Friday, August 08, 2008

FIR Concert

After 4 albums, finally they decided to start they concert tour and the first stop outside Taiwan is Singapore. I had been waiting for them to come here for concert as I had seen their concert on TV and it does look like a very good concert. So when the concert news came about, decided to watch this concert. Out of all days, they chose 080808 for concert. I even flew back one day early for it. Hee... Have to say that I got high expectation for this concert.

Their concert layout was different from the user one. With the stage on its side, seem like it is nearer to the crowd and less people as well. It was a good choice though. Seem like it was a full house as well.

After watching the concert, I somehow felt disappointed even though I enjoyed the concert. The program of the concert was not really smooth with a few abrupt breaks and caused me to feel bored at times. The singing of the lead singer Faye sounds weird, it seems like she is sick or over exhaustion. She could not really hit the high notes and sounds out of breathe at times as well. For the other 2 guys, it seems that they are standing at the side becoming like part of the band rather than FIR itself. Somewhere due to the above reason, I dun really enjoyed the concert.

Hope that they will perform better next time they come here for a concert.

A "picky" Polarbear

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