Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 4 - 3D Feature

This is my 4th week with Samsung curved TV and so far loving every single moment of it. Ever heard of seeing a 3D impact without the use of 3D glasses? Seems like the curved TV is able to so.

The curved screen is able to provide a panoramic view that wraps around the viewer and draws the viewer into the picture. Samsung uses an Auto Depth Enhancer technology that brings the image alive! It gives a greater feeling of depth by applying different levels of contrast enhancement on different content areas.

How does the Auto Depth Enhancer technology works? It splits each frame into multiple areas by analyzing the similarity of brightness and color histogram, and automatically optimizes and contrasts to add greater depth to the images.

There are also 3D function, with the use of 3D glasses and this is best experienced via Blu-ray DVD film and HD film. Personally, I enjoyed the 3D effect on animation movies. It literally made the characters to pop out of the screen!

Samsung Stylish 3D Glasses

However, 1 thing I find it disappointing is the 3D glasses are not passive, hence they need to be powered by batteries and there is a switch to connect the glasses with the TV before use. Hence I still preferred those cinema 3D glasses which is just wear and use.

Come to think of it, I do not use 3D glasses at home as I do not watch programs in 3D. How many of you do you actually uses the 3D function at home?

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 3 - SMART TV Features

Samsung Curved TV is not only a TV but a SMART TV.  In my third week, I decided to explore what else the TV can do other than showing TV programs.

Using the SMART Control (The unique egg shaped remote control), I easily navigate through contents and features, using the motion recognition technology and enhanced sensitivity on the touchpad.  After browsing through, I must say I am really impressed with the SMART features!

These are my personal TOP 5 SMART features:

1. Multi-Link Screen

Did it ever happen to you that you are watching TV and surfing on your iPad watching You Tube at the same time or someone wanted to watch another program at the same time? Samsung now got the perfect solution to this! Multi-Link Screen. Now I can watch my program and google something that I have just watched or watch a trailer on You Tube. You can also show 2 programs at the same time and use Bluetooth headset to listen to your own program.

2. Universal Remote Set Up

How many remote controls do you have lying around the TV now? I have at least three remote controls, one for TV, one for Set Up Box and one for Sound Bar. It tends to get very troublesome when I need to reach each of the control for specific action. With Samsung Universal Remote Set Up, you can link all the remote control into the Samsung SMART remote control. Just like Lord of The Rings, 1 remote control to rule them all! I loved this! Not the mention that the set-up is automated!

3. Wide Array Of Content

Before this trial, I am using another brand of TV and I am disappointed with the SMART content they are providing. Not with Samsung, they have a wide range of both popular applications (eg You Tube) and local content applications (eg Toggle, 4D, TOTO). The Samsung TV can be also connected via VPN to watch overseas streaming shows (eg NetFlix).

4. Screen Mirroring

If you are using Samsung Galaxy phone, you can connect the phone with the TV via Screen Mirroring. This allows you to show whatever you are showing on your phone. This is useful when you are sharing your travel photos with your friends in a gathering!

5. Remote Management

This is the first time I heard of using remote management for troubleshooting of TV and I hope I do not need to use this! Touch wood! From my understanding, Samsung Customer Support is able to remotely access the TV to check on the issues if required, provided the TV is also connected to internet. How cool is that?

So which is the SMART feature that impressed you the most?

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 2 - Why Curved is Better?

I used to think that a flat screen TV and a curved screen TV would make no difference in a small living room. After all, the only place I know to have curved screens are cinema screens.

Samsung curved screen actually follows natural curvature with the eyes, hence the TV will have the same viewing angle throughout the whole screen and thus bringing less fatigue to the eyes.

The special figure calculated for the TV screen optimal curvature is 4200R (radius). Why 4200R? This was calculated based on a distance of 3 to 4m watching distance, 4200 radius can deliver the best immersion to the viewer. So is this true? My sofa is 3m away from the TV and I do not find the screen or the picture too overwhelming to watch. Even my wife does agree with me on this!

However after using the Samsung Curved TV for a week, I have to say that the curved screen had elevated my viewing experience to another new level. It drew me into the program that I was watching because it provided a panoramic view which wrapped me in. The curvature actually minimizes the distortion that occurs from the difference of the viewing angle between the viewer’s eyes and the flat screen TV.

Top to Bottom: Left view, Centre View, Right View
See any difference?

So now I am one more step closer to getting my wife to agree why 65” Samsung Curved TV is the right TV for our living room! Another 4 more weeks to fully convince her!

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Friday, November 07, 2014

Samsung Curved TV (65H8000) Review - Week 1

I was excited when I found out that I was selected for the Samsung Curved TV Leader Facebook Contest. It is not any normal TV but Samsung Curved TV (UA65H8000AK). My main aim is to convince my wife that we can fit a 65” TV comfortably in our living room, at the same time, enhance our viewing pleasure.

