Monday, July 31, 2006

Presenting our newest family member, OSCAR!

Presenting our newest family member, OSCAR!

Date Of Birth: 25/05/2006
Sex: Male
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Date that he joined the family: 30/07/2006
As of 30/07/2006:
Weight: 2kg
Length: 18 inches
Height: 12 inches

Crazy weekend with crazy ppl! SIANZ.... ....

Crazy weekend with crazy ppl! SIANZ.... ....

The weekend was a overstressed and over CRAZY weekend, I even dunno where to start!

Let start with the CRAZY part:
Last weekend was the MAIN event where the grp of Hwa Chong Students that I was mentoring with for the SEY competition. We had been working hard for the past month. Hee...Hee... Actually not me but them lah. To me, they did a great job on the whole idea and the proposal! They should have won something on the unqiue idea that they have thought off. Nevermind, competition is not abt winning, guys, it is abt the process and we had FUN for the past 2 days! That is all it matters! I can see the disappointment in you all when the results are announced, and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed as well but well what the heck, I only can say this "SIANZ". Haa...Haa..... So Betty, Sin Yee, Wen Xi and Zi Yang, all the best in whatever you all are doing and hope that we can keep in contact and hang out together sometimes! (That is if you all dun mind hanging out with an old man! Haa...Haa.....)

Not only them, I also get a know a great bunch of CCK sec sch gals Haa...Haa... Although I am not the not that mentored them, Hwee Chyi was the one. I have to say that you all also done a great job and I am proud of everyone of you, ESP HEATHER! You are one gutsy gal that went all out for this competition.

After 2 days of "bullying other ppl" and pulling customers to give us their votes, we all turned into frens without knowing each other names at first and it was fun. It brought me back to my sch days. OMG.. ... how I missed my school days! It was after the presentatation, was the CRAZY moment. Everyone was let loose and went CRAZY. Everyone was going ard taking silly photos and exchanging emails / MSN. So I WANNA all my photos to be send to me ok! Haa...Haa....Ok.....Ok...... I will post the pics here once I have them ok! Haa...Haa.....

Have to say that I learnt something from the kids over the weekend.

1st thing: NEVER SAY DIE / NEVER GIVE UP attitude! Recently I am on the verge of throwing in the towel in all the things that I am doing, I dunno y as I had nvr done that b4. But still... ... the thought keep lingering in my mind. After looking at the kids working hard on their project, I realised that if they did not give up when the going gets tough, I should not as well. I was there to help them when they need help and advice but who is there to help and advice me when I need help. I dunno! I really dunno and hope that you will turn up soon!!!

2nd thing: Always be cheerful and happy in whatever things that you r doing. Even though at the stressful moments, the kids always will be happy and making things work for them. Recently, it seem that I had lost the kind of cheerfulness or happiness that I used to have! I need to get it back and FAST! Anyone wanna to help me out?

Thks Hwee Chyi for giving me the meaningful badge to me, SUFFERING, NOT SMILING. Sigh that might be what I m suffering now! Haa....Haa.....

Now to the stressful part:
I will not post a lot here, but I jz wanna to say I felt very ALONE over this weekend as well. Sigh! I was left alone doing other ppl work and other ppl only use their mouth to work. STOP sending me email asking for replies! I should be the one to ask you the answer for all those questions that you are asking! I felt like I am being pushed into a corner and sooner or later I am going to lose it, and have to fight back. I hope that it will not happen but then..... .... who knows?

To those that I have met up over the weekend sorry that you all have to hear me complain and sort of do nothing. It is not I m not doing anything but I jz dunno how to go abt doing it and no one seems to understand that! It is not that I am trying to be -ve in front of you all, I know that I should not do that but then I really need to let it out and hope that someone understand me. Sigh!

Nvrmind I am going to pick up all my pieces and start all over again and hope that everything will be back to normal. I know that The core team is behind me rite! I better be right on that! Haa......Haa......

Well the weekend came to a close with a new member in my family! OSCAR, a 8 weeks old MS! The moment I saw him, we clicked and he followed me throughout the whole nite! Haa....Haa..... He is going to be the NEW jewel in the family. Sorry Joyce, you are no longer the BABY in the family alr. Haa....Haa.... Now the whole family is going to be bz with OSCAR. I think my dad and mum more excited then we are. Haa...Haa.......In fact, i think this morning Joyce will not go to work if she had the choice. Haa...Haa.....

I will post his pics in the next posting. From now on, I will post his growth in this blog as well.

Wow this is a long entry. I will stop here then. Till then take care and have a nice week ahead.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

What a good workout! What a week!

What a good workout! What a week!

The BIG and FAT polarbear went for gym workout yesterday! I went for BODYCOMBAT and boy was it challenging. Haa....Haa... ok I was unfit. However, it was fun and great and i intend to do it regularly! Must do it ok! It is a good way to relief stress as well.

