Saturday, July 08, 2006

PolarBear Express 1st Edition!

PolarBear Express 1st Edition!


This is Polarbear Express 1st Edition.

This will record the some of the happenings and thoughts of Polarbear. Will not be daily but will try to update regularly.

So who is this Polarbear? He is a male who like WATER a lot, swimming, scuba diving, kayaking and all different kind of water sports! Well he is also as "BIG" and as lazy as Polarbear. Haa...haa..... He like to laugh a lot and loudly as well!

Polarbear is always happy and easy going, though nvr make him angry. He is optimistic and always looks on the bright side of life. Hope this will contiune forever.

He is currently working in the sales line (which is totally new to him), going to do his best within the next 6 mths to get some good results!

That all abt me now. Hope to put something here soon!


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