The excitement starts when the TV was delivered! Look what difference does it made to my living room once installed! My 55” TV instantly turns into a miniature TV with the 65” TV placed in front. It is really love at first sight! Even my wife admitted that 65” TV sits nicely on our TV console. In short, she agrees that the 65” TV fits in the living room!

Look! Even the TV is asking if I am ready!

The installation of the TV, by the delivery guys, is simple. The TV was removed from the box, screwed the Aero stand to the bottom of TV, hook the TV up to the set-up box, power on the TV and BOOM! The set-up is done.

So what is so special about the Aero stand? It is a strategic T-shaped stand attached to the back panel of the TV which helps to maintain the simple form of the TV and provided a lightweight feel.

My first impression of the Samsung curved TV is WOW! The Aero Curved design of the TV is simply visually stunning. It gives a three dimensional effect (due to the curve) that is aesthetically beautiful at any angle. When not in use, the TV is like a stylish art piece in my living room. I can just look at it all day long! Even the remote control is designed in a form of a curved ward, different from those normal long remote control.

After using the TV for the past few days, I am getting used to the new TV, with all the new functions to explore. My family members and neighbours are all impressed with the Samsung 65” as well! Looking forward to spending more time with the new TV in the coming weeks!

This post is made as part of the Samsung Curved TV Opinion Leader Facebook Contest. Please note that all opinions expressed here are of the writer's and do not represent Samsung.

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Monday, November 03, 2014

Should I upgrade from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to Note 4?

I have been using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for the past year and I am very happy with the phone. Hence when Samsung Galaxy Note 4 came out, I asked myself: “Should I upgrade from Note 3 to Note 4?”. Hmm….

After testing the phone for a week, below are my five reasons why I should upgrade to Note 4.
1. The Display ScreenBoth uses Super AMOLED touchscreen (16M colors). However Note 4 has approximate 515 ppi pixel density which is higher than Note 3 approximate 386 ppi pixel density. When both are placed side by side, to me, Note 4 does display the small details better compared to Note 3. I am always a fan of the Super AMOLED touchscreen. It just makes the picture comes alive and looks as if it is popping out of the phone!
Note 4’s screen has a curved glass designed as compared to Note 3’s flat screen design. With the curved glass display, it does elevate its appearance overall and makes it looks classier as well. The minor issue here is there is a small gap around the edge of the display and dirt might get trapped there easily.
2. The CameraNote 4’s camera comes with an upgrade from 13MP to 16MP and it comes with optical image stabilisation so say bye bye to blur pictures.
The front camera also was upgraded from 2MP to 3.7MP. For selfie lovers, it allows you to take up to a 120 degree selfie photo! This is fantastic for a group photo at arm length, if you do not have a selfie stick at hand. There is a new way to take a selfie as well! Remember how difficult it would be to try to reach for the capture button while doing a selfie. Now you can just place your finger over the heart monitor, below the main camera, and release it when you are ready for the selfie! Wala, your selfie will be automatically taken once your finger is off the heart rate monitor.
3. Larger Battery, Longer Battery LifeIn Note 4, the battery is upgraded to from 3200mAh to 3220mAh. The initial thought is how the new battery going to sustain with the upgraded new display screen. I was surprised that the phone still managed to last at least for 2 days for normal usage. Seems like the new battery is powerful enough to power the new chipset and the new display screen.
4. The Fingerprint SensorThis is a new feature added in, maybe to match with Apple Touch ID. There are 4 features that the fingerprint can be used: Fingerprint lock, Web sign-in, Verify Samsung Account and Pay with Paypal. I tried using the Fingerprint lock. During registration  it would require 10 scan of fingerprint of different area of the finger as well. Hence it makes the fingerprint to be recognised easier when different areas of the finger is used for scanning.
5. The Redesigned S PenFor Note 3, I tried to use the S Pen to take notes on the phone, but the smooth surface and slim body prevented me to have a good grip of the pen. Samsung have redesigned the S Pen for Note 4. They added ridges on the body of the pen and this makes the pen easier to grip for writing and other task.
Of course, there are other new additional functions and enhancement like heart rate monitor (below the main camera), new notification appearance (easier to navigate) etc.
No phone is prefect though. For me, Note 4 does have 2 points to improve on.
1. Use of micro USB 2.0 instead of micro USB 3.0 used in Note 3 – Why? I also do not understand the change, after all micro USB 3.0 does have a faster transfer speed right?
2. Lack of IP67 certified (dust and water resistant) – If this is included, this phone would be prefect. Maybe this is will be included in Note 5 instead.
After all this, I have decided to still go ahead and make the upgrade from Note 3 to Note 4. I have made a reservation on Note 4 already. So would you have made the change from Note 3 to note 4?