Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pissed Off Day!

Pissed Off Day!

"Patience! U must have Patience!" That is what I had been telling myself whenever I has been coming to work. I used to think that I had very high tolerence for all kinds of crappy people!

Today, had a little talk with Mr Ok OK. It seems that he did not know about lot of things. The best thing is for him, he dunno he wanna to go and ask the big boss for solutions. WTF!!! Trying to dig your own grave huh? Thks but no thks, you go ahead and dig one for you can already, no need to dig one for me. So I asked him to read up, in the end, he landed up in dreamland.

At the end of the day, he decided that he will not be an engineer and wanna to do HR already. he cannot even take care of himself yet wanna to go and take care of others. Sigh... In the end, I had a long talk with him peacefully. Even then he agree with whatever I say. Hmm... I doubt this, he one ear in, one ear out pattern. He even dunno what he wants. Due to this talk, he made me left office late and could not make it in time for my Combat Class. Erhh... By then I was really too pissed off already. My black face jz formed up on my little handsome face.

So instead of going to gym, I decided to watch a movie with LLT. She could not make it to gym as well, due to work. So with a pissed off attitude, I decided to watch something that does no need to use my brain. "Norbit" jz suddenly appeared right in front of my eyes. Haa.... Shall talk about the movie later on.

After getting the tickets, I decided to look for some HAPPY food that will make me happy before meeting LLT. My legs brought me to KFC, bought a 2 piece meal, finished it and I am still pissed off, not HAPPY! Then you came along and immediately I felt good and peaceful again. Haa...

Sorry though you have to listen to me grumble so much and got to rush for the show. Haa...

Ok, so back to the show. The show was super lame and funny, maybe because I was in a bad mood. Haa..... The show is all about one person, Eddie Murphy who got 3 different roles inside. Haa... So he is Mr Wong, Norbit and Rasputia, Yes the big fat B**** that you see in the poster. Haa...

So Mr Wong the adopted father, whose restaurant always the place to have abandon kids found at the door step. Norbit being one of them, then he got a very close girlfriend, Kate where they do everything together including pooing. They even got married under a tree, so romantic! Haa.... So one day Kate got adopted away, Norbit was rescued by Rasputia when he was being bullied. Since then became her boyfren till they got married.

Kate came back to town, they met again. That is when the fun starts. Haa... Go and watch the movie. A good one to make you laugh and relax. I will give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 for bringing me out of my pissed off mood.

A "pissed off" Polarbear

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