Thursday, May 31, 2007

End of May 07

End of May 07

This whole month nothing much happened though cos the most important thing was MY EXAMS! Boring! Hope that I can pass the 2nd paper! That is all I am hoping for. Nothing much!

Due to my exams, I only watched like 3 movies this month. A new RECORD for me! Though I watched Spiderman 2 times! I jz loved it!

Using exam as a valid reason, Haa..., I did not go to gym as often as I used to. End result, I got fat again! Haa... Kena complain already! That y now bz doing damage control. Haa...

Since I got back to HQ, my workload had been increasing! I had given up hope on going back to the old place but then I am still hoping. Haa.... So busy here leh!

Well now jz chilling out one corner and trying to get my life back! Quite a number of activities for next few months. Concerts, Play, Diving and many more! Cool! Haa....

A "Boring May" Polarbear

Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday!

Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday!

Since 2molo is Vesak Day, decided to jio a grp of "clubbers" to go MAMBO. It was to clock my quota as well, as I can only club once every 3 mths. Haa.... A rule that I set to myself! Haa..... Discipline right?

So I started sending out invitations a month ago and ppl started to reply and before I know it, I got a grp of considerable big grp. Good huh? But the worst is yet to come... ...

Well then the day arrive and then ppl start to fly aeroplane. Expected but still sian! Haa... I am used to it as I am always the organiser for outings you see! So during the day, I became the airport controller, trying to "depart" my fren's aeroplanes from my airport. All together I got 4 aeroplanes taking off with the last one departed jz 2 hours before the meeting time!

So even though the airport was bz, I still got a grp of 7 ppl that joined me that night. So happily went to Zouk and then saw the crowd. My jaw dropped! Really Ppl mountain, ppl sea! Lucky the queue was moving quite fast and we were in within a few mins. Soon the whole place was packed to sardines, can't even move!

My frens who are late arrived and were stuck in the queue outside. So after a long wait my frens decided to go to other places then. Sigh... ... It seems like I nvr have the fate to club with HW. Sad... .... Even though not his fault for being late and had to end up queening outside. Intended to drink the night with him though. Next time bro!

Place packed like sardines nvr mind then the worst thing happened! THE MUSIC SUCKS! Even though it was MAMBO nite, the music is NOT! I think the DJ got Vesak Day mood, played the usual MAMBO songs with all the weird slow songs in between that killed the mood of everyone! No one is moving in the dance floor leh! Haa....

Another reason y no one is moving at the dancefloor cos too many ppl got drunk too early alr! By midnite, I think got more than 5 drunk ppl surrounding our grp, both male and female! Well I hate that. If you cannot drink, DUN DRINK at all, drink fruit punch! Lie there like a dead body or doing silly things when it is already freaking packed and no other places to move. Their friends also very funny lo. Friend drunk already, still can take their drunk photo and started laughing at it!?! A bit...... DUH! If I got this kind of friends, I would make them drunk and then stripped them naked and leave them out in the streets! Of cos need to take photo and laugh as well!

So due to the above factors we decided leave early, now is the challenging part! We got to squeeze though tons of ppl to get out while someone decided to lose a bracelet and go back and look for it! This is not the first time she lost something though! Haa.... A bit erhh...... Pls fill in the blank. Finally we are out after squeezing tons and tons of ppl and headed for prata.

This is the 1st time, I did not dance at MAMBO, I did not sweat at MAMABO and it was NO FUN at all!

Lesson learnt: Never go MAMBO when next day is a holiday! I rather take half day leave the next day!

A "Mambo-less" Polarbear

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal?

Deal or No Deal is the latest gameshow on Ch 5 and after watching it for a few times, I begin to love show. Y? Haa....

1) Adrian Pang is a great host for the show. He knows how to pace and control the mood of the show.

2) The 26 gorgeous ladies holding the 26 suitcases. Need to say more? *Nose Bleeds* The way they walk down the staircase to the way they talk and wish the contestant good luck! *Faint*

3) The game format is brainless. Choose a suitcase that you think holds $250,000 and then slowly open up the rest of the suitcases and hope that they dun contain $250,000. The banker will offer you a sum of $$ to buy back the suitcase. Either you take the offer or no deal. It is all about luck and guts! No blood no glory!

4) The wacky contestants. Haa... I find it fun to see them succumb under stress. Haa... I wished to be in their shoes also and see me how I will react under stress. Haa... Will I be as cool as a cucumber? Hmm....

The only thing bad thing bad about the show is the audience! Every deal also no deal, no deal! Of cos la, easy for you all to say that cos not your $$ mah! @(*#^%(!*^#@%

So have you caught the show alr? If not what are u waiting for? Every Wednesday, 8.30pm.

