Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New release of Body Combat and Pump

New release of Body Combat and Pump

This week marks the new releases of both Combat and Pump.

Went for the launch and found that Combat is more challenging with all the combinations and I am getting used to it. A lot of kicks in this release. Haa... Loved the Rihanna track!

For pump, nothing much expect the combination of 2 count up and down followed by 2 singles. Still pretty much the same. The tracks are also pretty good.

Going to do this for the next 2 weeks. Going to have a lot of fun with it.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Running Update: 6 more days!

Running Update: 6 more days!

6 more days to go!

Well I had been running from 2 to 3 times a week, ranging from 2 to 5km. I still dun think I am well prepared for the run but then I will try my best to complete the run within my target time, if not at least finish the whole 10km in 1 piece. Haa...

Wish me luck!

A "need to run more" Polarbear

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friendship: One way or both way?

Friendship: One way or both way?

Recently, felt that all my close friends are gone. Reason being, I did not make the 1st move to ask them out.

I am the one always to organise outings and to meet them. I am the one to make effort to say hi when I log onto msn. So since I am the one always to make the 1st move, they always will think that I should be the one doing that? Hmm.... Even when people say hi to me on msn, it is usually they got something to ask me. Sigh.. Sad to say so but it is true.

So to me it is pretty much of a one way friendship rather than a 2-way friendship.

I dun think I am asking too much but then even a simple "Hi how r you?" sms sometimes does makes me feel good that someone still remember me as their friends.

Maybe I am thinking too much but then am I?

A "still got friends?" Polarbear

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A day full of events!

A day full of events!

After my usual combat-pump-combat combo classes, it is time to face reality and collect my goodies bag for the 10km run. Yes, it is 1 week away! The collection was done in a pretty fast and efficient way. Used to think there is still a lot of time, now it is only a week away. Me going crazy alr. Haa....

After which, met up with a grp of frens for dinner.Got fed up with one of them, ask me to organise the dinner, did not give any ideas of where to go for dinner etc, then to complain this and that. Last min decided not to turn up and did not have the courage to inform the organiser which is me. BTW, she "tasked" me to organise it. I was quite pissed off by it, when I sms her, she then decided to turn up. Sigh... I ratehr she dun turn up at all. All is too late as the damaged is already done. No way I am going to ask her out again.

Dinner was a steamboat place opp Shaw Tower cheap and good. It was funny that you can only collect your chopsticks when you pay up. The dinner was good as I have not eaten buffet for sometime alr. Haa... Quite cheap as well, only $13.80 per person.

Next we moved off to KTV at K box. Got a big room where all of us sing until silly. So much fun! We shall have these kind of session more often without those troublesome people soon!

So tired after one whole day of events. Going to sleep... ...

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Team building @ GardenAsia and Enchanted

Team building @ GardenAsia and Enchanted

Today is my company team building day, as this is the 2nd round that they are doing it so we have a smaller group. It is fun to get mixed around and get to know other people in the company. It is held in a very ulu location, Garden Asia. it is a nice big place for wedding and other activities, but then again who will have a wedding there. Well in fact there is a ROM going on in the afternoon, so people do go there for these kind of stuff. maybe I can consider as the location as well. Haa...

The team building activities was fun. Took something to warm up to the people in my group. We can to challenge other teams in 4 different activities. The interesting thing is I finally got to do some fishing. It was quite cool as the fishes got hooked up pretty fast, and I managed to hook up some big fishes.

The food was good and there are tons and tons of good to eat. Haa...

The day ended with a water bomb game where almost everyone was wet and my VP saboed with a big pail of water. Haa... Everyone got a prize and our team managed to get 2nd position overall. Hee...

After which, met up with LLT for a run @ FES. Long distance run and I am happy to say that I did not stop during the run. So happy with myself. Haa...

After the run, since we decided not to do any classes. I decided to watch a movie, decided on Enchanted @ AMK Hub. Thought that we can get tickets when we reached, I was so wrong, the shows are packed and we only managed to get tickets for the next show. Haa...

The show started off with normal Disney animation, about a prince and a girl who longed to met her special one. So they met one day and was going to get married the other. Before that the step-mother of the prince and a witch, decided to banish the princess-to-be into a unhappy world, New York, Manhattan. When the prince knew about it, he went to get back his princess. At New York, the princess met an attorney, who later feel in love and lived happily ever after. Not before the witch decided to take things into her own hands and want to poison the princess.

Being a Disney movie, it is sugar coated with love. Lots of songs and dancing, I loved the one at the park. Also the part where the princess would sing and call all the animals to help out int he cleaning. Haa.... The female lead, Amy Adams is lovely as the princess with big eyes. It is a sweet simply love story that tells you to follow your heart and try to look at things from a different view. Hmm.... Maybe I should go and get the soundtrack. Hee.....

