Monday, April 30, 2007

End of Apr 07

End of Apr 07

Wow another month passed by in a flash! This month can say that it is quite a bring month as I spent most of the time on my school assignments, rushing deadlines and work. Super Sian! Haa....

On work wise, I moved back to my HQ to work and boy there are tons of things for me to learn, pick up and work on. Crazy! Working on projects and getting to read up as many things so that I can understand the things that I am doing. Had to say that from Nov until now, this month is the busiest for me. Haa.... Means no more slacking!

On studies, I am getting more sian but still cannot give up on it. Assignments to rush before the deadline, well almost as I had to asked for extension, one of the 1st in my course of studies. This semester, I think I took up subjects that are quite tough and seem like I dun understand what is going on. Hm... So I got to spend more time on studying alr, exams coming.

Since I am so busy with work and school, it means that I had little time for myself and frens. Did not spend a lot of time in gym, getting lazier. Haa... Still watched a couple of interesting movies, due to school no more free movies for me. The highlight of this month would be Jolin's Concert and The Phantom of the Opera. Glad that I made time for it and did not missed either one of them. Haa..... Both of them also made my wallet lighter as well.

Seems like next month, going to be the same busy with school, work and EXAMS! Sigh!!! So going to start after I completed that last 2 assignments which is a pain in the ass! Meantime I think I got less time to blog alr. Hee....

A "dunno what I am doing" Polarbear

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Polarbear the "father" of all "trees"?

Polarbear the "father" of all "trees"?

This weekend although rushing for my assignment, I still managed to find time to meet up with some of my frens for dinner. Hee...

So on Fri, met up with Danny for dinner and went to Hog's Breath Cafe. I had been wanting to go there to taste their steaks since they announced that they had the best steaks! Well have to say that they are right, not the best though but one of the best, I am not disappointed and the portion is really BIG! Hee... Plus free flow of drink, not going to say what I drink here though, someone is going to kill me if known. Hee...

Today, met up with another grp of frens: HC, SP and Cannie. This time round, went to Ling Zhi Vegetarian restaurant for Mushroom Steamboat buffet. Hmm... I asked myself got so many mushroom to eat meh? In the end, I was shocked to see so many different types of mushroom! Haa.. At least 10 over types! It was good, esp I had eaten too much meat the other day. Hee...

During both meals, this topic came out that. It seems that I am like the master of friendster, where I am always the one arranging all the meet up with all friends. So does that mean that if I dun do that no one else will do that? Then if I dun do that, all the frens will went on their separate ways? Hmm... I dunno leh and I hope not leh. Hee... It seems like in a common grp of frens, if I dun call this fren out, no one will call him or her out again. Hmm... I got such great power meh? Haa... But then if they meet up without me, I also dunno leh. Haa...

Maybe I am the one very bored and have to keep calling my frens to meet me and accompany me also. Haa...

So next time, dun wait for me to jio u ok, you can always feel free to jio me out one. Hee...

Back to my assignments!

A "Super friendster?" Polarbear

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last 2 Assignments to go

Last 2 Assignments to go

Still got 2 more assignments to go and had been rushing it. Hope that I can complete on time.

Meantime also busy with work and had been slacking means no gym for me also. Sigh...

Got to go and work on my assignment again!

A "Assignment crazed" Polarbear

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Mini Asian Film Fest

Mini Asian Film Fest

After submitted my lab report, decided to do something to relax before I move on to other assignments. Haa...

Since it had been 2 weeks since I last watch a movie, there is no other choice but to hit the cinemas. Hee... Wanna to watch 200 pound beauty but the timing very late so watched "Eternal Summer", a made in Taiwan show and I had always wanna to watch this movie.

The story as follows: Shane and Jonathan first meet at a seaside elementary school. Shane is a problem child whereas Jonathan is a star pupil. One day, the teacher sets up a game called “Little Guardian Angel” where good students are paired with bad students in order to reform them. What started off as an awkward friendship gradually evolves into forbidden love. Everything seems so natural until one lonely girl Carrie enters their lives. Against the backdrop of a devastating earthquake in Taiwan, the trio guards the secret until they revisit the seaside once more…

So yes the movie touched on the topic of same sex relationship but it also brought out a very simple love story between 3 people as well. The story was well written and could feel how the 3 main lead felt in the story. The film was very well shot as well.

This could happen to tons and tons on ppl. I mean come on, to all the guys: Who did not have hangout buddies that sometimes they are more well treated then their galfrens cos of brother hood!. Haa... It seems that ppl are ok with lesbian more than gays here. So much about equality in sex here. Hmm.... Well to me, it does not make a difference. Fun to have frens from the other side as well.

