Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kyile Minogue's Concert

This is the concert that I have been waiting for years. Since the last concert where she is supposed to be here (before she discovered she had breast cancer), I had been waiting for her to hold her concert again. When the news came out that she will be here, I was so excited. However sad to say that the prices of her tickets also increased a few times as well. The most expensive tickets at $500 counting down. Of course, I could not afford the $500 tickets and therefore only bought the $150 ones, the first row of the $150. Hee....

All I can say the concert started off with a bang and ended off with a bang. She was totally wonderful and performed to her best for an almost 2 hour show! I was pretty much on my feet for the 2 hours dancing and singing along. It was fantastic to see her live. She seem so small on the stage but still every movement she will be able to capture everyone attention on her and no one else. Everything was good, from costumes to the backdrop that they had used. It was totally worth every cent!

I hereby declared that this was the best concert I have seen so far. I so want to fly to Hong Kong and see her again!

A "can't get you out of my head" Polarbear

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum Of Solace, Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Quantum Of Solace

Another 007 movie with Craig David as James Bond. I have to say that with the new James Bond since the last one, I pretty much like it. Makes him more human than the rest of the James Bond. However, the plot seems to be more action than making it strong. Hmm... Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa

Another sequel, and this time the animals tried to go home and in the end, got stranded in Africa which is their homeland. It seems to me that this second movie actually is just milking out at their initial success. It was fine with it family theme but some fo the things got stretched a little too far. The jokes got a bit lame and was not as funny as before less the penguins of cos. Overall, I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

A "want to watch more movies" Polarbear

Monday, November 10, 2008

Reservist again?!? Come on!

I just did my reservist for 2 weeks in Sep 08. So I am thinking that I will not get call up so fast. However I was so wrong!

I just saw an sms telling me that I got call up. I checked onto the website and they asked me to be back again next Jun!

Come on! That is less than 1 year leh! Sigh.... Come to think of it, the faster I completed my cycles the better. Hee....

A "so sian" Polarbear

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Avenue Q (Singapore Run)

I have watched the same performance in Manila a few months ago. However before that I already bought the tickets for this perform ace. Still, I was very excited to show LLT how good and interesting this show is.

The perform ace that I watched in Manila is in a small cosy theater, unlike in the Singapore run, it is at the esplanade, where it is a little big bigger, even the props seems to be larger so that it will not make the stage look raw.

The whole show was the same as I watched earlier on and it was still the same funny and flawless. I was totally hooked onto the show and this time I got to understand some of the jokes that I have missed out the first time round.

I am a big fan of the show and would ask everyone to catch this show if possible as well.

A "sucks to be me" Polarbear

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Wong Lee Hom's Concert

Did not really expect to go and watch this concert. Since there happened to be free tickets, why not? Haha...

Well it was supposed to be a pair of the balcony tickets when we arrived, we were "upgraded" eventually to a better seat where we are closer to the stage. I am not a big fan of him actually.

When the concert started, he did sound a bit weird but he improved as the concert goes on. Since we were seated at the side, we cannot really see what is going on the stage or what the LCD is showing. It has the usual stuff of the concert. The surprising part was when he did the magic trick and appeared at the other end of the hall.

After the whole concert, I was quite impressed by him but not totally blown away by him. Next time, I don't think I will pay to see his concert though.

A "happy to get free tickets" Polarbear