. Hee.... When I saw this movie trailer, I decided this will be the movie.

"4BIA is a portmanteau horror flick consisting of 4 horror stories directed by 4 of Thailand’s most talented directors. The first, directed by Yongyoot Thongkongtoon is titled “Happiness” but don’t let the title of the movie mislead you. “Tit For Tat” directed by Paween Purijitpanya (Body) gives a mystically dark and gruesome twist to the meaning of “an Eye for an Eye”. Then there is “In The Middle” directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter and Alone) and his teenage tale that totally walks off the Buddhist beaten path and on to a horrifyingly humorous escapade that may leave you laughing more than ‘shuttering’, excuse the pun. Finally “Last Fright” directed by Parkpoom Wongpoom (Shutter, Alone) is a psychological thriller that reminds all of us of the old adage "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” except if you are the ‘other’ woman on the receiving end."

Since this movie is made from 4 short stories, there was no link at all, but the scariest one is definitely the first one and the last one. Totally spooked me out of it. The first one, even without much dialogue, it totally creates the scary atmosphere. The last scene was totally surprised. Hee.... For the last story, it is all about retribution. The mummy totally scary, even though it is all tied up. Hee..
Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Great for a good scare!

A "timid" Polarbear

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This is one comedy that I read the reviews and most of the reviews were positive reviews, which made up my mind that I would want to see this film. I managed to catch this film before the film ends run.

"Struggling musician Peter Bretter (Jason Segel, "How I Met Your Mother") has spent six years idolizing his girlfriend, television star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell, "Veronica Mars"). He's the guy left holding her purse in paparazzi photos and accidentally omitted from acceptance award speeches. But his world is rocked when she dumps him and Peter finds himself alone. After an unsuccessful bout of womanizing and an on-the-job nervous breakdown, he sees that not having Sarah may just ruin his life.

To clear his head, Peter takes an impulsive trip to Oahu, where he is confronted by his worst nightmare: his ex and her tragically hip new British-rocker boyfriend, Aldous (Russell Brand), are sharing his hotel. But as he torments himself with the reality of Sarah's new life, he finds relief in a flirtation with Rachel (Mila Kunis), a beautiful resort employee whose laid-back approach tempts him to rejoin the world. He also finds relief in several hundred embarrassing, fruity cocktails."

After watching this show, I am glad that I did not miss this how. It was great! It was about a guy who was dumped by his famous girlfriend. After which, he decided to go Hawaii to get his mind of the break off. Then, his girlfriend and the new boyfriend was there on holiday as well and it sparks off a whole lot of funny jokes. The movie was on the verge of being lame but it managed to maintain on the funny side most of the times. I was quite surprised by the first 5 mins of the show, the local censors actually left it uncensored! Haha!

The whole cast was not A-lister but they managed to make the movie their own. I was impressed by their natural in acting such movies as well. Overall, I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "long time no see such funny show" Polarbear

Sunday, August 31, 2008


After a long wait for this movie, it is finally here! I still remember when I first watch the trailer, I was unimpressed by it and was thinking why would Pixar would want to come out with such a cartoon.

"What if mankind had to leave Earth, and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off?

Academy Award®-winning writer-director Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo") and the inventive storytellers and technical geniuses at Pixar Animation Studios ("The Incredibles," "Cars," "Ratatouille") transport moviegoers to a galaxy not so very far away for a new computer-animated cosmic comedy about a determined robot named WALL•E.

After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL•E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that WALL•E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, WALL•E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever brought to the big screen."

After watching it, I was totally blown away by it. Even though, there was not much of a dialogue between that main leads. I still can understand what they are trying to tell each other when all they made were noises. I can really feel all the love that Wall-E was trying to tell Eva. The animations were really great with all the vibrant colours as well. However I still prefer Ratatouille and The Incredibles compared to Wall-E. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "watching lesser movies" Polarbear

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Singapore Flyer and Fish Spa First Experience

Today had my first try at the Singapore Flyer! Thanks to LLT's sister's company family day event! Hee... For only $6, the package includes a ride at the Singapore Flyer and a lunch at some selected restaurants. We were all excited to go for the ride! So we decided to go for the ride first! I always want to go for a ride since it was opened, just want to see which is better: London Eye or Singapore Flyer?

Thw whole experience is like taking a plane. There is a boarding area to start off with, take a group picture, follow by the ride, and end the trip with a forced stop at the photo buying place. The ride was smooth and very slowly. The view was pretty good and can see pretty far on a very clear day which we had. However, Singapore does not have a lot of things to see while we are being spin around. All HDB flats or roads. When compared, I prefer London Eye as it offers more thing to see and there was a guide which can tells you where to see and what to see, which was not offered by the Singapore Flyer. Dun think I will be back again for another paid ride.

After the ride, we walked around and we walked past a Fish Spa place. We heard so much about it, so we walked in and give it a try! It turns out to be more interesting then the ride itself! Haha.... In this, we put our legs in a tanks full of small little fishes that will feed on the dead skin cells. When we initially put our legs in, the fishes immediately attacked our legs. The feeling was ticklish yet a little pain like ant bites like that. After some time, we got used to it and it felt a little numb. The fishes seem really hungry as they kept coming on feeding off our legs. There must be a lot of dead skin cells. After 30 mins, time is up and we felt our legs were really smoother.

Well I tried quite a number of things in one morning. Pretty interesting morning, all thanks to LLT's sister for the experience.

A "first time experience" Polarbear

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore Bay Run and a Brand New Phone!

Did the Singapore Bay Run today for 10km....... without any training at all! So can say the whole run (more like walk) is a very slow process. Hee.... Luckily it was an army event so also got a lot of "forced" army personnel running (more like walking) as well. In the end, I think I did not stick out like a sore thumb though. Haha... The timing should be terrible as well. All in all, I am just happy that I have finished the run. Wondering how am I going to survive for the Standard Chartered 21km in Dec. OMG! Do not even want to think about it.

So after the run, to reward myself, I decided to get a new phone. Hee... Like real! So walked into M1 shop and decided that I shall give Samsung Omnia a try! Well this is the closest that I could get to a "iPhone" look-a-like since I am not a Singtel subscriber. Actually was caught in between Nokia N71 or the Samsung Omnia cos both looks good. Got the phone at quite a good price and hope that I will like using the phone. Looking forward to start using the phone. Hee....

