Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Officially started training for the run!

Today is the day I started training for the run. The first run is a slow 3km run. Hee... Happy that I did not stop during the run. Haha...

However this is only the starting, I think my "trainer" have more siong plans in her little brain of hers. Haha...

So who ask me itchy fingers to sign up for the run?

A "not born to run" Polarbear

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

This is one of the movies that I have to watch it this summer (Well since I am a big Harry Potter fan) and to prepare myself for this movie, I re-read the book before watching the movie. This is based on the 6the book of the Harry Potter series.

After watching the movie, I have to say that the movie managed to stay pretty faithful to the book but still I think the director should not omit some of the linking storylines, making the movie's flow not very smooth. Overall, I am still happy with the movie and going to give it 4 stars out of 5. They are going to break the last book into 2 parts, hope that this is going to be good.

A "Harry Potter's Fan" Polarbear

A Frozen Flower

This is a movie that came with not really good reviews and yet I still go and wstch it. Another gay korean movie, well not really, there was a lady involved in the love triangle. It was a bit boring for me. Going to give it 2 stars out of 5.

A "hmm...." Polarbear

Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 years already!

Today went for a gathering with my Navy buddies @ BrewWorks whom we had stayed together and "suffered" for 11 mths! It happen that this year is our 10th year anniversary!

Other than catching up with each other and updating each other what we had been up to, it seems that a lot of us also became daddies and started talking about children! Haha.... Seems like a lot of us are also not in the service any more, and there is a few coming out soon as well.

It was fun and glad to see that most of the people actually made it a point to turn up at east even for a while! It really makes me think of the good old days where I used to "suffer" there! Even now they are still laughing that I am the slow runner when doing our 5BX in the morning!

From the organisers, this is a warm up, seems like there will be another even at the end of the year! Sounds good to me! Hee...

A "getting old" Polarbear

Friday, July 24, 2009

High Voltage

I decided to watch this movie based on good reviews. Apparently this is a sequel and I had not watch the first movie. It was a bit unbelievable for me when the heart was taken out and to be replaced by a battery and yet the male lead can do all the actions and sex in order to leave. Haha... sex = friction to cause electricity. Haha... A lot of action in this movie. For me, it was pretty good movie and I am going to give it 4 stars out of 5 for the crude humor and action! Haha....

A "have to see it to believe" Polarbear

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time to start running again

Itchy fingers plus the thought of improving my last year timing, I clicked on the "Registration" button for this year Standard Chartered Run again! What have I done? Haha.... Well I dunno but one thing for sure, I better start training to run again! If not, I am going to "beat" last year timing the opposite way! Haha....

A "itching to run" Polarbear

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Own Time Own Target

Did not managed to watch this play when it was first out last year, so when they decided to restage it this year, got tickets to watch this. It should be interesting as it talks about army life. Hee....

The play was made of of 2 stories, both army related. For the first story, I found it a bit draggy but the plot was interesting. For the second one, it was really funny but a little too far fetched. Overall, it was an "ok" play which had a few good laughs and brought back a lot of memories as well. I think there is a bit too much use of swear words, so much so that I overheard a lady asking her husband why are there so many swear words used? Haha....

This play is good for those below 18 and about to go into army to go and watch it. It might put them in a relax mode before they got enlisted. Hee....

Seem like there is a few more plays coming up. Anyone want to go and watch it with me? Hee....

A "OTOT" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

1 week already!

1 week into the new job. Started to warm up to the colleagues, all of them seems good to and easy to work with. Hope this will continue on.

Work wise, I am still going through most of the things that I am supposed to do. Still in honeymoon period lo. Hee... Still got a lot of things to know and learn from. Hope that I am about to handle all the stuff I am going to take care off.

The only thing that I want to "complain" is the location of the office is far. Takes about 2 hours to and fro from home. Dun think I can make to gym so often after work now. :(

A "trying to work hard" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My first day at work

Today is my first day at new work. It went pretty work. Nothing much there for me to do on my first day (Read: BORING!) as I do not have laptop yet. It seems like something went wrong with the laptop order and it will only arrive next week. Hee... Same for my new company phone as well.

All the new colleagues seems nice and friendly. I think I will need to get used to the new office culture. Seem like there are a few collegues that also just joined the company less than 3 months ago, so can say half of the company is pretty new. Hee...

The trip to home and back home was pretty uneventful, however I think I need to find a new way as changing from a bus to a train to bus is taking too much time and money. Maybe it is time to make use of the car allowance? Hee....

Leaving the office at 6pm also means that I am unable to attend my usual 6.30pm gym classes. Have to think of alternative ways to make use of my gym membership. Hee...

Ok, I will need to go to sleep now as I need to wake up early every day now, have to get used to it leh after slacking so long. Yawn!

A "newbie" Polarbear

New Month, New Beginning

Today marks another new month also another new beginning for me as I will be starting on my new job in another few hours time. I am now keying this as I could not go to sleep, due to excitement maybe.

I have been slacking for the past 2 months plus and sort of getting used to the slacking life. Haha.... I am now a bit afraid to start work as I do not know what to expect and I also feel a bit rusty at things as well.

I am also excited to know new people and to work in a new environment as well. Hope things will work out for me this time and there will be no issues too big for me handle as well. I think I also need to really understand the job scope and see what I really need to do for the next 3 months.

So I assume with the new job, it is going to bring new changes into my life. Let's hope that the changes is not going to be too big. One thing for sure, I will not be attending my usual 6.30pm gym classes. :(

I think I better end now as I really need to go and sleep and wake up early later as I really dun want to be late on my first day right? Hee...

So wish me luck!

A "starting new job" Polarbear