Monday, July 17, 2006

Am I a LOUSY Fren?

Am I a LOUSY Fren?

Over the weekend, i meet up with my grp of BEST frens, ok I consider them my BEST frens ok! Haa....Haa.... Since we had been frens for so long, I suddenly asked this question so why do you think that we can lasted frens for so long, 9 to 10 yrs, leh? So what is the things that you cannot stand abt me?

Haa..Haa.... My frens jz could not answer me leh. Well I think it is a matter of we all accept who we are and jz ignore when someone does something silly or irrating rite? I can be irrating at time loh. I ADMIT that ok! Haa...Haa.....

Even now we dun meet that often due to work and other commitments, we still pretty much keep in contact and will know what is going on in each other lives. Our frenship ROCKS man! I think we do have a common understanding for this frenship and so it survives for so long. Haa....Haa.....

Hmm... I made someone angry yesterday, I also dunno Y? That is the best part. U should know who u r. Dun be angry alr lah, ok. Hmm.... but what u did yesterday was a bit ... ... as well la. Understand? Haa....Haa.... I think I m one of the few ppl in this world or universe that I can stand your this kind of temper. Haa....Haa....

Had a bz weekend, done a lot of things, with very little sleep and YES! Finally went to chek jawa, amazing place! Will update here abt the experinence once I have the pics!

Till then take care!

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