A "tired but relived" Polarbear

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally I saw Fireworks! Fantastic!

Recently, think I had been working a bit too much and feeling a bit stressed over it. So I mentioned about watching fireworks might do some wonders.

All thanks to LLT, she managed to get a pair of tickets to watch the fireworks from the Hippo Cruise Boat. Yes from the river, much closer to the fireworks! Hee... Once I know that we got he tickets, I am so excited about it! Imagine how close we will be watching the fireworks! Hee...

The meet up time at the Clarke Quay ticket office is at 7.30pm. We reached there on time but already to find a crowd in a queue all ready to board the cruise as well. All the kids were excited, but so were us. Hee... Soon it was time to board the boat. There was a little drizzle going on but still decided to sit in the open to make sure that we got to see the fireworks, at the same time hoping that it will not be cancelled.

We were soon on our way along Singapore River. There is a tour guide with us, explaining all the tourist spots along the way. Felt so touristy. Hee... Taking photos along the way. After a short while, we reached the Marina Bay and were anchored just in front of the Esplanade. While we were watching for the fireworks to start, the guide decided to ask us some general tourist questions and to win some prizes. I was lucky enough to make 2 guesses and win two duck quakes whistles. Hee...

After a 30 mins wait, the fireworks finally started! With the music from the Marina Grandstand and the fireworks in front of me, I was totally blown away by it! I was looking at the fireworks in front of me, the right side of me, everywhere was shooting fireworks. While watching it, I was also busy taking pictures and videos of them as well. Below is one of my better picures taken,

After a good 30 mins of fireworks display, and a grand finale of fireworks, the boat slowly headed towards back Clarke Quay. Everyone onboard was still talking about the fireworks and excited about it as well. Once back on shore, we decided to go and grab some dinner as we were totally famished as we decided not go have dinner before the cruise.

Again like to thanks LLT for this special experience, let try to do this every year ok? If we can get the numbers, we might even be able to book our own boat and have a party on onboard!

A "fireworks fanatic" Polarbear

Friday, August 22, 2008

Disappointed with M1!

The M1 line that I am using now, is the only mobile number that I had been using. So come to think of it I had been suing it since I am 16 years old. Wow that was long. Hee...

So since my contract is coming to an end, I had been thinking if I would like to switch to the Singtel or Starhub or stay with M1. So I called M1 up to tell them my intention to buy a phone from them and at the same time to re contract my line. So in the end guess what they offer me?... Sigh...

After a week of waiting, they offered me $50 off my next bill and 6 months caller id free ($30). After talking over the phone with the operator, she finally decided to throw in another 3 months free autoroaming ($30). Total up to only a miserable of $110 for being their loyal customer for the past 10 over years.

Their latest tag line is "You deserve better!", but I dun really feel it from them.

To say I am just totally disappointed with M1!

A "very disappointed" Polarbear

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fireworks! I want to see!

For the past few days had been again working like no day and night, feeling a bit tired now. Thinking should I get a rest before I truly burnt out. Hmm....

There is going to be 2 nights of fireworks display at Marina Bay this weekend. But ... Sigh.... Dun think I am going to catch it as I am not going to squeeze with all the people and all the tickets for the fireworks display are sold out as well. I just wish that watching it will be able to lift my mood up a little bit.

Going to run my 10 km this coming Sunday and OMG! I had not been running at all. Think I am going to had a hard time running the 10km. Hopefully I will be able to complete it within 1 hours and 30 mins. Hee...

So many horror movies and suspense movies that I want to watch now! Hope they will be still showing when I want to watch them.

Just rambling at random cos I dun really have a topic to talk now. Hee...

A "bored" Polarbear

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 Lotus

Another local movie by the much talented Royston Tan.

"12 LOTUS tells a story of a talented singer Lian Hua, yearns for acceptance from those she loves, that they see her for who she is, beneath the bling of stage costumes, snappy footwork and the sizeable income she rakes in.

The tragedy that unfolds is an age-worn tale of love and betrayal. Her fall from grace is as spectacular and breathtaking as her heights of fame and fortune. Despite a heartbreak that is too much to bear, Lian Hua's indomitable spirit prevails. Her voice soars one final time, and like a flower that blooms, it dazzles us, humbles us."

After the very successful "881", I went to watch this movie with high expectation, decided to watch this movie at sneak preview. Got to say here, I do not think that this movie is not part 2 of 881, in fact it should be treated as a separated movie. This movie is like a 2 hours long MTV for me. Lots and lots of hokkien song and ge tai performances, with the main song 12 Lotus linking up everything. I loved the song 12 Lotus, it does lay out the plot of the movie very nice.

The acting by the leads are very good especially Liu Ling Ling and Mindee Ong. The dancing and the remixe of the songs does add a lot of flavour into the movie.

However compared to 12 Lotus to 881, I will still prefer 881. 12 Lotus does not touched me as how 881 touched me. The focus was lost at times but when they start to sing the next chapter of the 12 Lotus, everything fall back to pieces again. The whole movie does have a very retro feel as well. Overall, I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

A "retro" Polarbear

Feeling Moody

I was feeling moody since yesterday and now someone giving me cold shoulder again.
I will feel much better if you did ask me why, but you did not. :(

A "moody" Polarbear

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National Day! Money No Enough 2

Today is National Day! Happy Birthday Singapore! Time to wear red again! Hee..

So what to do on National Day? Watch a local move by Jack Neo la, what else?

This movie came 10 years after the first movie was a sleeper hit. Not to say I went in with high expectation but thinking that it should be better than the first one.

The movie picks up from the last one where the 2 out of the 3 brothers are rich and got more of local updated political correct jokes as well. The actors are better this time round as well, got to say that Hui ge actually was the most enjoyable one in the movie. As usual for a Jack Neo movie, the first half of the movie is a full of jokes and to poke in the face movie and the second half tires to put your heart strings. Have to say that this time round, I am not touched by his movie, dunno why but just think that it is too far fetch for me to relate to it already.

The CGI is not that bad but how come when they say ERP and what was printed on the gates was EPR? Hmm... Overall I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Well all in all, hope this movie still does well and break some local box office records.

