Saturday, July 25, 2009

10 years already!

Today went for a gathering with my Navy buddies @ BrewWorks whom we had stayed together and "suffered" for 11 mths! It happen that this year is our 10th year anniversary!

Other than catching up with each other and updating each other what we had been up to, it seems that a lot of us also became daddies and started talking about children! Haha.... Seems like a lot of us are also not in the service any more, and there is a few coming out soon as well.

It was fun and glad to see that most of the people actually made it a point to turn up at east even for a while! It really makes me think of the good old days where I used to "suffer" there! Even now they are still laughing that I am the slow runner when doing our 5BX in the morning!

From the organisers, this is a warm up, seems like there will be another even at the end of the year! Sounds good to me! Hee...

A "getting old" Polarbear

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