Saturday, March 31, 2007

End of March 07

End of March 07

3rd month into 2007. So fast hor, one quarter of the year gone alr. This month had been a busy mth for me. Can say it is a crazy month.

Started a few things like my swimming routine, blading, tried wakeboarding, watched a play, watched Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo etc. Haa... Also started on my assignment as well and much time was spent trying to complete it in time.

Since so many new things also meant that some things have to cut down like going to gym, watched less movies (Did I? Ok I watch 7 movies in Mar though.) and less time for family and frens.

Hmm... sort of ending the mth with a bang by going to Clinic and MOS. Had to say that the experience was bad, not impressed with the clubs at all. In fact, it is disappointing for me. Dun think I will be going back soon. Mambo still the best! Haa... However the night was saved by the great gang of ppl ard me then. Fun! Next stop: Cafe Del Mar!

Next month going to be adjusting to some changes like change of job location, maybe less time for gym and more school work and exams coming as well. Sigh... Going to be bz for the next 2 months then. Hee... Looking forward to Jolin's concert and The Phantom of the Opera! Woohoo!

A "preparing for battle" Polarbear

Friday, March 30, 2007

Time for a change again!

Time for a change again!

Haa.... Dun worry I am not going to change job again but I am going back to HQ again. Apparently, the long term plan for us had not been approved yet. So my time here is up and I am going back to HQ. It is both good ad bad news for me. Haa....

Good news:
1) Change of environment.
2) No more Mr Ok Ok aka Uncle, he will be all alone here
3) HQ nearer to my home
4) HQ got work awaiting for me to do. (This can be considered both good and bad. Haa...)

Bad news:
1) Have to go to work alone every morning, mean less time spent together, no bf. Haa.
2) Jz settled down here, got a swimming program going. Got to change now.
3) Cannot make it in time for 6.30 gym classes.
4) HQ further away from school and town.

Still I am happy to go back and hope that the plan get approved soon and I will be back!

I started swimming last week and managed to swim another 40 laps this week. Shiok! This will have to change from now. Hope that I can also swim more when I go back to HQ. Haa...

No more Mr Ok Ok, this is great! Me really cannot stand him already. Even the ppl sitting beside my cubicle was complaining to me that he snores when he is napping. So what am I supposed to do? So once I know of the news that I am going back, I handed all my stuff (including outstanding work) to him. I wanna to see him suffer! Haa... Which I doubt so will happen. Haa....

I am going to the Clinic tonight. No I am not sick. I am toking about the other Clinic. Hope that it will be fun. Hope to see a lot of nurses who I am willing to let then inject me anytime! Haa... Never been there before and going with a big group as well.

Had been raining for the past few days. Hmm.... Sunny in the morning and raining in the afternoon. Better take care if not going to fall sick again!

A "going back home" Polarbear

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Another assignment done!

Another assignment done!

Jz submitted another assignment and it was 40 mins late. I dun think it will matter that much after all I did submit a request for extension earlier. Haa.... me being Kiasu!

So tired! Cos yesterday work on it until 4 am. Haa....

Dun think I am going to score for the 2 assignments. Hope for the best!

Time to start the lab reports now!

A tired Polarbear

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nike Plus (+) Experience

Nike Plus (+) Experience

Polarbear registered to try out Nike Plus experience at YCK stadium yesterday evening. Haa.... It was fun though even got running is involved.

What is Nike Plus experience ? Nike and Apple worked together and produce a gadget which is incorporated with a pair of Nike running shoes, an Ipod Nano. A sensor was placed at the sole of the shoe and it is able to calculate the time, distance run and even calories burnt when you are running. With a touch of the button on the nano, a voice will be telling you all the information that you will required while listening to the music. Haa... How cool is that?

After running, all the running information can be downloaded and a graph is created to show the profile of the run. You can also set target on what is the total distance that you want to run in a month or how much calories you want to burn in a month. It will help you to track all these as well. If you wanna to have a mini competition with your fren, it can be done as well to see who had reach their target first. Haa....

After trying it for 15 mins, it does make running less tiring and more fun. The shoes with the sensor inside is very light as well. The design of the shoe also very good and comfortable for running.