Overall, I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.

A "sing along" Polarbear

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beowulf! Movie or Cartoon?

Beowulf! Movie or Cartoon?

Caught this show yesterday and we got the tickets like a week ago. Haa... Well reason being, GV Vivocity celebrating their birthday and we decided to join in the fun, not to mention a lot of goodies as well. Haa...

So back to the movie. Prior to the movie, I know that it is an animation, acted by real actors, and it was a poem that was the backbone of the movie.

The movie talks about a demon Grendel was terrorising a town and Beowulf managed to slays it, but incurs the wrath of its seductive mother, which in exchange for a son, she will promise him riches and a status of a king. After many years, it came and haunted him.

The movie was pretty gruesome and good. Hee... The animation is pretty real as well. Overall, I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Worth to give it a shot.

Before the movie, managed to squeeze in a combat class before the movie and cannot imagine that the class is in fact packed with people. Hee... It was great energy there. Only it is a little bit too far, have to travel far to go to and fro.

A "amazed" Polarbear

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One more mth to......

One more mth to......

Where is the STOP botton to stop time?

A "how to make time stop" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Hmm... Time really flies fast and I still got 11 more days to the 10km run.

Siao liao la! What have I got myself into?

Anyway, had been doing some running with LLT and pleased to say that I managed to run up to 4km (without stopping). Hope that I can run 5km by end of this week. Hee...

Up to now, my average time is 7.30 min per km. Yes I know I am very slow but then I am never a runner lo. Haa... I think I will try to improve until 7 min per km.

My aim is to complete the 10km within 1.5 hrs, I hope. Haa.... So anyone want to come and support me?

To motivate myself, I got new toys to help me in running. Have to say that running with it does help me in getting my mind of the pain from running! Hee.... Good investment!

My running kit.

Running Kit

A "got to run more and faster" Polarbear

Monday, November 19, 2007

What does my star say?

What does my star say?

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Most of them true expect the soft spoken part. Do have to agree that I am rare to find though. Haa.... So what you think?

A "sagittarius" Polarbear

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Jz finished watching this musical and it was simply wonderful!

Eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, and his two children Jemima and Jeremy alongside Truly Scrumptious and Grandpa Potts, all try and outwit the dastardly Baron and the evil Child Catcher.

The dogs came out quite unexpectedly and all very cute, esp when the first dog that ran across a stage was a MS. I wonder if Oscar could have done that? Haa....

Another magical moment was when the car took flight into the air. It really looks as if the car is really flying on its own. I am really impressed by it!

The songs are wonderful and catchy especially Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which had been ringing in my head ever since. Hee....

Great for both kids and adults!

A "want a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car" Polarbear

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to normal life! Lust Caution!

Back to normal life! Lust Caution!

Back to my normal life mean back to eat, sleep and gym. Haa....

Yes yes! I still remember that I still got a 10km run coming up. Haa...

After slacking at home for one whole day, I spent the whole afternoon in gym going for 3 hours of classes. Hee... By the end of it, my legs are so tired. Haa....

After which, decided to watch the hottest movie in town "Lust Caution" by Lee Ang. Haa... I decided to bring an open mind to watch this show. Hee....

The movie is about a girl doing spy work, trying to kill a traitor. Simple story but the director had managed to squeeze all the small little details out.

I did not watch the censored version earlier, hoping that they will release the full version out which they did. The sex scenes are really important to the movie as the director uses it to show the true feelings between the male and the female lead.

Talking abt the lead, the female lead, Tang Wei, I think she is going to be the next Zhang Ziyi. She put on a brilliant show and this is her first movie only. The male lead of course my fav Tony Leung. He is at his best. Think he will sweep all Best Actor awards again. Hope that he can be nominated at the Oscar as well. Well he bared too much to lose anything also. Haa....

The director, Lee Ang, have to say that this is his best work till now, even better than Brokeback Mountain, which won him his Oscar. Think this one will bring him to greater heights! I really wonder y he did the cuts for the censored version. It is really doing injustice to his own show.

Overall, I give this move 5 stars out of 5.

A "hyper" Polarbear

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exam finally over!

Exam finally over!

Exam finally over and hope that it is the last paper that I have to take in my life! Haa....

The last paper was ok. Copying tons of notes into my textbook prove to be worthwhile! Haa....

Results coming out end of this year. To be exact, the results will be out on my birthday. OMG! So keeping my fingers crossed!

From now till then, I am going to party all the way! Hee....

I am free for dinners or movies, so pls feel free to jio me anytime! Haa...

A "all ready to party" Polarbear

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 paper down, 1 more to go

1 paper down, 1 more to go

Jz finished one paper.

Only one thing to say, I am so dead now. The paper screwed me up.

Now only can hope that the rest of my classmates also find it difficult as well. Haa...