You can also try the online game on theiw website:

A "Deal or No Deal" Polarbear

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First time on Step I

First time on Step I

Today was our both first time to Step I class and boy was it interesting! Haa....

So after going to Combat and Pump classes mainly, we decided to try out for other classes. This time round it is Step I. Haa....

Firstly, we waited at the wrong room. When we rushed to the correct room, it was packed. Had to squeeze. The ppl there very good, let us have some space for us to put our boards.

Secondly, as it is 1st time in Step class, we were asked to go to the front of the class. Haa.. Luckily we did that, if not we would have given up in the first 10 mins. Haa... The class is very quite simple. You need to follow the steps and then join them together and do it in a faster pace. It feels like MAMBO expect that this time only legs are moving and the upper body is not moving at all. Haa...

Thirdly, the instructor is very patient with us. Keep repeating all the steps for us. Even though I keep making the wrong moves, he stills shows us the following moves.

Lastly, he extended the lesson and did a lot of complex moves. Haa...

Overall had fun at the lesson. We have to work hard to make it look good and nice when we are moving. Haa... If not we will look like robots. So now every Tuesday, we will be attending this lesson without fail I think. Haa...

Right now, my leg are super aching! Haa... 2molo how?

A "legs aching" Polarbear

Monday, May 28, 2007

Mars Vs Venus

Mars Vs Venus

Recently, I always will try my best to reach home before 9pm to watch a local made drama series, "Mars Vs Venus". To me, this is one of the rare times that I would watch a local made series. Y? Cos it is a show with great acting and a good story plot! Yesterday was the last episode for the series and I was sad to see it go like that! Haa...

So what was the show about to make me go home and catch the show?

The story surrounds 3 couples, a married couple with kids, a jz married couple and a couple with affair problems and how their lives goes about. I think the storyline comes from the Man are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It shows how couples should relate to each other when solving problems or should say what is the right way to solve a problem when the need arises.

I can laugh with the show and at the same time, thinking that how would I react when the same problem happen to me in the real life? Would I react in the correct way and not to make my the other half unhappy? Can say that I learnt a lot from the show and hope that I can put it to practise. Haa...*Wink* You get the hint? Haa.... You also the same ok! Haa....

Watching the show also bring back some of my younger times memories. When I was young, my parents used to quarrel a lot and always bring divorce up. Then my mum will ask me who I wanna to follow. Well I would always cry and say I dun wanna to follow anyone of them or I only follow two of them together. Haa... To think of it, when a couple divorced, the children are the ones being hurt the most! Luckily my parents only say say and never action. I cannot imagine me with either my dad or my mum. Hmm.... Scary!

Now in my current phase of life, I am more like the second couple. Haa... Blissful but no in a hurry to get married yet. Haa... Then we are not as mushy as them also. Haa... Hope that we dun drag that long until like the old woman got to proposed to the old man ok! That is so funny! Haa... What happen to this second couple is lack of trust. Well how can she react when she was betrayed by her husband and her best friend? Hmm... Trust is a very important thing in relationship. Something that both needs to build on it. I am glad to see that we trust each other a lot and able to give each other lots of free time as well. Well we still got lots of improvement to be made though. Haa....

So now the show is over, nothing much for me to look forward to on weekdays 9pm now. Unless the new show is as good. Haa....

A "Blissful Mars Citizen" Polarbear

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Things that I wanna to do after exam.

Things that I wanna to do after exam.

Since my exams are over and no use crying over it, I decided to start planning what to do till my exam results are released. Haa.... Actually started planning even before the exams ended. Hee...

1st thing, to start my gym routine again! I have sort of like stopped gym for 3 weeks for my exams (Yes I know it is not a very good reason!), and plus lots and lots of happy food (I eat a lot when I am stressed out), I have put back some of the weight that I have lost! Sigh! So now got to work hard and lost all the weight I have gained and more, in order to meet the target I have set! Plus someone had been laughing me and saying I am a PIG! Sob! Sob!

2nd thing, so many summer blockbuster movies to watch! I have only watched Spiderman 3, still got the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Shrek 3, Transformers, Ocean 13, Harry Potter and many more to watch! So many movies and so little time! Plus all the advance bookings nowaday, it seems impossible to buy movies tickets on that day itself! So usually will wait for a week before I can watch the show after it opened. Well better late than never! I also try to watch all of them in the digital format if available as the sounds and the colors are much more better than the usual film format, at the same price some more!

3rd thing, YES! I am finally going to do some diving in Jun! All thks to JJ! I had not dived since my last dive in Apr last year! Boy I missed the underwater world so much! This year I intend to do at least 2 to 3 more dives and hope that I can do my rescue diver course as well. Haa.....