Overall the experience was great and makes me wanna to own it. Hmm... In that case, I would need to buy an IPOD Nano, the gadget and a pair of the Nike Plus running shoes. Haa..... The cost of the shoes ranges from $180 to $200 plus. The gadget cost around $50 plus. A 2GB IPOD Nano $200 plus onwards. Hmmm..... Big investment jz to look good and to force me to run huh. Haa.... Great! Anyone to sponsor me anything? Pls feel free to let me know ok!

After the whole thing, we were invited to do a little video interview with them in my messy hairstyle and wet t-shirt. Hope they will not select us then. Haa....

The only bad thing is there is not discount coupons or lucky draw for trying it out. Sigh! They should have one. In the end only got a one day pass for Fitness First. Haa....

I am very tempted to get it!

I promised to run more with it ok! Hee.... Wink! Wink! *Get the HINT*

A very tempted Polarbear

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bean there, done that twice!

Bean there, done that twice!

This weekend nothing special. Pretty much normal weekend for me. Supposed to work on my assignment but in the end did not really do anything on it. Haa.... This means I am in DEEP SHIT!

Started the weekend with a combo of Body pump and combat classes. It had been a week since I last attended any class since I am rushing my last assignment the whole of last week. It was crazy. I ended up with aching legs that much lasted me through the whole weekend. Haa...

After which, ended the night with the only show I watched over the weekend, Mr Bean's Holiday. Hmm... Supposed to watch this with Siti and Winnie on Saturday morning. Sorry leh ladies, last min got to go library and find some books on Saturday morning. In the end, I was cheated by the online search and ended nothing at Woodlands library. Thks Siti for helping me to get the book form Jurong library. Hee....

Anyway back to the movie. The movie was Mr Bean second movie outing and the first one was 10 years ago. The story started off as Mr Bean tired of the dreary, wet London weather, and packs up his suitcase and camcorder to head to Cannes for some sun on the beach. Not that he paid for it but he won it through some fund raising event for a roof top. Ah...vacation. But his trip doesn't go as smoothly as he had hoped when the bumbling Bean falls face first into a series of mishaps and fortunate coincidences, far-fetched enough to make his own avant-garde film. He ended up "babysitting" a kid who got separated from his dad. Who caused that to happen? No prize for guessing the right answer. So a series of things happened along the way as both the kid and Mr Bean are heading towards the same direction. I had to say that I was impressed with the ending which was very cleverly thought of to link up the whole story.

I find the movie a bit draggy at times with tons of reused jokes form Mr Bean series, which I happen to be a BIG fan of it. Overall, it is an entertaining film that no brain cells are used when watching the show. Haa... I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5, the 0.5 star is for the interesting twist to the ending of the show.

Saturday, nothing much happen less going for combat class again. My fav class of the week. Then slack at TCC for some chit chat, then meet up with HW for Mr Bean again. Yes! The only show I watch over the weekend. Meeting HW is always a fun event for me, even though we usually do the same normal stuff like movies and la kopi. Cos we got endless topics to talk on and it jz goes on and on. Haa... This time round we la kopi until 4 am in the morning. Still have not break any record yet though. Coffee Club is always our default la kopi location! My fav morning dew!

Tried doing my assignment but then decided to sleep cos I am so tired. My brain cannot function as normal already.

Going to sleep alr... .... ZZZ zzz

A "aching legs" Polarbear

Friday, March 23, 2007

If you dunno, dun anyhow say ok?

If you dunno, dun anyhow say ok?

I dun like ppl that anyhow say things without confirming or thinking that what they had said is correct.

Recently, I heard this from my fren. Her fren was asking her when she is going to watch Phantom Of The Opera (Yes they are coming to town, jz in case you dunno), and she replied going to watch the matinee show (which means the afternoon shows during weekends, the weekdays are all night time shows).

Then her fren aka Mdm L (who is going to watch the night time show and is a HE) started going on, saying that for the matinee there is a risk of the under studies (or the back up singers) going to sing the shows rather than the main leads themselves or the "so called" original cast.

Hmm... that statement that Mdm L made shows that he himself is a play or musical idiot! Wanna to show off something yet in the end slap himself in the face.

First thing, it is the Phantom of the Opera! You know who is going to play as the lead? Dunno, then shut up. Cos even they got a understudy to take over you also dunno right? As long as they are selected to be part of the cast, I think they are good enough for anyone. Even the actual leads will have their off days as well ok! (Not I am cursing the actors, but hope that the day that Mdm L watch will be their worst day ever! Forget lyrics, move to the wrong place, mic not working etc. Haa.... Me so evil! Right!)

