Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a bad day!

Today is really a very bad day for me. Seems like all the bad things will happen.

First thing, it seems that school had messed up my final year project arrangament. Long story and to cut it short. They thought that I am going to extend my project for 6 months and I had not touch my project for the past 6 months. So today, I got to choose from the leftover projects and have to make a choice over the phone with the coordinator within 5 mins. In the end, I selected a project which is similar to my last year project. Hope it will turn out better.

Second thing, I book a diving trip in Sipandan last Nov via a Save Money Diving website. I received a phone call from the resort today and mentioned that the website had closed and they had not paid up for the booking. So in order for us to still have our booking, we would have to pay for it again. The main thing is I had already paid for the package! I even received the confirmation vouchor. To make things worse, it was took late for me to refute the amount with the credit card bank. The last choice is to get the money from the webagent. We will be going to Small Claims Tribunal to sort this out and hope that we can get the money back. Well I have to say it is not a small amount.

This really kinda of ruined the mood for both of us, especially we had been looking forward to this trip. See how this leads to where then.

Why does all bad things happen in a single day?

A "moody" Polarbear

Thursday, January 01, 2009

A crazy way to start 2009!

Instead of counting down with my loved ones and my frens, I have work to do. Sigh... Super sian. So I have to go onboard a ship to do some repairs. While waiting for the ship to arrive, I managed to see some fireworks which was a good thing. It went on well less the fact that the ship was late and had to climb a very long gangway to reach the ship.

When the whole thing was done, and we intend to leave the ship, we could not do so as the ship's both sides have another 2 small ships next to them and our launch (boat) could not come alongside. So in the end, they decided to get us in a cargo net and use a crane to lower us down! Yes! That is what they did and it was at least a 3 floor drop. That was pretty much exciting that I decided just to sit down instead of standing up. Simply scary.

Finally managed to leave the ship and by the time we reach shore, it was about 6am. After a hearty Mac breakfast, went home and sleep for the rest of the new year day. What a day to start 2009!

A "tired" Polarbear