A "Money no Enough" Polarbear

Friday, August 08, 2008

FIR Concert

After 4 albums, finally they decided to start they concert tour and the first stop outside Taiwan is Singapore. I had been waiting for them to come here for concert as I had seen their concert on TV and it does look like a very good concert. So when the concert news came about, decided to watch this concert. Out of all days, they chose 080808 for concert. I even flew back one day early for it. Hee... Have to say that I got high expectation for this concert.

Their concert layout was different from the user one. With the stage on its side, seem like it is nearer to the crowd and less people as well. It was a good choice though. Seem like it was a full house as well.

After watching the concert, I somehow felt disappointed even though I enjoyed the concert. The program of the concert was not really smooth with a few abrupt breaks and caused me to feel bored at times. The singing of the lead singer Faye sounds weird, it seems like she is sick or over exhaustion. She could not really hit the high notes and sounds out of breathe at times as well. For the other 2 guys, it seems that they are standing at the side becoming like part of the band rather than FIR itself. Somewhere due to the above reason, I dun really enjoyed the concert.

Hope that they will perform better next time they come here for a concert.

A "picky" Polarbear

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Recently there was a problem at work. Since it was not actually my department issue, I initially stand aside, trying not to get involved.

With a twist of luck, I was sucked into the action. With a lot of people suddenly wanted to have a piece of it and wants to be updated at all times. However it seems that instead of being understanding and help to solve the problem, they actually added in more stress. The rest of the people just use their mouth to talk and no action done while my team was working our ass off trying to solve the problem.

The problem was solved yesterday. When the news spread, everyone was trying to gain credit for it, and people who did not work in the issue even emailed to talk about what we can do to prevent this problem. Since when they know what to do? Where were they when we needed assistance to solve the problem?

At times, I really pity my team who have been working their ass off yet people ate unappreciative of them.

Now rushing on report that other people, who are not involved, are chasing for it. Sigh....

A "very tired" Polarbear

Friday, August 01, 2008

I was away for 2 weeks

I was away for work for the past 2 weeks and this was the first time that I have to spend a weekend over there.

For the past 2 weeks was pretty boring, well almost all work and little play. Since it was raining season here, it had been raining almost every day or night. The weekend here was gloomy as well. Luckily I changed my hotel to a service apartment, and it was just above a very big shopping mall. So looking for things to eat is an easy thing to do. This hotel is so much better than the last one, the location of the service apartment wins hands down. They also upgraded me to a 2 room service apartment, which was too big for one person to stay in. Hee...

My colleagues did bring me to Mall Of Asia, which is the largest shopping mall here and one of the largest in the world as well. Imagine it is like Vivocity but 3 times bigger. We walked and we got lost in there, walking in circles. Hee... Like the rest of the shopping malls, it got the usual shops as well. Watched The Dark Knight in IMAX here with large screen and have to say it was great looking everything so big in the face. Hee...

I am so excited now as I am going to board the plane and going back home in 4 hours time. Woo! I'm going home! Going to do so many things when I get back. I miss home so much.

A "going home" Polarbear

Friday, July 25, 2008

So many concerts, so little money!

With F.I.R, A-mei, Avril Lavigne and many more coming for concerts,

What am I going to do about it? I wanna to go but ... ....

Sigh.... :(

A "sad" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need to start running!

With a 10km run (a month away) and just signed up a 21km run (4 months away), I think I better start picking up my lazy ass and start running again!

OMG! What have I got myself into?

A "lazy ass" Polarbear

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight

This movie is another big summer movie which everyone is waiting for especially after Heath Ledger aka The Joker died after he was done filming the movie.

This movie totally blew me away, other than Ironman. From the start until the end everyone on the movie really did a job in the movie. The story line is simple, got 2 baddies, Two Face and The Joker. Well me not being a comic fan, I got to know that Two Face is actually a good guy turned into a bad guy. This is actually a Joker movie rather than Batman movie as he totally shadowed everyone in this show. I dun really like how the movie end though, too bad for Two Face. I would loved to see more of him.

One thing I dun really like is why does batman got to speak in such a deep husky voice. Hee.... Overall, I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. The lack of 0.5 stars is for the reason they killed Two-face. Hee...

I managed to watch this movie again in IMAX. Even though watching it second time, it just toally blew me off with the large screen. How come Singapore dun show the movie in IMAX version?

A "Joker" Polarbear

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A-mei is coming for concert again. WooHoo!

Yes! A-Mei is coming for another concert in less than a year! So happy and excited when I know that she is coming again! Last year her concert was the BEST! I am sure this year will be the same as well!

This time her concert will be on 4 Oct 08, Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I have already bought the tickets at Sistic. Have you?

A "excited" Polarbear

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mega Combat and Gym Politics

Last sat was PF's Mega Combat. Well only managed to attend half of it since we got to get ready for Gary Cao's concert after it. Hee... This is my second year doing it. I do not know why but I do not enjoyed doing it. Just find it boring doing it. Do not think I will be doing it next year. Cannot imagine the queue for the distribution of the T-shirt. OMG! People are really so kaisu leh. Still managed to got mine, when there is no queue.

One thing in gym, when I go attend the classes, I would prefer to go for the classes which are taught by the instructors I prefer but I do not go to extreme where I would check everyday if that instructor will not be teaching that day class due to something. I will still attend the class.

There are also groups of ppl who will only attend the instructors they attend and become like groupies. these are the people usually standing in the front and would have stay back to talk to the instructors. Of course they had big influence as they usually will be the ones to request for tracks in classes. Of course there will be different groups for the same instructors and each group will try to do their best to get the instructor's attention like helping them to set up, keep the equipment. There are even people who will go to different gyms in a day to attend the classes conducted by the same instructors. Even at Mega Combat, the whole gang would have stand in front of the platform where that particular instructor is standing. OMG!

Recently heard that one of the trainee instructors, gena complained by one of the lao jiaos during the class. So the poor trainee do not even have the chance to cover the class now and at the same time she also did not attend that particular instructor class any more. Poor thing. Well wish her all the best!

I just go gym so that I can work out at the same time to relief some stress. I do not go gym to add more stress to my life! I also got enough politics to handle in office already. I do not need any more at the gym.

To those people, please get a life outside gym.

A "just want to enjoy work out" Polarbear

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today watched this play cum magic show, locally produced. The magicians is a pair of Father and Daughter.