4th thing, I got a lot of concerts to go to! Haa... Mayday next weekend, Christina Aguilera at end of the month, Jacky Cheung at mid Jul. Haa.... Going crazy alr! So happy! Hope that no one is coming for concerts alr. Me no $$ for concerts alr. Haa....

5th thing, I am going clubbing / MAMBO this coming wed! Haa.... A grp of ppl going and hope that it is going to be lots of fun! Maybe should go to St James for my fav bar, Bellini again! Should also visit Cafe De Mel at Sentosa as well!

Last thing is to catch up with all my frens that I had wanting to meet and unable to meet as I was bz with my exams! May the booking begin ok! Hee..... Wanna to meet me for dinner jz let me know! Oh yes, need to spend more time with my family and my poor dog as well! Need to bring him to either ECP or sentosa soon!

Well it seems a there is a lot of things that I want to do but then there is limited time and money for all! So have to sort of take and give la! Haa.....

A "bz planning for post exams activities" Polarbear

Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday OSCAR!

Happy 1st Birthday OSCAR!

Today marks the 1st birthday of my dear dog, OSCAR!

He had been with us for the past 10 months and he hand brought a lot of fun and happiness to my family! He is now an official family member now and I wonder life without him now. Hmm.... That will be very sad! Till now he had learnt how to do a lot of things / tricks and had made a lot of frens as well! Always forcing my neighbours to stop and give him a pat before they can procced past my flat. Haa... So naughty!

Had not been bringing him out although he will go for his walk 2 times a day. I will bring him to the beach soon, as a birthday outing! Haa... So whoever is interested to join me jz let me know ok!

Presents also can send to him ok! He will be happy to receive them as well! Haa....

Presenting OSCAR!

A "OSCAR Loving" Polarbear

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Exams over! Time to PARTY!

Exams over! Time to PARTY!

My exams are finally over! Hee... Dun think I will do well in my second paper, hope that I can scrape though that paper, even though everyone thinks that the paper is difficult! Phew!

So now going to play and relax until next sem starts! Haa... Got plenty of activites lined up! Hee.... Going clubbing, diving, concerts, gym, movies and many more! Haa....

Exam results coming out on the 19 Jun. Not looking forward to that!

Meantime, if you wanna to jio me for dinner, jz give me a call and I will be there! Haa....

A "relax one corner" Polarbear

Thursday, May 17, 2007

28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later: The Movie

Well after my paper yesterday, decided to take a small break and watch a movie with LLT then, decided on "28 Weeks Later" cos someone wanna to watch a horror show. Hmm....

Well the movie carries on from the 1st movie "28 Days Later" where the whole of London is wiped out and almost everyone was infected by the virus. When one family was reunited and the kids decided to take things into their own hands and go back to their own home which is in the unsafe zone. They found their mother who is supposed to be dead. She was a carrier of the virus but was not affected by it.

She was brought back and then husband got infected and the mass infection started from there. The whole plot was not much different from the last one and the pace was pretty packed as well. Plenty of blood and gory though. Haa.... Overall gives the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

So much for the little break, had been back to office, still much things waiting for me to do. Sigh! Haa.... Got to work hard both in work and in studies. The next exam is going to be tough subject. Hmm....

A "little refreshed" Polarbear

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

1 down, 1 more to go!

1 down, 1 more to go!

Jz finished a paper! I think all of your prayers are working! Haa.... Thks for it!

Still got one more paper next week! Tougher subject than this one!

Pls continue to start praying for me!

A "still mugging" Polarbear

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day and I want to wish my mother as well!

I hardly talk about my family member here. So I am going to talk about my dearest Mum. Hee....

I am in a close relationship with my mum since young. To me she is a strict and tough mother when I was young, yah used to get caning from her a lot and almost every month, she will asked me to pack my bags and go out of the house. Hmm... This does not mean that I am very naughty then, jz naughty only. Hee.... Well all for my own good as she scared that I might turn into a bad boy then. Hee....

When I was sick, she and dad will take turns to take care of me as well. Hee... I was very spoiled then as I would stay in bed and shout out to them if I need anything like a drink. Hee...

My mum is a excellent cook. To me, no one else cooks better than her. I am pampered with her food and she will always, well most of the times, my fav dishes. Hee... When it comes to cooking and baking, I am proud of her. So far, my frens who had tasted her cooking, had only good comments. Haa....

My mum had been very supportive of me as well in whatever I decided to do, even though sometimes she dun like. Take the diving issue, 10 years ago, she dun allow me to go and take up diving. In the end, I decided to jz go for it and inform her later. Till now, she got no problems with me diving, less a certain month. Hee....