I have to say that I am under a lot of stress recently. All over my volunteer work... ... Worth it? Haa...Haa.... I dunno. Seems like the ppl all ard me alr in the bo chap attitude, I think i am basically doing other ppl jobs as well. Sian. Sooner or later I will be pushed into a corner and I will bite back, hope that it will not happen.

This week had been a crazy week! Work is crazy as usually and I m trying to get into the groove of the sales at the moment. However, still no much luck at cold calling. Hmm... have to try much more than that. Hope that next week will be better.

School is starting soon and another different type of stress coming up as well. Haa...Haa.....

Going to be a bz weekend. Hope that everything will go according to plan and things will work out.

Till then take care

PS: To my long lost twin, you seem moody and stressed out recently, I am glad that you can share with me all your thoughts and complains. I dun mind being the listening ear ok. So next time if u need some listening ear jz let me know ok... ....

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Am I in the right job?

Am I in the right job?

After 3 mths into this new sales job, I begin to wonder if I am in the right job or jz that I am in the wrong place. Haa...Haa..... I wonder.... .....

Monday, July 24, 2006

A very nice note from a mentee... ....

A very nice note from a mentee... ....

Saw this blog entry from one of my mentee, Siti. Very touched to know that all our efforts did not go down the drain.

"Specially To My Mentors
Hey everyone out there. How have u been? hope u are fine out there. Here i wanna express ma thoughts to all ma mentors from promisework. I came to realize that we have been knowing each other for about 2 years nw till then i realize that we mentees in sec 4 have to go i mean in the way that we must give way to the newbie sec 2.
Reflect back, at first i really hate to go for mentoring session cause i find it boring bt hey hw rong has that turn out to be. after a mth i feel that mentorship is a place for me to share my thoughts and feeling. just like ben said in his blog, Maybe the kids just needed some attention and some open-mindedness that adults sometimes find hard to provide.
Yea i agree. For me u guys has been a wonderful help to me. Be it moral support, studies and even when we had sorrows. U guys would willingly lend us ur shoulders to cry on...
U guys rocks man.... Hey if i am nt wrong, i did promise to ben if i am nt rong that when i grew up i too wanna be a mentor.. rest assured i will be in years to come..
Well to end this, i would like to say thank you to all my mentors. U guys are the most wonderful godbro and godsis i ever had...
Mervin, Hwee Chyi, Abhijit, Gina, Belinda, Ben, Loon Chian, Erica And not forgetting Kar Hai( Godilocks) For the wonderful help and effort u have given for the past two years. A big apologize if i had ever offended any of u guys so far.... Till Then Thanks Alot....Ma godbro and godsis from mentorship simply rawks..."

Well I have to say that I expect least this to come from Siti. So I am very surprised!

What a bz weekend... ...

What a bz weekend... ...

As usual weekend came and pass by before I can blink my eyes... ....

Well before I start, Polarbear is feeling MUCH BETTER now, not feeling so moody now, but I doubt no one notices anyway. Haa.....Haa.... Boy I am so stressed now and can see it from my face! I am having an outbreak of pimples now!

Fri nite started off with a moive and ended late after midnite! Managed to catch the last train to reach home. Cannot take cab any longer, cab are getting more expensive alr.... ....Sigh.... ..... The moive, Pirates of the Carr, is a great moive. Johnny Depp simply is the only one that can be CPT Sparrow, no one else can replace him! Thks for watching the moive with me! U should know who u r! Hmm.... actually I am thinking so who is accompany who leh? It does feels like you are accompanying me like that. Haa...Haa.....

Sat, woke up early in the morning, went Kallang, meet up with students, went home, came out to Lavender again and then visited the Mind Cafe to see if there is any response for the competiton! Boy... ...This is the one thing that I am very stressed abt now, cannot turn back any more!

Saw Barry new born baby, Nigel! Cute little guy there you have Barry and Debby! He will grow up to be the most handsome guy ard. Haa....Haa... Dun worry! Now both of you got to work hard again to give him a little brother or sister ok!

Karhai, nice catching up with you, even though we are not that close due to work or watever stuff, it seems that we got endless topics to tok abt. Ok ok our exercise routine will start soon ok!
I hope... .... Haa.....Haa.....

Then we sang KTV late into the nite with HC! Haa...Haa.... That was fun as well!

Sun was the SMRT challenge day and it was tougher than last year. Got to run here and there, lots of running to do! This year we did not do as well as last year but I hope we r still in top 20, nvr understand how other team finish so fast! Hmm........ Had a great race with you all, Law, JJ and Pearlina. Have to say that we make a great team! All of us are exhausted after the race! Well hope that we can join again next year and get better placing ok!

Oh yah, congrats Jackson to your new born baby, Aaron! Haa...Haa... Think that from his name, he will be first in everything he does! Hope to see Aaron soon!

Well before I can blink my eyes, weekend is over and I have to start work today! Amazing is I reach office on time today and I was not late at all! Haa...Haa..... but still it is a blue monday... ....