The story line predictable, father do not allow children to have magic act of their own as he think they are not ready enough and in the end all got magic act of their own but to find family is the best.

The acting was flat so was the storyline but the magic is the main star. Totally blew me away. There are a lot of different magic acts in the show and they are all very good. Even I was seating in the front seats, it was difficult to see how the magic acts are being done. They are that good. Hee...

All thanks to LLT, I managed to have the chance to watch this show.

A "first time see magic show live" Polarbear

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gary Cao's Concert

I did have the intend to watch this concert when I knew it was coming to town. However since no one want to watch it with me, I decided to give it a miss. It was a KTV session in the afternoon of the day of the concert, sort of spurred up my interest to watch the concert again. Another reason is because he won the Best Male Vocalist just last weekend as well.

As luck to be on my side, I managed to get a pair of free tickets to watch from Hazel. Hee... So excited over it. So much so that we even decided to leave halfway through Mega Combat. Haa...

The turnout of the concert was ard 80%, quite good and did not expect so many people to turn up and support him. After watching the concert, I have to say that Gary Cao is really a very good singer, just like how he sounds in the CD. I find the program of the concert a bit boring and was not well thought through as well. That was quite a disappointment. He could have sang more songs from his 3 albums as well. Well I only can say his voice and wit was the saving grace of the concert. I was happy that I got free tickets to watch it instead me what I had planned to buy tickets for it. Hee...

A "relived" Polarbear

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army, You Don't Mess With the Zohan

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

From the trailer, I already can forsee this will be one of the lame movies. As it seems that it is really one, from the lame plot. I am quite surprised that they decided to make a lame movie from the terroristy point of view, one of the best agent who wants to be a hairstylist. So to make his dream come true, he decided to play dead during a mission and went to US for a new life. Then he became one of the most popular hairstylist who attracted all the old ladies as other than haircut and washing, he provides hot sex as well. As the story line get more far fetch, the jokes gets lamer.Overall, I give this movie 1 star out of 5. Watch it if you are looking for a brainless show.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

This movie is one of the sequels and one of the many comic characters movies that popped up recently. I am not a big fan of the comics, in fact I seldom read comics at all. Well with not much of recollection of what happen to the first movie. I pretty much enjoyed the second one. Hee... the plot was pretty simple, good guys fight bad guys but human do not like good guys and ask for the good guys to be destroyed. The CGI of this movie was really good.Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

A "just got to watch movies" Polarbear

Monday, July 07, 2008

News Flash! Earthquake rocks Metro Manila!

"A magnitude 3 earthquake rocked Metro Manila at 8:01 last night, the Philippine Volcanology and Seismology Institute said. The quake was felt at Magnitude 4.5 in Nueva Ecija, Aurora and Bulacan."

Read this in the Manila newspapers this morning. OMG! I landed yesterday night and I did not felt it at all. Hmm... So what I was doing at that time? I was having dinner. Hmm... Maybe it was not strong enough to be felt.

Well you can experience typhoon and earthquake in Manila, I was lucky enough to fly out before the last typhoon landed. This time got earthquake I also did not feel anything as well.

Hee.. So I better start thinking what I should do when an earthquake happens.

Anyone knows how?

A "mountain tortise" Polarbear

Sunday, July 06, 2008

KrisFlyer Elite Silver

After 2 months of almost non stop flying in and out every week, I am proud to say that I am now KrisFlyer Elite Silver member. Haha... Not much privileges though. Sigh.

Time to aim for the next milestone: KrisFlyer Elite Gold status! I need to clock another 50,000 elite miles. OMG! That is a lot of miles to clock in a year! Haha... In this case, I really need to take more plane rides than bus rides already.

Oh yes, another thing, finally after 2 months, SQ decided to change their food menu! This came in timely when I got sick of the food on the plane.

A "how to clock miles faster" Polarbear

Monday, June 30, 2008

Body Combat 36

After one week since the release of Body Combat 36, and I had only done it thrice. I just really find it really tiring every time I finish one session. Maybe my stamina had dropped. Hee...

Back to this release, other than the warm up track and the track four. Other than this, I dun really find myself enjoying this new release. I find this new release a bit too taxing on the legs. There isn't any particular songs that stood out as well. Hee...

Still it was a pretty good workout. There is something that I do not understand, how can someone (other than instructors) can do the same 10 tracks within 3 hours. Get a life man!

A "combat" Polarbear

Sunday, June 29, 2008

10 Promises to my Dog

This is another super emo movie that was made from the Land of the rising sun. Thought that this show will be shot form the point of view from the dog, however it seems that it is shot from the point of view of her owner instead. I really felt it when I watch this movie as I understand how both the owner's and the dog's feeling are, as I got a dog of my own as well. I cried when the poor dog died. I hope this will not happen to my dog.

Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5, would pretty much prefer the movie to be shot from the point of view from the dog.

So now I am making my own promises to my dog to make everyday count. Hee... I will try to spend sometime with him everyday, play with him, talk to him etc. Of course I will try to bring him out for play once every month, I hope. Hee... I will definitely buy you more treats whenever possible. Hmm... Talking about treats, he had been getting fatter recently. need to put him on diet already.

Having a dog, OSCAR, does change my family life, where our lives now surround around the dog. It has been 2 years since he joined our family and cannot imagine our lives without him. Well, have to say that it has been all fun since he joined our family!

A "totally loved my dog" Polarbear

Friday, June 27, 2008

Euro Cup 2008

Since my bosses are German, they are pretty much keeping track on the progress of the German team in the competition. So now with German team in the final, of course the heat is on now.

So they started a little bet in the office and I pretty much see German is on their lucky streak while Spain is a better team. Hee...

Now people that knows me, will know that I seldom watch soccer. Hee...

Then I still keep myself updated via newspapers and Internet. Hee...

Therefore, I decided that Lady Luck is more "powerful" and the score will be 1 - 1 and Germany will win the penalty shoot out.

It is a small bet of $5, just for the fun of it! Crossing my fingers now!

Update on 30 Jun 08:
Just finished watching the finals since 2.45am in the morning, the score is 1 - 0, Spain won. I lost the bet. The bet was won by someone who do not watch a single match though. Hee...

A "seldom watch football" Polarbear

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movies: The Incredible Hulk and Get Smart

The Incredible Hulk

The first movie was directed by Lee Ang and it was not really that good. This new movie done by a brand new director and cast, is a much better movie. Less emotional and more action. Like the way that how Edward Norton acted as well on the emotional side. He can really acted with his eyes.