We do have differences in views at times and some disagreement here and there, even then we will have a short cooling down period before everything gets back to normal. Both of us have very short fuses at times though.

Well, there is a scare for my mum's health a few years ago and got the whole family worried. Luckily, it turn out to be nothing. After which she turned into this health freak, cooking for healthy food and more juices to drink. Hee....

Well my mum turns clever this year, instead of a family meal, she decided she wanna a present instead and still looking for one. Hope that she will not look for a too expensive gift.

Happy Mother's Day, Mum! I love you!

A "Mummy Boy" Polarbear

Friday, May 11, 2007

So little time, so many things to study!

So little time, so many things to study!

Exams coming soon yet me not in the mood to study! Siao liao lah.

If you are reading this, pls say a prayer for me.

I am not hoping good results, a pass will make Polarbear very happy! Haa....

A "wanna to study" Polarbear

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Time to relax a bit!

Time to relax a bit!

After submitted my full of crap assignments, I decided to give myself some time off. Hee... Picked up my phone and managed to get HW to go out or some chill out time, so happy as he "sacrificed" his studying time to go out with me. Well someone else was sleeping then. Hee....

So off to orchard we went and decided to catch a movie since everyone else is watching Spiderman at the moment, we decided to watch something else, "Summer Palace", showing at 2.30am in the morning. Since we were very early, we hang out or should say pig out at NYDC. Something very strange happened there, the waitress seems desperate to asked us to order the oven baked rice/pasta and even promised to add extra toppings for us. Telling us that sandwich is not worth it etc, which is true. Haa... So in the end I ordered one and she did what she said. Haa.... Well NYDC will and always be one of my fav hangout place cos of MUDPIE and FARMBOY SALAD.

So the movie "Summer Palace" is a true story from a gal's diary and it is about she leaving her small village and her relationship with a guy in uni, in the midst of a volatile backdrop of political unrest.

Well have to say that the hype of the movie is, it is one of the more daring movies out from China and the director was actually banned as the movies was shown without going through China's approval then. Maybe watching the movie at 2.30am in the morning was not a good idea. Due to the slow pace of the movie, I find it quite boring, however the acting was quite good by the actors. Overall I give the movie 3 stars out of 5.

Reached home at 5.30am and to only find myself woke at 8.30am for gym. YAWN! Went to vivocity for pump and combat. Boy I was totally knocked out by it. Me slacked alr. Got to work hard to lose more weight and to get fitter! Sad to say that when I stressed out, I loved to eat! That is the reason y my weight regained a bit recently. Haa...

After that, went to catch Spiderman 3 in digital 4K. Was lucky enough to get last row seats instead of front row seats. It was crazy it opened 6 days ago and seems like every show is still sold out!

The story of Spiderman 3 goes like "Peter Parker basks in the spotlight with his public success as his superhero alter ego, Spider-Man. Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy pursue Parker for his affections, and Parker begins to grow overconfident, neglecting those who care for him. As Spider-Man, he battles Sandman and his former friend Harry Osborn. During this time, an unusual symbiote bonds with Spider-Man, influencing his behavior for the worse. As a result, Spider-Man has to fight the villain within, until he finally tears the symbiote from his body. After parting from Spider-Man, the symbiote finds a new host in Eddie Brock, Jr., who becomes Venom. In addition to Spider-Man facing the symbiote, Sandman has an unclear role in his contact with Peter's Uncle Ben, before Ben's death in the first film."

This Spiderman movie is the BEST out of the 3. I jz loved it! The story line was believable even though they made Spiderman very humane with tons of feelings! The CGI was at the best, with everything in the movie look so real. Watched it in digital 4K, the colours, sound everything seems like multiplied 100 times! Overall I give the movie 4.75 stars out 5. Jz dun like they made Spiderman too human, after all he is a superhero alr. Hee... Hope that there will be more Spiderman movies to come.

Ended the day meeting a fren for something. Boy he upgraded his car to an AUDI dunno what! Seem like he is doing very well, unlike me. Sigh.. Poor me. Haa...

So now weekend over, 2molo going to start on my revision, my exmas will be on 16th and 22nd May. If there is no updates, means that I am and will be busy studying. Haa... Wished me all the luck I need. Hee... So if you wanna to jio me go out and play, it had to be after 22nd 2230hrs ok! Hee......

A "time to start mugging" Polarbear

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Just "completed" my last assignment for this semester!

Just "completed" my last assignment for this semester!

After asking for extension, I finally finished or should I say gave up on my assignment. I had done whatever I could and hope for the best! Sigh! Have been stressed by it for the past few days! So sian about it!

After this, have to concentrate on my exam coming in 2 weeks time!

A "very tired" Polarbear