Second thing, the original cast will have to be the pioneer group which consist of the Sarah Brightman and gang, who since moved on. Right now there are at least 3 to 4 groups of actors playing Phantom of the Opera every night at London or New York Broadway and some other countries who are touring. So all these consider as understudies? Come on! Wake up ur bloody idea! Every musical or play sure to have understudy one. In case of emergencies, they can take over as well. Better to have someone sing the show, then for them to cancel the whole thing right.

Third thing, this is not Forbidden City, where they state "Forbidden City starring Kit Chan". Did Phantom of the Opera states the leads' name? No they dun. So of cos for Forbidden City, I am paying to watch Kit Chan, therefore of cos when the understudy came out and sing instead of her, I will be disappointed, especially they did not announced the swap before the show starts. Lucky me, I got Kit Chan singing in my face the day that I was watching. Haa....

Fourth Thing, some idiot (finger pointing at Mdm Lee) who dun even watch plays or musicals (Hmm.... I USED to know him personally, that is y I know) spend much more $$ on the same seats that I have bought. By the way, the nearer you are sitting to the stage does not mean the better the seats! Idiot! Do your homework before you buy tickets!

For Esplanade case, if you are buying the stall seats, try not to buy the first 5 rows nearest to the stage (that is y usually they are sold as CAT 2 tickets instead of CAT 1 tickets), cos they are too near the stage and you dun have a full view of the stage and every time you will need to look left and right. Very tiring for the neck as well. It is a lesson learnt for me.

Never see someone dunno anything yet still say so much.

BTW, he is the same person that wore gloves for combat classes where gloves are used for a different reason. I wonder he knows the real reason behind it. Hmm..... Dun follow the trend blindly lo.

A "bey tahan" Polarbear

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Polarbear happy to be back in water!

Polarbear happy to be back in water!

I jz went swimming at the pool behind my office.

Everything was prefect, the sun is shining, the water is cooling.

I am jz happy to be back in water. Haa.... Going to do this maybe twice a week. Haa....

Though after 20 laps, I am a bit tired now. Haa....

A "very happy to be back in water" Polarbear

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Update on my assignment

Update on my assignment

Jz submitted my assigment online. Dun think I am going to do well for it. So now only can cross my fingers and hope for the best!

For the assigment, I had been up doing it until 3am every day and only slept 3 plus hours.

One down, one more to go! Here it goes again! Arghhhhhhhh.....................

A very tired Polarbear

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wakeboard, Movie, Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo, Assignment... in that order

Wakeboard, Movie, Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo, Assignment... in that order

Thta is how I spent my last weekend. Haa.... Another crazy weekend.

Woke up early on Sat morning so that I can go wakeboarding @ Marina Country Club. Yes, no gym for this weekend! Haa.... For once I was on time and everyone else was late. Before I know it, we are on a speed boat and on our way to Seletar Island for some wakeboarding. Well I had only tried wakeboarding donkey years ago, and still did not manage to stand up. Lousy right? Haa....

This time round the sun is out full force and had a good group of frens to do this with. Haa.... It was fun and seeing ppl around our boat can do all kinds of stunt. So in our group, the gals done pretty well all of them able to stand up and do a bit of wakeboarding. However for the guys, we never managed to stand up on the water even after a lot of tries. Haa.... I did managed to get close to stand up once.

We spent close to 4 hours on the boat, chilling out, chatting and took tons of photos when we are not wakeboarding. Haa... It had been a long time since I baked myself in the sun. So it was great jz lazing on the boat and dozing off in the sea breeze. Hee..... We also decided that we shall do this once a month. Haa.... Jz getting together and exercise at the same time. Haa.....

After all the wakeboarding and slacking, we all were burnt. Haa.... Either red or black skin on all of us. We treated ourselves to some very good seafood. Haa... Busy eating that I forgot to take some pics of the food we had like Crab Bee Hoon, Big Nong Hiang Roll etc. Haa... Jz good after the small amount exercise that we did jz now.