The CGI has really improved from the first one as well. The way how the Hulk changed was really convincing. One more thing, no more silly super high and long jumps by the Hulk. It was really a joke in the last movie. Overall, I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

Get Smart

This is a remake of the same title series in the 60s. It is a spy movie with a lot of special gadgets (old) as well. Since the funny man, Steve Carell, was in the movie, expected a lot of funny yet lame jokes at times throughout the movie. Of course there is the beauty of Anna Hathaway as Agent 99. This is a pretty much brainless movie, good movie to relax while watching. Overall, I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

A "finally get to watch some movies" Polarbear

Saturday, June 21, 2008

What kind of service?

Sigh... I am already in sort of a bad mood today yet bad things happened today. In fact in just a few mins ago. I am now sitting at TCC, the one near Plaza Singapura, keying this.

I was waiting for someone to show me a seat when:

Polarbear (PB): Hi, I would like to have an indoor seat near a power point please.

Waiter (W): Good afternoon, we have ran out of indoor seats. How about outdoor seats?

PB: Sure, can I request that once there is an available seat indoor, can I be given the seat?

W: Erhh... Sorry the priority is given to those in the queue.

PB: So are you telling me that you rather have me waiting in the line while not spending money in your cafe?

W: I did not say that. (At this point, I got sort of pissed off.)

PB: In this case, I would rather wait in the line.

W: Please let me go and check if any more seats indoor.

W: There is a table available soon, you can have it.

PB: Thanks.

I really wonder what kind of service or policy is that? Sigh. So if I belong to the impatient kind, I would have walked away from the cafe and NEVER come back.

Sigh so much so for good service.

A "pissed off" Polarbear

Friday, June 20, 2008

So happy!

I am going back home in a few hours time! I am so excited and happy!

Another reason is I am going to be in Singapore for the whole of next week! Woo Hoo! So looking forward to what I am going to do back home next week!

A "happy" Polarbear

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Avenue Q

Finally today is one of those days that I got to do something in Manila other than work. So what is that? I watched a musical here! Avenue Q! Hee... Yes I know I bought tickets to watch the same show, which will be showing in Singapore in Nov 08!

The play was really good and funny. Good to see a mixture of puppets and people acting. It will take some time to get used to it as well.

The play is about a new guys that shifted into the a new neighbourhood and got used to know new neighbours with a whole of their own problems as well. It covers a range of issues from the normals ones to the unspoken ones. Hee... Wonder if the play will get a rating for it? Haha.... Go to you-tube to find some of the songs and you will understand when you see the songs titles.

So like what I mention before, the play is coming to Singapore at year end. Go and get your tickets from Sistic to enjoy the show!

A "It sucks to be me" Polarbear

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slowing down a bit

Ever since I started on this new job, I had been flying in and out of the country. Finally from next week onwards, I can see that I am going to slow down a bit and hope to stay in Singapore more often. Hee...

Well stay in Singapore can be good, at least I will not be working longer hours, yes I spent most of my waking time overseas working. I can be doing things that I used to do like going to the movies and gym as usual. Haha...

So looking forward to getting my old life back. Of course, I will still miss my flying life. Haha.

A "homely" Polabear

Thursday, June 12, 2008

PC Show 2008

Yes, went to squeeze with tons and tons of people again. Hee...

This time, went in with a list of things to buy. In the end , I bought all the things on the list:

1. A Canon Ixus 960 Camera (With a ton of goodies)
2. A wireless router
3. A portable hard disk

A "very happy" Polarbear

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sex and the City

I am a big fan of this series and finally the movie is here! Woo Hoo!

"The film will follow the continuing adventures of the series four main characters-Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda- as they live their lives in Manhattan four years after the series ended. Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin David and Cynthia Nixon are all on board to reprise their roles, while the film will be written and directed by Michael Patrick King, who executive produced the original television series. Additionally Chris Noth, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler and Jason Lewis will return as the women's love interests. Academy-Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls) has also joined the cast of the film and will play Carrie Bradshaw's assistant, a new character to be introduced in the film."

This movie really bring back the memories from the series. The time that I spent endless nights watching the series. The series were really great! Of course, I have high expectation for this movie. Although a very long movie @ 145 mins, I totally enjoyed every min of it. The plot is evenly spread among the four girls and each intertwine together.

The best thing from the movie is about friendship among girls or guys. It is always good to have a group of close friends who you can reply on and I am lucky and happy to say that I have such friends. The emo side of me does feel for Carrie. Poor girl. However, I am happy for the happy ending.

Overall this film is strictly for SATC fans. I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5 as it brought back good memories.

A "SATC Fan" Polarbear

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Kung Fu Panda

Wow watched 2 movies in a day! Hee... I loved it! Totally crazy! Yes for a movie freak like me.

The first movie is The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. This is the second movie of the series and have to say that my expectations are high as the first one was really good. Seems like a lot of people still watching even though this is out for sometime, I think, as we only managed to get seats 3 row form the front.

The movie plot: "One year after the incredible events of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” the Kings and Queens of Narnia find themselves back in that faraway wondrous realm, only to discover that more than 1300 years have passed in Narnian time. During their absence, the Golden Age of Narnia has become extinct, Narnia has been conquered by the Telmarines and is now under the control of the evil King Miraz, who rules the land without mercy.

The four children will soon meet an intriguing new character: Narnia’s rightful heir to the throne, the young Prince Caspian, who has been forced into hiding as his uncle Miraz plots to kill him in order to place his own newborn son on the throne. With the help of the kindly dwarf, a courageous talking mouse named Reepicheep, a badger named Trufflehunter and a Black Dwarf, Nikabrik, the Narnians, led by the mighty knights Peter and Caspian, embark on a remarkable journey to find Aslan, rescue Narnia from Miraz’s tyrannical hold, and restore magic and glory to the land."

This movie follows where it left off the last one. However if you did not watch the first one don't worry, you actually did not lose out much. You will be able to catch up within 30 mins of the movie.

For me this show is good as well but it is a bit slow when it comes to the war and fight scenes. The plot is simple where the Prince Capsian lost his crown and together with the people of Narnia, they managed to fight off the bad guys. The scenery is beautiful with all the greens and the hills as back drop. Overall I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Looking forward to the 3rd series of this movie.

