Sunday, August 31, 2008


After a long wait for this movie, it is finally here! I still remember when I first watch the trailer, I was unimpressed by it and was thinking why would Pixar would want to come out with such a cartoon.

"What if mankind had to leave Earth, and somebody forgot to turn the last robot off?

Academy Award®-winning writer-director Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo") and the inventive storytellers and technical geniuses at Pixar Animation Studios ("The Incredibles," "Cars," "Ratatouille") transport moviegoers to a galaxy not so very far away for a new computer-animated cosmic comedy about a determined robot named WALL•E.

After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL•E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE. EVE comes to realize that WALL•E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet's future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home). Meanwhile, WALL•E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever brought to the big screen."

After watching it, I was totally blown away by it. Even though, there was not much of a dialogue between that main leads. I still can understand what they are trying to tell each other when all they made were noises. I can really feel all the love that Wall-E was trying to tell Eva. The animations were really great with all the vibrant colours as well. However I still prefer Ratatouille and The Incredibles compared to Wall-E. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Singapore Flyer and Fish Spa First Experience

Today had my first try at the Singapore Flyer! Thanks to LLT's sister's company family day event! Hee... For only $6, the package includes a ride at the Singapore Flyer and a lunch at some selected restaurants. We were all excited to go for the ride! So we decided to go for the ride first! I always want to go for a ride since it was opened, just want to see which is better: London Eye or Singapore Flyer?

Thw whole experience is like taking a plane. There is a boarding area to start off with, take a group picture, follow by the ride, and end the trip with a forced stop at the photo buying place. The ride was smooth and very slowly. The view was pretty good and can see pretty far on a very clear day which we had. However, Singapore does not have a lot of things to see while we are being spin around. All HDB flats or roads. When compared, I prefer London Eye as it offers more thing to see and there was a guide which can tells you where to see and what to see, which was not offered by the Singapore Flyer. Dun think I will be back again for another paid ride.

After the ride, we walked around and we walked past a Fish Spa place. We heard so much about it, so we walked in and give it a try! It turns out to be more interesting then the ride itself! Haha.... In this, we put our legs in a tanks full of small little fishes that will feed on the dead skin cells. When we initially put our legs in, the fishes immediately attacked our legs. The feeling was ticklish yet a little pain like ant bites like that. After some time, we got used to it and it felt a little numb. The fishes seem really hungry as they kept coming on feeding off our legs. There must be a lot of dead skin cells. After 30 mins, time is up and we felt our legs were really smoother.

Well I tried quite a number of things in one morning. Pretty interesting morning, all thanks to LLT's sister for the experience.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Singapore Bay Run and a Brand New Phone!

Did the Singapore Bay Run today for 10km....... without any training at all! So can say the whole run (more like walk) is a very slow process. Hee.... Luckily it was an army event so also got a lot of "forced" army personnel running (more like walking) as well. In the end, I think I did not stick out like a sore thumb though. Haha... The timing should be terrible as well. All in all, I am just happy that I have finished the run. Wondering how am I going to survive for the Standard Chartered 21km in Dec. OMG! Do not even want to think about it.

So after the run, to reward myself, I decided to get a new phone. Hee... Like real! So walked into M1 shop and decided that I shall give Samsung Omnia a try! Well this is the closest that I could get to a "iPhone" look-a-like since I am not a Singtel subscriber. Actually was caught in between Nokia N71 or the Samsung Omnia cos both looks good. Got the phone at quite a good price and hope that I will like using the phone. Looking forward to start using the phone. Hee....

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Finally I saw Fireworks! Fantastic!

Recently, think I had been working a bit too much and feeling a bit stressed over it. So I mentioned about watching fireworks might do some wonders.

All thanks to LLT, she managed to get a pair of tickets to watch the fireworks from the Hippo Cruise Boat. Yes from the river, much closer to the fireworks! Hee... Once I know that we got he tickets, I am so excited about it! Imagine how close we will be watching the fireworks! Hee...