Rushed back home for a quick change then we are out again, what up next? Movies! GV had a special dinner event for Music & Lyric. So for $20 each, we get to have a set dinner in a box which includes of a huge sausage, mash potatoes, sunny side egg and a bottle of root beer. It was good even though we were there on time and there was no seats for everyone. We had a good time talking, eating and standing at the same time. Got to say that eating in public is feeling a bit weird. Haa... At the same time, there is a live band which sings some romantic love songs from the 80s, which the the theme for the night. Opps.. we did not dressed to the theme at all. Haa....

Back to the movie which started at 9pm. It was a romantic love story which stars Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore. I think Drew Barrymore is the new Meg Ryan who is great in all romantic comedies. Haa.... So the story goes like this:

Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a washed-up '80s pop star who's been reduced to working the nostalgia circuit at county fairs and amusement parks. The charismatic and talented musician gets a chance at a comeback when reigning pop diva Cora Corman invites him to write and record a duet with her, but there's a problem – Alex hasn't written a song in years, he's never written lyrics...and he has to come up with a hit in a matter of days. Enter Sophie Fisher(Drew Barrymore), Alex's beguilingly quirky plant lady, whose flair for words strikes a chord with the struggling songwriter. On the rebound from a bad relationship with the newly famous novelist Sloan Cates (Campbell Scott), Sophie is reluctant to collaborate with anyone, especially commitment-phobe Alex. As their chemistry heats up at the piano and under it, Alex and Sophie will have to face their fears-and the music- if they want to find the love and success they both deserve.

So the movie is like a semi musical where there are songs here and there. it is the same song as they are composing it. Haa.... The chemistry between Hugh and Drew is at its best. I like all the 80s references to the movie as well. Haa... Overall I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Entertaining movie.

Before I know it , Saturday was gone and I had a great day less something, I was supposed to do my assignment, which is due next Tuesday. Arhhhhhhhhhh..................

Sunday, tried to do some questions before I know it is time to go for Disney On Ice: Finding Nemo. I always like the show Finding Nemo. To me, it is one of the best movie from Disney and Pixar. So they put the whole movie real life and on ice, it means all the characters are skating on ice. Haa... how cool is that? The whole show was great! Plus a lot of kids there as well. Haa...Haa... It was also a great day to spend the day with my sister. Had been a long time since we watch something together. Haa...

After that, rushed back home and decided to start on my assignment which is going to be due on 2 days later. Going to hug my Buddha leg now and wish me luck. It is a tough assignment and hope that I can pass! Haa... Assignment supposed to be the most important for this weekend. Hmm.... but it did not seems so then. Haa....

A "rushing like hell" Polarbear

Thursday, March 15, 2007

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

When is the last time you did something for the first time?

The tag line above is from an airline ad that I found it very interesting. Hee... It got me thinking about when is the last time I did something for the first time? Hmm....

There is a lot of interesting memories that I had, including how I first get to swim (FYI: I hated swimming lessons in the past), how I went alone to a brand new secondary school with me the only one from my primary school, my first open water dive in scuba diving, my NS life, etc. Haa...

Out of all these, I think the most interesting first time for me will be my first time backpacking alone in a foreign country, Paris, where I dun even speak French. The 5 days that I was alone down there, cold and lonely, but it is one of the best time of my life. Haa....

At first, before the trip I am having my doubts if I can be there alone for 5 days and I initially dun even wanna to extend my stay down there. However after a lot of ppl told me that since I am there, might as well pay a visit. Hee... So I decided to stay there for 5 days. I planned my own itinerary and where to sleep, what to eat etc. No one to disagree with me or whatever. Haa.... So I was lonely but happy. Haa.... Since then, I got hooked onto travelling.

Other than that, I had not done anything new recently though. Sigh. Seems like I am leading "no life" lifestyle as someone will say so. Doing my routine things every week, nothing extraordinary.

So when is the next time I am going to do something for the first time huh? Looking forward towards it, whatever it is!

A day-dreaming Polarbear

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Time really flies

Time really flies

It has been a year since I left my first job, which I was there in 7 years. Time really flies fast!

Within a year, I had changed 4 jobs. Haa.... Yes! 4 jobs. From Project Engineer to Sales Engineer to Application Support Engineer and back to Project Engineer, a job similar to my first job. Haa....

However during this time, I did not regret leaving my job. I am happy outside even though I am earning lesser. I get to know more people.

So now I am settling down in my current job and hope that I can do my best! Hope this job can last me for a very long time. Haa....