The second movie is an animated show Kung Fu Panda. We watched the 2315H show, thinking that there should be less kids. I was so wrong, there are tons and tons of kids. What are the parents thinking? It was way past their bedtime! They should be in the bed. Hee...

The plot of the movie is very simple. ""Kung Fu Panda" features Jack Black as Po the Panda, a lowly waiter in a noodle restaurant, who is a kung fu fanatic but whose shape doesn't exactly lend itself to kung fu fighting. In fact, Po's defining characteristic appears to be that he is the laziest of all the animals in ancient China. That's a problem because powerful enemies are at the gates, and all hopes have been pinned on a prophesy naming Po as the "Chosen One" to save the day. A group of martial arts masters are going to need a black belt in patience if they are going to turn this slacker panda into a kung fu fighter before it's too late."

This movie totally rocks! It was way much better than Shrek and both kids and adults will totally loved it! There are a lot of jokes in the movie which are really funny. The main thing I learnt from the movie is as long you put your heart to it and believe in it, you are able to do it. Both the Po, the Panda and the Shi Fu managed to do it in the end. Overall, I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. There is a chinese version of this movie, I think I will want to watch it again!. Hee....

A "loved to watch movies" Polarbear

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life at work!

Whenever I am overseas at work, I seem like there is nothing else expect work.

For example, I am still in office now! Later once I reach back hotel, I still need to check my emails and work. This will repeat itself everyday! OMG!

I need to get a life down here!

A "overworked" Polarbear

Monday, June 02, 2008

Polarbear is down with Stomach Flu

Since yesterday, I had been almost living in the toilet where vomiting and diarrhoea came together as a package. Think that I might be down with stomach flu or food poisoning. Damned the seafood I ate the other night.

Yesterday morning seen one doctor and another one in the night as I had to travel for work today. Seems like the second doctor medicine is more effective as now I spent more time my bedroom resting instead of the toilet.

Had no appetite to eat anything for the past 2 days, I think no oily food or heavy food for me for the next few days as well. Sigh.

Thanks for LLT and family to spend time to take care of me even though I was grouchy or sleepy most of the time.

Had change my flight to tomorrow. Let hope that I can be feeling better for me to travel to tomorrow.

A "very sick" Polarbear

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One month into my new job.

Time really flies fast. Today marks the first month into my job and wow what a great change it had brought into my life.

Firstly, I was introduced to Manila, Philippines. Without this job, I don't think I will ever step foot into Manila, unless I took part in the Amazing Race Asia of course. Hee... In fact on my first day of work, I reported to Manila and in the end I spend 3 weeks out of the first month (4 weeks) travelling in and out of Manila.

Secondly, I was opened to the world of Telecommunication. I never knew that I can ever joined this line. I am being thankful for given this chance. Ever I started on this job, it had been a great learning curve where I had been learning something new almost everyday. I was also given a lot of new challenges or responsibilities where I was given a lot of freedom to do what I think is feasible.

Lastly, I get to know a great bunch of people from all nationalities from Singapore to Philippines to UK. There are a lot that I have spoken on Skype but yet to see their face. Hee... This is a good chance for me to learn working with different people from different backgrounds as well.

Of course of all the good things, there are bad things as well like stress, unable to spend time with my family and loved ones and have to be independent when I am all alone overseas. I missed spending time at the gym and with my friends as well.

All in all, I totally dig (LOVE) this job right now. Hope that I can last longer in this job than another other jobs. Haha... How do I celebrate today? I treated myself to a nice quiet dinner at Tony Roma's! Hee...

A "take and give" Polarbear

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Oscar!

Today is Oscar's second birthday. Time really flies fast. He joined our family when he was 3 months old in July 2006 and now he is 2 years old already.

In my family, we already considered as him as part of a family. He has a house of his own, where he can sleep in and hide all his toys inside as well. He also got an open access to every part of my house, he is now even sleeping on my bed even though he got a house of his own. Haha.

So on this special day, we got him some presents, well a new toy and a new snack for him. Seems like he like it a lot as he refuses to let us take it away from him. Haha.

So Happy Birthday to him again! He is the best dog in the whole wide world! We will always love you!

A "loving Oscar always" Polarbear

Friday, May 23, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

This is my first movie that I watched in Manila. I only got this to say, it is freaking cheap to watch a movie in Manila, with each ticket only cost $5. Even their "lazy boy" chair which is equivalent to our "Gold Class", each ticket only cost $10 and it comes with free flow of pop corn and drinks. How cool is that! Too bad, I was too late and all the shows with "lazy boy" chairs are sold out, so in the ed I got to settle for their normal cinema. Their normal cinemas are all like GV Max back home!

So now back to the movie. I did not remember watching the earlier 3 shows but still I think it got nothing to do with the last 3 anyway. Hee... The plot is simple. In order to put back a crystal skull so that the enemy will not get in and in the way he managed to found out he actually got a son.

This show is a really long show. I do like the retro look of the film to keep it in tune with the last 3 shows. Even Harrison Ford is 65 but he sure dun look or act like a 65 guy. Hee.... One thing that I do not agree with is the ending of the show. Too far fetch already la! Hee... Overall I give this show 3.5 stars out of 5.

Maybe I will start to watch the shows in Manila now. Hee...

A "many more movies to watch" Polarbear

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Team Building @ Tagaytay

For the past 2 days, had been having some fun, a break for the work as well.

So within 3 weeks from joining this new company, I was in time to join in for the team building that was organised by SMART side. So this is also the first time that I will be seeing all the counterparts in the other side. Hee... I expect some but when I turned up in the room, I did not expect to see one whole room of people! Well around 80 plus people and have to say I don't even know 90% of them.

So it started off with some ice breakers before we boarded the bus and head towards Tagaytay. Tagaytay is a volcano (still active one I think) with a lake crater surrounding the crater hole. It was beautiful. Too bad, I did not have the chance to head to the crater hole. Yes! We can take a boat across the lake and climb up the crater. If you are keen for more information about the place, can click here.

Well, back to the team building, it was done in a amazing race style, where we got to solve and complete different task along the way before we reach the final destination. Along the way, we got to know each other in the team better. I was lucky to be in a fun loving group.