I managed to watch the deleted shots of the movie and there is one scene that was being cut away and that could have change my whole prospective of the movie. Hmm... Interesting. Overall I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. Go and catch it. Even though it is rated R21, there is still one naked butt scene cut off (1 sec only). Sigh.. Censorship! Since it is rated R21, jz leave the movie intact lah. Still treat adults like children, cannot tahan that leh!

Oh yah, first time see show got so many guy couples watching the show as well. I think me and LLT is one of the few mixed couples there. Haa...

After the movie, went to eat dou hua (beancurd) and it was fun. I loved to eat dou hua! Hee...

On Sunday, decided to go for the gym classes. Wow super slack leh, I had not been to gym for the past week alr. Pump and Combat classes very siong today. Made me damned tired now! Sure to have aching muscles for the next few days.

After which, decided to watch a Korean movie "200 Pound Beauty", a comedy.

Hanna is a lip sync vocalist for Ammy, the famous Korean pop singer. Even though Hanna is always ignored due to her appearance, she has always been a bright and happy girl until Ammy humiliated her in front of Sang-jun, the one she secretly admired. Finally, she made a life-changing decision: to have a major cosmetic surgery.

The first half of the story was funny! The second half was pretty sad and touching. Normal Korean stuff. Hee... it had been some time since I enjoyed a Korean show and this is one of them. Haa.. The female lead is actually quite a good singer as well as she really sang all the songs in there. This movie touches on the topic of plastic surgery and what happen after that. This brings back to one thing I firmly believe in, DUN LIE! Once you lie, you have to continue and when then truth is know, a lot of ppl is going to get hurt. After all this is a movie, sure to have happy ending but too bad dun think this is going to happen in real life! Sigh. Toking about lies bring back sad memories...

Overall I will give this movie 4.5 out of 5. Haa... Seem like it is going to off the cinema soon, if not wait for the DVD then.

So this weekend had watch 2 Asian movies and I was not disappointed at all!

The weekend is over like that and it is a great break for me before I go back to reality 2molo. Hee...

I am so tired now going to sleep alr...ZZZ zzz....

A "sure to have aching muscles" Polarbear

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally submitted my Lab Report uncompleted!

Finally submitted my Lab Report uncompleted!

Had a hard time for the past 2 weeks trying to complete my 2 lab reports!

So stressed about it that it was terrible!

One was done and submitted on time, however one was not completed and extension of deadline was given until today, 3 days extension!

However till now I still got no idea how to do the lab therefore I decided to do whatever I can and submitted the uncompleted report. Hope for the best! This is the 1st time that I had submitted an uncompleted assignment. So disappointed of myself! Sigh. Hope that I can scrap through this report. No one to help me, seems that people are really selfish! Sigh!

I had allocated all my time to doing my assignments that I had not been doing things like work, gym, watching movies etc. So poor thing!

Two more assignments to go before my exams!

Going to watch a movie later with LLT. Haa... Finally!

A "lab report / assignment phobia" Polarbear

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today is Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day! But... ...

Today is Ben & Jerry Free Cone Day! But... ...

I would not be able to enjoy the free ice cream!

Sob! Sob! I wanna to eat Chunky Monkey! I wanna my ice cream! Sob! Sob!

A "Ben & Jerry Fan" Polarbear

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Phantom Of The Opera.... Finally!

The Phantom Of The Opera.... Finally!

After 6 months of waiting, finally got to watch The Phantom Of The Opera today! So excited and happy about it as well. Yes! I admitted that for the past few days, the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack was on auto reply mode in my iPOD. I think I can sing all the songs if the phantom cannot sing. Haa....

So this time round everyone is on time and we proceeded in to the STALL! Yes! We got stall seats! We bought the early bird tickets and our seats were 5th row from the front, as I specifically chosen, centre seats! Hee... Also got 10% discount as well! The seats were great! I am happy that everyone was happy with the seats that I had chosen. Haa... Soon the lights are dimmed, the familiar music started to play and I was all ready for the show to unveil itself!

After the 1st Act, I have to say that I was blown away by everything! From the elaborate sets to the costumes and to the singing! Everything was great and FANTASTIC! The costumes changes on the stage was also done so fast that everything seem very smooth! The chandelier was grand and it was right above our heads, therefore when it crashed, it seems straight down heading for us. Haa...

The singing of the cast was on the dot. Every note was great as well! Can really feel the phantom's sadness and anger through the songs he sings. Of cos Christine, the female lead, also did a great job!

My fav songs had to be "Think of me" and "All I ask of you"!