The meet up time at the Clarke Quay ticket office is at 7.30pm. We reached there on time but already to find a crowd in a queue all ready to board the cruise as well. All the kids were excited, but so were us. Hee... Soon it was time to board the boat. There was a little drizzle going on but still decided to sit in the open to make sure that we got to see the fireworks, at the same time hoping that it will not be cancelled.

We were soon on our way along Singapore River. There is a tour guide with us, explaining all the tourist spots along the way. Felt so touristy. Hee... Taking photos along the way. After a short while, we reached the Marina Bay and were anchored just in front of the Esplanade. While we were watching for the fireworks to start, the guide decided to ask us some general tourist questions and to win some prizes. I was lucky enough to make 2 guesses and win two duck quakes whistles. Hee...

After a 30 mins wait, the fireworks finally started! With the music from the Marina Grandstand and the fireworks in front of me, I was totally blown away by it! I was looking at the fireworks in front of me, the right side of me, everywhere was shooting fireworks. While watching it, I was also busy taking pictures and videos of them as well. Below is one of my better picures taken,

After a good 30 mins of fireworks display, and a grand finale of fireworks, the boat slowly headed towards back Clarke Quay. Everyone onboard was still talking about the fireworks and excited about it as well. Once back on shore, we decided to go and grab some dinner as we were totally famished as we decided not go have dinner before the cruise.

Again like to thanks LLT for this special experience, let try to do this every year ok? If we can get the numbers, we might even be able to book our own boat and have a party on onboard!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Disappointed with M1!

The M1 line that I am using now, is the only mobile number that I had been using. So come to think of it I had been suing it since I am 16 years old. Wow that was long. Hee...

So since my contract is coming to an end, I had been thinking if I would like to switch to the Singtel or Starhub or stay with M1. So I called M1 up to tell them my intention to buy a phone from them and at the same time to re contract my line. So in the end guess what they offer me?... Sigh...

After a week of waiting, they offered me $50 off my next bill and 6 months caller id free ($30). After talking over the phone with the operator, she finally decided to throw in another 3 months free autoroaming ($30). Total up to only a miserable of $110 for being their loyal customer for the past 10 over years.

Their latest tag line is "You deserve better!", but I dun really feel it from them.

To say I am just totally disappointed with M1!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fireworks! I want to see!

For the past few days had been again working like no day and night, feeling a bit tired now. Thinking should I get a rest before I truly burnt out. Hmm....

There is going to be 2 nights of fireworks display at Marina Bay this weekend. But ... Sigh.... Dun think I am going to catch it as I am not going to squeeze with all the people and all the tickets for the fireworks display are sold out as well. I just wish that watching it will be able to lift my mood up a little bit.

Going to run my 10 km this coming Sunday and OMG! I had not been running at all. Think I am going to had a hard time running the 10km. Hopefully I will be able to complete it within 1 hours and 30 mins. Hee...

So many horror movies and suspense movies that I want to watch now! Hope they will be still showing when I want to watch them.

Just rambling at random cos I dun really have a topic to talk now. Hee...

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12 Lotus

Another local movie by the much talented Royston Tan.

"12 LOTUS tells a story of a talented singer Lian Hua, yearns for acceptance from those she loves, that they see her for who she is, beneath the bling of stage costumes, snappy footwork and the sizeable income she rakes in.

The tragedy that unfolds is an age-worn tale of love and betrayal. Her fall from grace is as spectacular and breathtaking as her heights of fame and fortune. Despite a heartbreak that is too much to bear, Lian Hua's indomitable spirit prevails. Her voice soars one final time, and like a flower that blooms, it dazzles us, humbles us."

After the very successful "881", I went to watch this movie with high expectation, decided to watch this movie at sneak preview. Got to say here, I do not think that this movie is not part 2 of 881, in fact it should be treated as a separated movie. This movie is like a 2 hours long MTV for me. Lots and lots of hokkien song and ge tai performances, with the main song 12 Lotus linking up everything. I loved the song 12 Lotus, it does lay out the plot of the movie very nice.

The acting by the leads are very good especially Liu Ling Ling and Mindee Ong. The dancing and the remixe of the songs does add a lot of flavour into the movie.