At night we were tasked to reflect the whole process the whole day and ended the night with a get together night which I totally did something embarrassing. After which, we then check into our room for an "early" night rest.

Next day, we started to do the rest of the team building programs before we are back on the bus back.

Overall, I am impressed with everyone as they played as hard as they worked as well. The organisers are great as well, with the whole team building program being carried out seamless. Now I see the faces and know their names. Hope that from now onwards, it will be easier to work from now onwards.

A "so many people to work with" Polarbear

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Made of Honour

"For Tom (Patrick Dempsey), life is good: he's sexy, successful, has great luck with the ladies, and knows he can always rely on Hannah (Michelle Monaghan), his delightful best friend and the one constant in his life. It's the perfect setup until Hannah goes overseas to Scotland on a six-week business trip... and Tom is stunned to realize how empty his life is without her. He resolves that when she gets back, he'll ask Hannah to marry him – but is floored when he learns that she has become engaged to a handsome and wealthy Scotsman and plans to move overseas. When Hannah asks Tom to be her "maid" of honor, he reluctantly agrees to fill the role... but only so he can attempt to woo Hannah and stop the wedding before it's too late."

This movie is definitely another chick flick and it makes a prefect date movie! Patrick Dempsey is the prefect lead for these kind of movie, handsome and with the kind of dreamy eyes that will melt thousands of women. The movie plot is possible in real life so therefore makes the story believable. Hmmm but to fall in love and get engaged within 6 weeks is a bit too much... Haha. Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5 stars. I loved the scenery of Scotland. Hope that I got the chance to visit that country soon.

Too bad, i do not have a very close female friend, if not I will be more than willingly to be her "Maid of Honour". Hee...

A "also want to be Best Man" Polarbear

Thursday, May 15, 2008

US lists polar bears as threatened

Just saw this piece of very sad news. Extract:

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US government Wednesday listed polar bears as a threatened species owing to a drastic reduction in Arctic sea ice, but insisted the step did not mark a policy shift to attack global warming.

The announcement by Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne amounted to the government's first use of the Endangered Species Act to acknowledge the loss of an animal habitat caused by climate change.

"While the legal standards under the ESA compel me to list the polar bear as threatened, I want to make clear that this listing will not stop global climate change or prevent any sea ice from melting," Kempthorne told a news conference.

"Any real solution requires action by all major economies for it to be effective," he said, echoing President George W. Bush's reasons for renouncing the Kyoto treaty on global warming.

The Interior Department said that under the ESA, a listing of "threatened" means that a species is at risk of becoming "endangered" within the near future. It is listed as endangered when it faces imminent extinction.

The polar bear now comes under federal protection, but officials were vague about what that would mean in practice, and stressed there would be no halt to oil and gas drilling in the bears' frozen habitat.

Dale Hall, director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, said he did not want to "prejudge recommendations" by government scientists on how best to protect the bears now.

The Bush administration supports energy exploration in an Alaska wildlife refuge, adamant that industry regulations already exist to protect species such as polar bears, whales, seals and walruses.

Kempthorne did detail greater steps to monitor polar bear populations in Alaska and outlying islands in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, where the US government this year has sold new leases for oil and gas production.

Hunting of polar bears is already restricted under US law after their numbers fell as low as 12,000 in the 1960s, and Kempthorne said ice melting posed the greatest danger now, not energy production or indigenous peoples.

The iconic bears' population has rebounded to an estimated 20,000-25,000, two-thirds of them in Canada, but Kempthorne said they were "likely to become in danger of extinction in the foreseeable future" without preventive action.

Canadian Environment Minister John Baird said he was not planning to replicate the US designation, arguing that Canada's larger polar bear population was "very different" to America's.

But Baird said he would list the bears as being at risk "in a heartbeat," in line with a Canadian scientific panel's recommendations last month.

The committee had recommended designating Canadian polar bears as a species "of special concern," but not one imminently threatened with extinction.

The US interior secretary displayed satellite images showing Arctic sea ice had fallen to its lowest level ever recorded, 39 percent below the long-term average from 1979 to 2000.

"Today's decision is a tremendous victory for one of the world's most iconic and charismatic animals," said Carter Roberts, president of the US arm of the World Wildlife Fund.

"The other big winner today is sound science, which has clearly trumped politics, providing polar bears a new lease on life," he said.

But WWF and other environmental groups also stressed that the US government, which has resisted all legal efforts to parlay the ESA into a law against climate change, had to address the underlying cause: greenhouse gas emissions.

"Federal protection represents only the tip of the iceberg if Americans want to save the polar bear," said Betsy Loyless, senior vice president of the National Audubon Society.

"Listing the bear as threatened is not going to save it if we continue to melt (ice) and drill its habitat," she said.

Edward Markey, the Democratic chairman of the House of Representatives select committee on global warming, said that at the same time, the US government was allowing Arctic oil and gas drilling to continue "unchecked."

"Essentially, the administration is giving a gift to Big Oil, and short shrift to the polar bear," he said."

OMG! It seems like Polarbear are going to disappear from the face of the earth. That is both bad and sad news!

So EVERYONE, it is time to save the Earth and the Polarbears! Do your part ok!

A "very sad" Polarbear

Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's Polarbear?

Ever since I started working in this new job, I started to travel to this specific country for work quite often. Well for my first monht of work, I will be spending 3 weeks at that country and 1 week in Singapore, of cos I flew back to Singapore at weekends.

Yesterday, my planed landed at the airport at 1650H, and I only got out of the airport at 1800H. I actually queued at the immigration counter for an hour! What a waste of time! This despite all the counters are open.

Well another reason is 2 flights landed at the same time. Still the officers really took their own sweet time to stamp the passport. Sigh. No wonder the travel books all mentioned about the horrible slow immigration counters. This is the same for both entering and exiting from the country.

Wanna to make a guess which country's airport is that?

A "needs to be very patient" Polarbear

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tired now!

Within the past 24 hrs, I have done 2 classes of body pump and 3 classes of body combat. By the time, I was doing the last class, I was already pretty tired. Well it has been a long time since I have done that. Hee... Getting slacker alr. However, it was fun and felt good after doing all the classes.

Y m I doing so many classes? Cos I am more busy with work and going to travel more, means less time for gym, so I am doing more at a time. Another reason is I am going for a wedding dinner later as well! Hee... More good food! Hee...