One more paper 2molo. Sigh.... 2 papers in 48 hours.

A "stressful" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stress creeping in....

Stress creeping in....

My exam are 2molo and I am getting more stressful by the min. Sigh....

Hope this will be over soon! Jia You Polarbear!

A "stressful" Polarbear

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Brave Oscar

My Brave Oscar

Recently Oscar went for his yearly vaccination and micro chipping. At one time, he had 4 injections, not even a sound. So brave hor! So proud of him!

It turn out that Oscar's vet is LLT friend. It turned out to be a very small world. Hee... So Dr Grace, got discount a not? Haa....

Well Oscar is not that good dog leh, cos he did this to my Winnie the pooh. Sob! Sob!

Saw the hole in the pot. Oscar did that! Naughty Oscar!

A "Proud of Oscar" Polarbear

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Which one is easier?

Which one is easier?

To make a new friend or to lose an old friend?

I think one of them is going to happen in my life soon.

Trust me it is not going to be new.

The thing is how to let it go?

Am I a bad friend or you jz dunno how to be a friend?

A "disappointed" Polarbear

Friday, November 09, 2007

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Today (Yesterday) is a starry day for me! Haa.... I loved today! I have waited for today for so long!

Started the day at midnite with Stardust!

This movie is about a boy who went to get a fallen star for a girl! The star turned out to be a girl as well. However, 3 witches also want the star as with the heart of the star, will stay young forever. Everything is magical and they managed to meet up with a "gay friendly" lightning dealer as well.

Overall, this movie rocks! I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. Seem like there is going to be part 2 and 3. So looking forward to it!

At night, FINALLY THE CONCERT of the YEAR is HERE! A-Mei's concert! I was so excited about the concert! Hee....

Before the concert, we wanted to go Jumbo for crab, however the place is full, so in the end we landed up in No signboard for a good seafood dinner. After which, we headed to SIS. All ready for the concert! Yeh!

The seats are ok, I was seated next to the control station and it was interesting to see how they work to make the concert happen. At first, I was disappointed with the seats, well not after when A-Mei appeared and kept facing our side of stage. Haa... It was jz great!

She sang a lot of her old songs and was on pitch for all times for a good 3 hours concert ok! I was very touched during the part that she was singing with her mentor, Zhang Yu Shen.

Her costumes look great this time with her new hairstyle. Everything was done prefect. Well I find that the encore was not that high as I expected it to be, she can do better than that. Haa...

All in all, she is still the Queen of all Singers in my heart! Hope that I can see her in action again!

A "High High High" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bee Movie

Bee Movie

Thks to GV, got to watch the free showing of Bee Movie.

I had been quite excited to watch the movie however I think the expectation of the movie is there but it fails to deliver. Sigh....

The movie is about this bee who is about to start work in a hive but cannot stand to have the thought of working on the same job for the rest of his life. In the end, he went on outside the hive and had his adventure of his life!

The movie used a view from the bee and it seems quite interesting at first but start to get boring. Hee... I think the scene where the bees got to lift the air plane. That one is so unbelievable.

Overall, I will give this movie 3 stars out of 5. It is from Dreamworks so my expectations are high. I have to say that this is sure a "Bee"-grade movie. Hee...

A "Beezzzzzzzz" Polarbear

Monday, November 05, 2007

Siao Liao! No mood to study!

Siao Liao! No mood to study!

Hmm... Started to study alr, but still could not get into the groove to study. Hmm...

How to get the groove then? I wonder? An tips for me? Hee....

Going on leave 2molo until end of my papers next week! Wish me luck!

Dun think I will blog that often unless something big happen.

A "hugging Buddha leg" Polarbear

Friday, November 02, 2007

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

Dunno y I am so blur yesterday? I got the wrong cinema and in the end we got to rush to the correct cinema and it does not help when the MRT is down at the same time. At what odds! All happen at the same time. Sigh... Got to blame on it on my blurness. Haa... Can actually mixed up The Cathay and Cathay Orchard. Haa....

Missed out a few minutes of the starting of the show. Something that I dun like when I am watching show.

This movie is about a simple love story between a guy and a gal who met during a stint at a petrol station. It is the first love for the guy and the gal was torn in between her ex and her current love. With the help of his "American" grandma, he managed to win the gal's heart but happiness did not last long when her ex turn up.

Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

A "blur blur" Polarbear

Thursday, November 01, 2007

1 year alr!

1 year alr!

Time really flies fast. I had been in my current job for 1 year already. Hee...

This really outlasted the rest of the jobs that I have been through, except my first job.

So am I happy with this current one? Hmm....

I have to say that I am getting the hang of my job and the people here. So far so good. The job can get stressful at times when all deadlines crashed together.

All in all, I am happy with the job. Hee.. After all it pays well (in my context).

Hope will stay here for sometime.

A "happy working" Polarbear