The river scene was very well done, when it transformed into the river, the fog started coming out and we were all transported into the sewers. Have to pity the front row ppl that they are being blocked by the fog. So much for getting the front row seats. Haa...

Overall I am happy that I did not missed this show. Well I missed it when I was in London. Too expensive for me then! Go and watch it if you can! If not you will regret it!

So after the show, decided to buy the program booklet @ $25. Hee... Nothing else. Thinking to get the baseball cap. If they sell the monkey musical box that plays the melody, I would have buy one! Too bad they did not reduplicate that! Hee....

Happy that everyone enjoyed the show, including my little sister whose 1st musical is this! Haa...

So another 2 musicals coming soon. "My King and I" coming in Aug and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" coming in Nov!

Anyone interested to join me then? Hee....

Oh yah! Have to complain on one idiot who was sitting in front of me kept blocking my view! If you wanna to sleep on your girlfriend's shoulder during the show, pls do it in a cinema or at home! Buy such expensive tickets yet go there and sleep! Idiot! Should have ask the phantom to shoot him with the walking stick that shoots out the fire flames!

A "Should I watched Phantom again?" Polarbear

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Poor Oscar!

Poor Oscar!

Recently, found a few dry blood clots on Oscar and he seems to be bleeding and kept on scratching. Scared that it is some skin problems, decided to bring him to the vet for check up.

He came back, looking like this:

Poor thing, look at the sad face!. That plastic thingy is supposed to stop him from scratching himself. He is also uncomfortable with it. Whenever he knocks into something, he will jz pause there. Haa.....

So with some cream and medicine, he is feeling better already!

Seem like he got some bumps as well, something like pimples, on his body, doc said that he is allergic to his dog food. So we might to change another brand of food, with no chicken or lamb inside.

A "poor thing for Oscar" Polarbear

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Polarbear feeling moody!

Polarbear feeling moody!

Think I am going to be moody for the next few days.


I got no idea how to go about doing it! Sigh! Going back to my assignments now!

Exams coming soon!

Hope this will not last long! JIA YOU!

A moody Polarbear

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Jolin's Concert Finally!

Jolin's Concert Finally!

Polarbear waited and waited. Finally the day for Jolin's concert arrives and I am all ready and excited to go! Haa... Someone else (Gabe) is more excited than I am. Called me early in the morning! Haa...

So we arrived quite early but then there are thousands and thousands of ppl there awaiting to enjoy the concert! Hmm... went to check out any items that I might wanna to buy, initially wanna to buy the poster that came with an autograph but then the queue was super long and I could not even squeeze in to the table and take a look. Sad...

Bought the most expensive tickets and ended with pretty good seats! I am happy that I managed to get such seats! 13 rows from the front, freaking near the stage. At least to me lah, there are 13 rows of ppl that are nearer than us lo. Haa... So saw a few familiar faces like radio DJs etc. Expect Sun Yan Zi to appear but too bad, she did not. In fact, right in front of me was a girl that attended the concert on her own, ALONE! OMG! I dun think I will do that though. Brave gal!

I attended her last concert in Singapore 2 years ago and was disappointed by her concert then. Maybe my expectation for the concert was too high. This time round, she really did a great job for the concert and proves that she is the Dancing Diva. Haa...

As usual, started the show with some Yoga, with some really difficult positions, then moved on to fast dance songs. Her Best! Haa... Then move on to some of her slow love songs and out of the blue, her special guest, Energy, appeared. Hmm... way too early lo. Haa...

Change of clothes and showed more of her moves and then moved on to be hang in the air and sing while sitting in a couch. Turned the whole indoor stadium into a big KTV session. She requested to do human waves, well have to say that the crowd was a bit shy and did not started off very well. Haa...

After which, all ppl are warmed up and almost all stood up for the series of dance songs! The best part of the concert and I truly enjoyed myself then. Haa... Got to see her boogie leh. Well she did forgot some of the words but then who cares! Haa...

Hmm... only turned up for encore of 2 songs and that was end of concert huh? A bit sudden rite? The most funny part is the confetti came on too late!

Overall, the concert is better than the last one. The crowd is also one of the best as well. Truly enjoyed myself and Gabe took almost 300 pics of the concert. Haa...

So one concert down, I still got 2 more to go! One in Jun and one in Jul. Haa...

A "very high" Polarbear

Friday, April 06, 2007

A Good Friday indeed!

A Good Friday indeed!

Finally a long weekend and a holiday after a month! Haa.... Good time to go and scuba dive but...

Since the holiday started on Thursday night, as usual, it is a gym session. I regretted attending the Sculpt and Abs class and I was late for combat! So after which we will catch a movie and this time round we chose to catch some arty farty movie, "I Don't Want to Sleep Alone" by a Malaysian born but based in Taiwan director, Tsai Ming-Liang, who produced a "porn" show last time round.