I am feeling so tired now!

A "tired" Polarbear

Friday, May 09, 2008

Speed Racer

"Born to race cars, Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is aggressive, instinctive and, most of all, fearless. His only real competition is the memory of the brother he idolized—the legendary Rex Racer, whose death in a race has left behind a legacy that Speed is driven to fulfill. Speed is loyal to the family racing business, led by his father, Pops Racer (John Goodman), the designer of Speed’s thundering Mach 5. When Speed turns down a lucrative and tempting offer from Royalton Industries, he not only infuriates the company’s maniacal owner (Roger Allam) but uncovers a terrible secret—some of the biggest races are being fixed by a handful of ruthless moguls who manipulate the top drivers to boost profits. If Speed won’t drive for Royalton, Royalton will see to it that the Mach 5 never crosses another finish line. The only way for Speed to save his family’s business and the sport he loves is to beat Royalton at his own game. With the support of his family and his loyal girlfriend, Trixie (Christina Ricci), Speed teams with his one-time rival—the mysterious Racer X (Matthew Fox)—to win the race that had taken his brother’s life: the death-defying, cross-country rally known as The Crucible."

Another summer blockbuster, this time by The Wachowski brothers, who brought us Matrix Trilogy. I only know is this a Japanese comic but that is all. So I just went in and watch the movie. This movie is so different from the Matrix. I think the background of the movies are all CGI, but hey I am not complaining as the end results is realistic and very much colourful! The plot is simple and easy to follow. A kid likes to race since young but grew up to find the real deal of car racing, well something like F1 but their race tracks are really futuristic. It also touches on family ties as well. Rain was in as a supporting role and have to say he did pretty well for the role, more than a pretty wallpaper in the movie. Mentioned before, I am totally blown off by the colour of this movie, everything seems to be 3D. Overall, I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. I totally loved the monkey in the movie!

A "wanna more movies" Polarbear

Monday, May 05, 2008

Superhero Movie

Hmm... Decided to not go to gym but relax and watch a movie. Enjoyed a relaxing evening by watching a lame movie.

So when you have the creators of "The Naked Gun" and "Scary Movie" writing a movie, what kind of movie can you expect? A funny yet lame movie at the same time. This time round they decided to make a spoof of all the Superheroes movies that was out. Luckily Ironman is not out yet, if not I am pretty sure that they will include it in as well. The movie is pretty much based on Spiderman with the rest thrown into it.

This time a guy who got bitten by a dragonfly and got his special powers. Hmm.... Surprise Surprise. Then all the things happened when he is getting used to his powers. Well then thrown in X-Men, Fantastic Four, etc. You will get the rest of the movie's plot. So in the end did he learned how to fly? Hmm...

Well I dun find this movie really that funny but LLT was laughing from the start to the end of the movie. I find it more lame and gross at certain parts as well. Then we do need these kind of movies to keep us sane in this world. Wahahaha. Overall, I give this movie 2 stars out of 5. Well there are still some funny parts. Hee...

A "feeling tired" Polarbear

Saturday, May 03, 2008


"Based upon Marvel's iconic Super Hero, "Iron Man" tells the story of Tony Stark, a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Tony builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. Upon his return to America, Tony must come to terms with his past. When he uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Iron Man."

What a way to start off the summer movie season! This movie is simply FANTASTIC! I am not a very big fan of the comic or the cartoon. Now, I am keen to know more about him! Robert Downey Jr. totally rocks as the lead roll and the rest of the cast are well suited for their rolls as well. As this is the first movie, the director did take his time to slowly tell his story on how Ironman came about. We can see the development of the Iron suit as well. Cool! The plot is simple and tells the start of Ironman. The pace is good, not too fast nor slow. It gives a pretty clear picture on how it came about. The CGI is simple great! I am now looking forward to the sequel to see him fight off the bad guys! Overall, I give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. Go and watch it!

There is so many super heroes movies coming out this summer! Batman, The Incredible Hulk etc etc. Can foresee me spending more time in cinemas again! Hee...

PS: Pls stay at the end of the credits to see what is going to happen for the sequel! Yes! There is a sequel in the planning already! Coming in 2010!

A "looking forward to more summer blockbuster" Polarbear

Friday, May 02, 2008

My "First" Day at Work

Today was the first day that I spent at my new office. Yes, finally I got a job which office is in town area! Hee.... Well yes, I have been there for interview, but they did some renovation in the office. Saw my new colleagues today as well. Managed to do some of the admin stuff and got a new laptop as well. Wahahahaha! Finally! Hee... I still got to set up the laptop on Monday and hope to get all of the admin stuff done by Monday as well.

For the past 4 days, I was away in Manila. It was my first trip there and was quite excited, not to forget to mention stressed as well, to go there as well, especially when I am flying there and back alone. It was like going for amazing race. It was quite good for the following reasons:

1. I finally got to fly on Singapore Airlines. It was very good, from the service to the food. Got a personal entertainment set as well. Managed to catch 2 movies, Jumper and The Bucket List. Even got time to play some of the games as well. For the food, it was simply great! Hope got more chance to fly SQ next time. Not to mention, finally got a job that requires to fly as well! Hee....

2. The hotel that I stayed, Hotel Intercontinental, was simply great. It was right in the middle of the town and was surrounded by shopping centres. I did not managed to have chance to walk around until the last day.

3. My colleagues there are a great bunch of friendly people! I managed to learn a lot from them over then past few days. We will be working very closely together from now onwards.

Heard that there will be a team building for everyone as well and it will be at Philippines as well. hope this is true and will be able to meet the rest of the people that are based in Europe as well.

From now, I think I will be very busy with my new job and not as relaxed as I was in my previous job. Hope that I am able to start contributing soon! Hee....

A "excited to start work" Polarbear

Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is the start of my new job

Today marks the start of my first day in my new work. I am so excited and nervous right now!

Reason being? I am going to report to airport and fly off for work instead of reporting to the usual office. Exciting right? Yah, I was only started packing a few hours ago. Wahahahaha! I will be only back on Thursday.

The whole of last week I was arranging with the admin on helping me to get the air tickets which was only confirmed last Friday. Really thanks for her help in assisting to get the air tickets.

So now I am going to get ready to report to work already! Wish me luck!

A "stressed out" Polarbear