A "working very hard" Polarbear

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Back to Blading

Back to Blading

Went to roller blade at ECP today. Sea breeze in the face, the sun shining, great company! Prefect!

Went to IT show again, last day, crazy day, packed like sardines and all escalators are stopped and queues every where. Hmm... Who say Singaporeans are poor?

Assignments to be due in 10 days time. Time to start my engine!

A "leg aching" Polarbear

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Movies Weekend

Movies Weekend

This weekend caught 2 very different movies.

The first one "The Pursuit of Happyness" by Will Smith and his son, Jaden Smith.

Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a bright and talented, but marginally employed salesman. Struggling to make ends meet, Gardner finds himself and his five-year-old son evicted from their San Francisco apartment with nowhere to go. When Gardner lands an internship at a prestigious stock brokerage firm, he and his son endure many hardship, including living in shelters, in pursuit of his dream of a better life for the two of them.

Will Smith got nominated for Best Actor in this year's Oscar and can say that this is definitely one of his best film ever. His acting with his son is so real that I actually felt for them at times during the movie. This movie is very motivating to do your best in whatever you wanna. If you wanna something, dun expect to drop it from the sky but to go and get it! However in the movie, he did it solely for the money. Hmm... So does that mean that when you have money, you will have happiness? This is something to think about. No money, not happy. This is true to certain aspect. Got money, will be happy? So those who are rich, are they happy? Hmm.... Do they even have the time to spend the money in the first place? Haa....

I will give the movie 4 stars out of 5. Great simple movie.

The next movie I caught was "300". I wanna to catch the digital version and it was quite a last min decision to watch so we got seats 2nd row from the front.

This movie is based on the epic graphic novel by Frank Miller, 300 is a ferocious retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas (Gerard Butler) and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspire all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand for democracy. The film brings Miller’s (Sin City) acclaimed graphic novel to life by combining live action with virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale.

Watching this movie, with all the man in loin cloths and their well defined abs, jz wanna to make me put down the pop corn and head for the gym. Haa.... Of cos after the movie lah. The CGI effects in the movie is really good. The war scenes are good but after the dunno how many wars, it starts to get a bit boring. Haa... It is also shot in a very MTV style, interesting. I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5. For the abs, I will give 5 stars out of 5. Haa....

Ok Polarbear heading towards a gym now... ...

A "looking for my own happiness and abs" Polarbear

Thursday, March 08, 2007

What an "interesting" day!

What an "interesting" day!

First of all, I found out that Mr Ok Ok lied to me yesterday and it is damn funny as well. Haa....
He went off to the toilet and to refill his water bottle I supposed, then I decided to do the same as well. So When I reached the water cooler, he was not there. When I went toilet, he was not there as well, in fact the whole toilet was empty. Next I was about to open the door and go to my table, I saw him walking out.

Hmm.... The distance to from my table to the toilet is a less than a min walk but he took more than 5 mins, so this means he is away walking one big round, not very big actually, and kapoing into others ppl's cubicle. WTF! If I saw a stranger in my cubicle, I will make sure he will never step into my cubicle again by scolding him until he cries! Haa.... Anyway I am not stalking him or what, but he needs my pass to open the door to get his ass back into the office at the moment so I am his "nanny".

Well after which, Mr Ok Ok came back and I ask him.

Polarbear (P) : U went water cooler right? How come I did not see you?

Mr Ok Ok (O): Erhh..... I went to toilet.

P: I also went but toilet empty.

O: Erhhh.... ....

P: U went to other floor toilet?

O: Ya Ya!

WTF! Outright lying in front of me! Sigh! This is only one of the stories only. There is still a lot more! How to work with these kind of ppl! Kill me now instead! I seriously doubt I can work with these kind of ppl alr. Sigh! Someone pls help me! Everyday sure got story to tell ppl one. Haa... I have never seen a loser like that before!

In fact now everyday I need to see him, I sian alr. Sigh! Hope that he get clearance done and his pass soon and I will nvr ever escort him again! I no need to care about him alr.

Haa... Met Siti and Catherine for lunch. A nice change of lunch buddies for me. Haa...

As usual gym after work, nice workout again! The class very quiet but all working very hard during combat. Boy! I was tired after it. Then LLT want to see laptop, so went over to IT Fair. The crowd there was crazy even though it was 1 hr before closing time. Saw some Toshiba laptop and the next thing we know it, she is now a proud owner of a new Toshiba laptop. Haa... All thks to me!