Review from InCinemas: "After being attacked and robbed in Kuala Lumpur, the homeless Hsiao Kang is taken in by some Bangladeshi workers. One of them, Rawang, lets Hsiao Kang sleep beside him on an old mattress he has found. As he nurses Hsiao Kang’s wounded body, he feels calm and contented. Is it because of the mattress or because of Hsiao Kang? Chyi, who waits tables in a small coffee shop, is also nursing someone: her lady boss’s paralysed son. Chyi hates her life. When she happens to meet Hsiao Kang, her body fills with lustful desires. However, her difficulty in finding a place to have sex with him brings home to her just how little freedom she has.

As Hsiao Kang slowly recovers, he finds himself caught between Rawang and Chyi, pleading for attention like a stray cat but equally capable of fluttering away as free as a moth. Chyi’s lady boss also develops lustful feelings for Hsiao Kang, finding that he resembles her paralysed son...

Meanwhile a heavy haze envelops the city that is so humid that it reeks of the sweat of its multi-ethnic population. These men and women and the old mattress lose their way in the haze, but perhaps find each other …"

After watching the show, I think I understand what the director is trying to show. Haa... The whole show almost got no dialogue from the male and female lead. Somehow, I dun understand why he uses sex to be the common link between the actors. Haa... Including the one between the 2 men. Wonder they jz wanna to sleep together or they did more? Hmm....Many more questions to be ask after the show then. Haa... Overall will give the show 3 stars out of 5.

One thing to say also not booking tickets online from Cathay will not have any credit card discount alr. Sianz... For the discount, got to buy it over counter. Not fair right? Sad. Think I will watch less shows from Cathay from now onwards! Sigh.... Me very sad at the thought of that!

On Good Friday, woke up early and went for 2 hrs of Combat Special! Haa... It was great and I managed to survive from it! The whole 2 hours! The feeling of completing it was great! Haa... Looking forward to more of these kinda of sessions!

After which, decided to go for my long over due haircut at an expensive salon. Haa... No shop names mentioned here ok. Have to say that it is a bit expensive for cut and blow ($42 but I got a discount). However the experience was great and now I got a "boyish" looking hairstyle. The kind that I like, minimum styling and easy to style as well. The wash experience was kinda of funny as it felt very ticklish. Haa...

Next with my new haircut, decided to go for a shopping spree and bought a very youthful looking shirt and T shirt to wear and someone got a gift from me as well! Haa... hope you like the T shirt ok! At least it is in your favourite colour.

After which, I went home and rot while someone got other appointments. Haa... Going to be like this for the next few days as well. Poor me. Sob! Sob!

So excited! I am going to attend Jolin's Concert 2molo! It will be great and I got front row seats some more! So looking forward to the concert and have a fun time there! So what I am going to wear 2molo for the concert? Hmm... This will be the first out of 3 concerts I will be attending in the upcoming months! How cool is that? Haa.....

An excited Polarbear with a boyish haircut

Monday, April 02, 2007

2 different movies over the weekend

2 different movies over the weekend

I have watched 2 different movies over the weekend. Haa...

The 1st movie is "Conversation(s) with other women". It is a drama and romantic show.

When a man and a woman flirt with each other at a wedding reception, the sexual tension between them seems spontaneous. But as the conversation deepens, their previous life together is gradually revealed. As they break from the party to a hotel room, the flirtation turns into a night filled with passion and remorse.

The whole movie is shown in 2 screens with one focus on the male lead and the other one on the female lead. It is so well done that it is not confusing to watch. So the leads dun have a name in the movie, so no names mentioned here. Haa... Somehow halfway through the movie, I got to realised that actually both of them used to be husband and wife. Haa... The script is very well written and the acting is quite believable. Overall, I give the movie 4 stars out of 5 for the script and the special way that the movie was shot. The editing had to be damn good man!

The 2nd show is "Shooter". It is a very manly action show. Haa... It is free! Cos I won the tickets. Hee... It is an action-packed thriller starring Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger, a former Marine Corps sniper who leaves the military after a mission goes bad.

Reluctantly pressed back into service, Swagger is double-crossed again. With two bullets in him and the subject of a nationwide manhunt, Swagger begins his revenge, which will take down the most powerful people in the country.

Overall, I had not watched such kind of show for sometime. Quite like this show! I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Sometimes a man got to do what a man has to do! Haa...

So 2 movies to start the month of Apr! Hope a few more to come!

Going to watch Jolin's concert this coming Saturday! So excited! Going to be a good one!

A "Jolin excited" Polarbear