Have to go back to work alr...... Till next posting......Take Care!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Polarbear feeling strange these few days... ...

Polarbear feeling strange these few days... ...

Dunnno what had happen to Polarbear these few days... ....

He jz dun feel like toking to other ppl or doing anything. Feeling a bit moody and getting restless at things as well. He is going to reach rock bottom soon.

So got anything to help him to get out of it? How long is this going to last? I dunno... ...

Well it seems like things are going on very well for his frens lives but not for him leh. Sooner or later it is going to be Polarbear all alone in the South Pole... ....

Well what goes down must come up, it is a matter of when only.... ....

Hope by next post everything will be fine. *Sigh*

Monday, July 17, 2006

Am I a LOUSY Fren?

Am I a LOUSY Fren?

Over the weekend, i meet up with my grp of BEST frens, ok I consider them my BEST frens ok! Haa....Haa.... Since we had been frens for so long, I suddenly asked this question so why do you think that we can lasted frens for so long, 9 to 10 yrs, leh? So what is the things that you cannot stand abt me?

Haa..Haa.... My frens jz could not answer me leh. Well I think it is a matter of we all accept who we are and jz ignore when someone does something silly or irrating rite? I can be irrating at time loh. I ADMIT that ok! Haa...Haa.....

Even now we dun meet that often due to work and other commitments, we still pretty much keep in contact and will know what is going on in each other lives. Our frenship ROCKS man! I think we do have a common understanding for this frenship and so it survives for so long. Haa....Haa.....

Hmm... I made someone angry yesterday, I also dunno Y? That is the best part. U should know who u r. Dun be angry alr lah, ok. Hmm.... but what u did yesterday was a bit ... ... as well la. Understand? Haa....Haa.... I think I m one of the few ppl in this world or universe that I can stand your this kind of temper. Haa....Haa....

Had a bz weekend, done a lot of things, with very little sleep and YES! Finally went to chek jawa, amazing place! Will update here abt the experinence once I have the pics!

Till then take care!

Friday, July 14, 2006

It had been since a month since.... ....

It had been since a month since.... ....

Well yes Polarbear started a new chapter of life back to singlehood again... ...So how do i feel?

First week, I am still sad and guilty of the whole thing, after all I m the one that initated it. I was worried for her as well, but at the same time I also wanna to keep a distance from her so that I can forgot her and resume as frens faster. Even now meeting her is so awkward for me. I wanna to pack every min of my life now, so that I got no spare time to think so much as well. Have to say that I really got a grp of good frens behind me........Hee...Hee.... Thks.

2nd Week, I suddenly felt that I got a lot of time on hand, can do a lot of things that I always wanna to do. Laze ard at home, watch TV, etc..... ....Hmm... Mum and sis notice that something is wrong (since I m spending so much time at home) and ask me abt it and i told her abt it. She thought I was angry with her so I broke off with her, say I xiao qi but I dun bother to tell her the real reason. Well jz let me be the bad guy then.

3rd Week, wow more and more ppl knew abt it! Spreading out like wildfire. but who cares! Still got ppl say that I am sad and I refuse to admit that I am sad. Guys really, I am OK! Dun worry no need u all to share my sadness with me. Time to look forward and towards singlehood! Haa....Haa..... Wonder this time for how long? Hope it will not be another 26 yrs!

4th Week, jz started and now all abt work! So bz that I got no time to breathe... ....Haa....Haa... not really true lah but trying my best to learn all the new skills that I need to pick up FAST!

Seems like Polarbear is on track going back to his usually self, jz give him a few more days and he will be fine! Trust me! Well I only pity his frens... ....Haa...Haa.....

Well 2day is a start of a weekend. Going to be a bz and packed weekend!. This weekend sure to fly pass before I can say ... ....

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am so lucky to have good frens ard me.

I am so lucky to have good frens ard me.

Polarbear had been blessed with a few good frens that are always ard when he is feeling sad or happy, esp during this period of time of unhappiness.

I have always stressed that my frens are very impt in my life, esp the ones that will be there with you whether you are in happy times or not. I know that I can unreasonable at times but then... ....

To my best frens, you know who u r lah, thks for everything and being there as a good fren for me.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

PolarBear Express 1st Edition!

PolarBear Express 1st Edition!


This is Polarbear Express 1st Edition.

This will record the some of the happenings and thoughts of Polarbear. Will not be daily but will try to update regularly.

So who is this Polarbear? He is a male who like WATER a lot, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking and all different kind of water sports! Well he is also as "BIG" and as lazy as Polarbear. Haa...haa..... He like to laugh a lot and loudly as well!

Polarbear is always happy and easy going, though nvr make him angry. He is optimistic and always looks on the bright side of life. Hope this will contiune forever.

He is currently working in the sales line (which is totally new to him), going to do his best within the next 6 mths to get some good results!

That all abt me now. Hope to put something here soon!