The poor little guy that was selling us the laptop was so funny when we went back and asked a few more questions and the next time I said was "Ok we will take one". he jz dazed down there and thought that we were joking with him. Haa.... Until I told him the 2nd time then he sprang into action. Haa.... After that was a crazy rush, to get all the free gifts and the lucky draw coupons. Haa...

After which, grab something to eat and was on our way home. Saw something or should be someone very interesting. A BIG-SIZED GAL wearing pink from head to toe with two pony tails at the side, with pink socks up to her knees! The moment I saw her, I wanna to puke and laugh at the same time! Haa... She looked DISGUSTING! How old alr? Still wanna to act cute lo! Haa.... Still got a boyfriend some more! What is wrong with his eyes? Need 2 check up his eyes alr.

The day started off with pissed off mood and to end with up happy mood, all thks to the PINK GAL! Haa....

An interesting Polarbear

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Dearest Mum's Birthday

My Dearest Mum's Birthday

Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Mummy! Hee....

Wonder what she wanna for present? Hmm....

A boy boy Polarbear



And I hate it!

Y must everyone have expectations of anyone or everyone? Y they cannot accept who they are in the original package? Hmm....

Since young, there are my parent's expectation of me.

After which, my teacher's expectations of me.

My frens expectations of me.

My the other half expectations of me.

My bosses and colleagues expectations of me.

Even strangers expectations of me.

Best of all, all have different expectations of me and I have to fulfil them, each and everyone of them!

Pls accept who am I and the person I am this very day. I will change for the good if required but pls dun force me to.

A "dun like expectation" Polarbear

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Said something supposed to be funny and it backfired!

Said something supposed to be funny and it backfired!

Yesterday after gym, was freaking tired from it as I had put in all my energy into the class. Haa... From the next gym session onwards, I decided to run at the treadmill for 5 mins at speed of 9. Haa.... The time shall slowly increase with the speed as well.

I made a bad decision on my way bad and sort of triggered something off after that. Everything went downhill from there onwards and I was banished to Winter Palace! Sigh.... ..... This morning was even given the cold shoulder treatment. So cold and so lonely!

Hope this will not last long and I will be asked back into summer palace again! So what am I going to do meantime? I dunno. I did whatever I could and should have done already!

A "trying to be funny but kena burnt" Polarbear


Finally, I was forgiven. Hee... I hope. I found out the main culprit that caused the bad mood and it is something called PMS. Oh yes, I will be going to work all alone the whole of next month. If you see me on the train, pls say hi to me.

Sunday, March 04, 2007



Jz watched Tituodao @ National Library Drama Central. It was great fun to watch a play that bring back old childhood memories.

"Titoudao is an English music drama about the life of a Hokkien street opera actress, Madam Oon Ah Chiam. During her early twenties, Madam Oon performed the role of this incorrigible but likeable character – Titoudao, to such perfection that the public fondly called her by this stage name. This is a play inspired by Madam Oon’s memories and experiences.

Set in the 1940s to the present day, Titoudao begins from her childhood in the poor rural area near Upper Bukit Timah Road. It traces her struggles against all odds to become a renowned wayang (Street Opera) star in Singapore and Malaysia. Through her painstaking story, we see the societal and economical changes in Singapore. It is a moving account of the struggles of a petite Chinese woman set against the progression of an ever developing island city. A heartwarming play that is poignant yet hilarious, it will make you burst into peals of laughter at one moment and weep the next. You will leave the theatre inspired by this extraordinary life experience of Madam Oon." (Taken from

This is one of the better local plays that I have seen so far. Great acting from everyone esp Pam who acted from young to old. Haa... The last scene of Tituodao was so touching. Sob... Sob... I also like the way the story and the wayang are put together and does not look confusing at all.

The show will be on until end of this month. So if got time go and watch it! Ok? Haa....

Me still so aching from yesterday's pump and combat classes.

A aching Polarbear

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mini Movie Marathon

Mini Movie Marathon

Started off with Friday night, supposed to meet up with a group of ex colleagues for dinner at Brussel Sprouts @ Robertson Quay. In the end, met up with 2 of them (Winnie and SP) at Raffles Place TCC and ended not joining the rest. Haa... The 3 of us so bad. However we had a great time catching up with each other. Finally we got to meet up though.