However compared to 12 Lotus to 881, I will still prefer 881. 12 Lotus does not touched me as how 881 touched me. The focus was lost at times but when they start to sing the next chapter of the 12 Lotus, everything fall back to pieces again. The whole movie does have a very retro feel as well. Overall, I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

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Feeling Moody

I was feeling moody since yesterday and now someone giving me cold shoulder again.
I will feel much better if you did ask me why, but you did not. :(

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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National Day! Money No Enough 2

Today is National Day! Happy Birthday Singapore! Time to wear red again! Hee..

So what to do on National Day? Watch a local move by Jack Neo la, what else?

This movie came 10 years after the first movie was a sleeper hit. Not to say I went in with high expectation but thinking that it should be better than the first one.

The movie picks up from the last one where the 2 out of the 3 brothers are rich and got more of local updated political correct jokes as well. The actors are better this time round as well, got to say that Hui ge actually was the most enjoyable one in the movie. As usual for a Jack Neo movie, the first half of the movie is a full of jokes and to poke in the face movie and the second half tires to put your heart strings. Have to say that this time round, I am not touched by his movie, dunno why but just think that it is too far fetch for me to relate to it already.

The CGI is not that bad but how come when they say ERP and what was printed on the gates was EPR? Hmm... Overall I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Well all in all, hope this movie still does well and break some local box office records.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

FIR Concert

After 4 albums, finally they decided to start they concert tour and the first stop outside Taiwan is Singapore. I had been waiting for them to come here for concert as I had seen their concert on TV and it does look like a very good concert. So when the concert news came about, decided to watch this concert. Out of all days, they chose 080808 for concert. I even flew back one day early for it. Hee... Have to say that I got high expectation for this concert.

Their concert layout was different from the user one. With the stage on its side, seem like it is nearer to the crowd and less people as well. It was a good choice though. Seem like it was a full house as well.

After watching the concert, I somehow felt disappointed even though I enjoyed the concert. The program of the concert was not really smooth with a few abrupt breaks and caused me to feel bored at times. The singing of the lead singer Faye sounds weird, it seems like she is sick or over exhaustion. She could not really hit the high notes and sounds out of breathe at times as well. For the other 2 guys, it seems that they are standing at the side becoming like part of the band rather than FIR itself. Somewhere due to the above reason, I dun really enjoyed the concert.

Hope that they will perform better next time they come here for a concert.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008


Recently there was a problem at work. Since it was not actually my department issue, I initially stand aside, trying not to get involved.

With a twist of luck, I was sucked into the action. With a lot of people suddenly wanted to have a piece of it and wants to be updated at all times. However it seems that instead of being understanding and help to solve the problem, they actually added in more stress. The rest of the people just use their mouth to talk and no action done while my team was working our ass off trying to solve the problem.

The problem was solved yesterday. When the news spread, everyone was trying to gain credit for it, and people who did not work in the issue even emailed to talk about what we can do to prevent this problem. Since when they know what to do? Where were they when we needed assistance to solve the problem?

At times, I really pity my team who have been working their ass off yet people ate unappreciative of them.

Now rushing on report that other people, who are not involved, are chasing for it. Sigh....

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Friday, August 01, 2008

I was away for 2 weeks

I was away for work for the past 2 weeks and this was the first time that I have to spend a weekend over there.

For the past 2 weeks was pretty boring, well almost all work and little play. Since it was raining season here, it had been raining almost every day or night. The weekend here was gloomy as well. Luckily I changed my hotel to a service apartment, and it was just above a very big shopping mall. So looking for things to eat is an easy thing to do. This hotel is so much better than the last one, the location of the service apartment wins hands down. They also upgraded me to a 2 room service apartment, which was too big for one person to stay in. Hee...

My colleagues did bring me to Mall Of Asia, which is the largest shopping mall here and one of the largest in the world as well. Imagine it is like Vivocity but 3 times bigger. We walked and we got lost in there, walking in circles. Hee... Like the rest of the shopping malls, it got the usual shops as well. Watched The Dark Knight in IMAX here with large screen and have to say it was great looking everything so big in the face. Hee...

I am so excited now as I am going to board the plane and going back home in 4 hours time. Woo! I'm going home! Going to do so many things when I get back. I miss home so much.

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