Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Birthday

Again, I am older by one year old again.

This year, I am a bit disappointed as none of my close friends asked me out before my birthday as I have expected them to do so. I had even did not plan anything on the day before my birthday so that when they call me I will be free. I think I have spoiled them by always asking them out instead of them doing the same to me.

Anyway for this year, the day started off with me working early in the morning, then did with a small celebration, a dim sum lunch with my family and Gum Gum. After which, spent the whole day slacking at home, which is a bit sad as well.

Well, the day came and went in a flash. Before I know it, the day was over already. Another birthday, another day.

Well this year nothing special. This is another rest day for me.

Hope next year will be better.

A "happy birthday" Polarbear

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