After which met up with LLT for a mini movie marathon, YES! We are going to watch 2 movies back to back. Hee.... The first movie is "Dreamgirls", me watching it for the 1st time and LLT second time. Haa.... This time round the sound system sucks!

The movie is actually a musical about the rise of 3 girls from backup singers to become the hottest group in town! Loved the girls, Beyoncé Knowles, Anika Noni Rose, Jennifer Hudson. They all sang to their best for the movie. This reminds me that I need to get the soundtrack. Hee... Of course good things dun last long, the story continues where jealousy steps in and the group broke up. Overall the movie was great esp all the singing parts. Great performance put up by Jennifer Hudson who in my view overshadowed Beyonce, that is y she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, very good for a first timer! I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5, for the songs sequence in the movie 4 stars out of 5. However it is still not my all time fav musical movie! My fav is still Chicago! Haa....

The second movie is "Notes on a Scandal". This movie is a very interesting movie where it happens between 2 women and a young male student. A news Arts teacher, Sheba Hart (Cate Blanchett), joined the school and another teacher in the school, Barbara Covett (Judi Dench) was drawn to her and developed a friendship with her. Before it can develop further, she found out that Sheba was having a sexual relationship with a male student. She uses this to her advantage and began to emotionally blackmail Sheba with the secret.

The acting from both are just great! Of course both being nominated for the Oscar as well. I will give the movie 4 stars out of 5 as well. Haa....

The mini movie marathon was fun but someone jz simply cannot keep herself awake huh? Next time will bring a pillow for you ok? Haa....

A movie freak Polarbear

Friday, March 02, 2007

One Month ago... ....

One Month ago... ....

You say YES!

Me so happy then me still so happy now!

A blissful Polarbear

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pissed Off Day!

Pissed Off Day!

"Patience! U must have Patience!" That is what I had been telling myself whenever I has been coming to work. I used to think that I had very high tolerence for all kinds of crappy people!

Today, had a little talk with Mr Ok OK. It seems that he did not know about lot of things. The best thing is for him, he dunno he wanna to go and ask the big boss for solutions. WTF!!! Trying to dig your own grave huh? Thks but no thks, you go ahead and dig one for you can already, no need to dig one for me. So I asked him to read up, in the end, he landed up in dreamland.

At the end of the day, he decided that he will not be an engineer and wanna to do HR already. he cannot even take care of himself yet wanna to go and take care of others. Sigh... In the end, I had a long talk with him peacefully. Even then he agree with whatever I say. Hmm... I doubt this, he one ear in, one ear out pattern. He even dunno what he wants. Due to this talk, he made me left office late and could not make it in time for my Combat Class. Erhh... By then I was really too pissed off already. My black face jz formed up on my little handsome face.

So instead of going to gym, I decided to watch a movie with LLT. She could not make it to gym as well, due to work. So with a pissed off attitude, I decided to watch something that does no need to use my brain. "Norbit" jz suddenly appeared right in front of my eyes. Haa.... Shall talk about the movie later on.

After getting the tickets, I decided to look for some HAPPY food that will make me happy before meeting LLT. My legs brought me to KFC, bought a 2 piece meal, finished it and I am still pissed off, not HAPPY! Then you came along and immediately I felt good and peaceful again. Haa...

Sorry though you have to listen to me grumble so much and got to rush for the show. Haa...

Ok, so back to the show. The show was super lame and funny, maybe because I was in a bad mood. Haa..... The show is all about one person, Eddie Murphy who got 3 different roles inside. Haa... So he is Mr Wong, Norbit and Rasputia, Yes the big fat B**** that you see in the poster. Haa...

So Mr Wong the adopted father, whose restaurant always the place to have abandon kids found at the door step. Norbit being one of them, then he got a very close girlfriend, Kate where they do everything together including pooing. They even got married under a tree, so romantic! Haa.... So one day Kate got adopted away, Norbit was rescued by Rasputia when he was being bullied. Since then became her boyfren till they got married.

Kate came back to town, they met again. That is when the fun starts. Haa... Go and watch the movie. A good one to make you laugh and relax. I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 for bringing me out of my pissed off mood.

A "pissed off" Polarbear