Sunday, December 30, 2007

Review of 2007!

Review of 2007!

This year had been one of the more exciting year for me! Haa... Time really seem to fly past before my eyes.

Watched 6 movies.
Watch a very funny play "Chestnut" series.
Watched Rain's concert (FOC)
Started my gym with pump and combat classes like 3 to 4 times a week. Good start.
First time trying Body Balance.
Start of school. (Sem 1)
Went Mambo

Watched 8 movies.
Started a new journey with YOU!
Did Vertical Marathon
Get to work with a new colleague! Uncle!
Got call up for reservist in Sep 07! WTH?

Watched 7 movies
Watched Tituodao
Watched Disney on Ice: Finding Nemo
Went MOS! Disappointing!

Watched 5 movies.
Watched Phantom of the Opera. Finally!
Watched Jolin's Concert.
Moved back to HQ.
First 2 hr Combat. Siong!

Watched 3 movies.
First time trying Step
Learnt that never go Mambo on a eve of a holiday
Birth of Athens, my nephew!
Oscar one year old birthday!

Watched 8 movies.
Went Diving @ Dayang
Watched Mayday and Christina Aguiliera's Concert
Tasted Krispy Kreme donuts
Got back my "ok" exam results

Watched 5 movies.
Watch Dim Sum Dollies.
Watched Happy Ending: Vol 3.
Watched Jacky Cheung 's Concert. Saw and hear the "god" sing.
Read Harry Potter last book!
School started. (Sem 2)

Watched 5 movies.
Brought Oscar for National Dog Walk
Signed up for SCM 10km.
First time trying Body Jam and got hooked!
Started my Hep A and B jab.

Watched 5 movies
SMRT Challenge 3rd time round
A trip to Night Safari
Reservist. Boring!
Started running.
Watched Chen Qi Zhen's concert, which turn out crazy!

Watched 6 movies.
Watched Kumar's show
Watched Black Eyed Peas's Concert (FOC)
Emcee for Pearlina's wedding
Spent 3 hours doing a 48 pcs puzzle. CMI.

Watched 6 movies.
Watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
Watched A-mei's Concert! The BEST one of the year!
Worked in current company for a year! Yeah!

Watched 8 movies.
Ran and Finished my 10km run!
Celebrated birthdays including mine.
First time tried Spin.
First time tried Spa.
First time tried prawn fishing.
Got back my better than expected results on my birthday!

Wow! From above can see that I had been watching a lot of plays, musical, concerts and movies! Haa.... Did a few things that I am very proud of! Hee....

So in summary, it had been an eventful year with lots of ups and down! Hope that 2008 will be much better!

A "looking foward to 2008" Polarbear

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Long time no exercise liao!

Long time no exercise liao!

For the past week had been slacking from the wedding dinner to holiday and parties that I have no time to go and gym. Sigh....

So went for pump and combat. OMG! 2 hours back to back is really siong today. Haa.... Hmm... come to think of it when was the last time I did that? Haa... Well have been eating good things, think I really need to work hard to get rid of the spare tyre. Hee....

Before gym today, manged to drag my lazy ass out for an early movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks.

To say the truth, I dun have a good impression of this movie poster as I find the chipmunks very fake. I was really sick of the songs that they were singing on high pitched when I was waiting for the movie to start.

However after watching the movie, I have to say that I was impressed. The movie was about how they were discovered and become superstars while some domestic issues happen between them and Dave, their "dad". It is pretty entertaining but still this does not mean I approve of buying their soundtrack. Haa... Overall I give this movie 3 stars out of 5 for great CGI of the chipmunks.

After which, while someone was enjoying at Fish Leong's concert, I was enjoying a family dinner @ Paramount Hotel. BUFFET! Eating myself silly, it has been a long time since I do this. Cool! Forgetting about the afternoon session of gym alr. Haa... I now sort of regretted about it. Seems like to work 5 times harder from now onwards. Haa....

A "loved to eat" Polarbear

Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Chirstmas Parties!

Post Christmas Parties!

Yesterday and today had been attending post xmas parties by different groups of people. First my ex navy colleagues and the second one is by Yebber an online group of people that I know.

Well the 1st one is over at the west side of our sunny little island, in a condo function room. It was much fun with good food and great catching up with people as well. Had the usual gift exchange. As usual, I dun have any luck at bingo and did not win the PSP. Sob! Sob!

The 2nd one was at the east of our sunny little island, also in a condo function room. I usually dun meet up online frens. Haa... This is different, after the last gathering the whole bunch of people seem like fun people to hang out with. so this Xmas party also got good food and some games that we got to play. Maybe I was shy, did not talk to other people less the ones I already know. Haa.... The night also ended with bingo, me did not play as I was the one spinning the balls out. Haa...

Well finally all Xmas celebrations are over, I got lots of presents at home now. Hee... Need to unwrap and pack them up. Looking forward to counting down for New Year! Heee....

A "still in Xmas mood" Polarbear

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Movies update!

Movies update!

This post is going to be very very lengthy cos it is all about the movies that I have missed out for the past few days. Hee...

National Secrets: Books of Treasures

This movie is not really consider a sequel, more like a continuation. Again they are on another adventure, this time to clear the name of the Gates, his grandfather. So this time they even as far as to kidnap the president. Haa... All in all, this is a fast action packed movie. I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Have to say Helen Mirren is actually good in action movies as well. Haa.... I can see that they will be more of the same movies coming out.

Good Luck Chuck

Hmm... The reason I wanna to watch this movie cos I termed it as a brainless movie. This movie is about a guy was jinxed when he was young that he will nvr find his true love as the girl will marries the next guy that comes along. This really come true when he grows older and he was always the "loser" being invited to the wedding. So the word got out and tons and tons of desperate women like to have sex with him hoping to get married with the next guy that comes along. He started his "charity" work until he saw a girl he like.

This movie is a bit boring and jokes are no longer new. I give this movie 1 star out of 5. Next!

The Warlords

This is one of the biggest Chinese movie of the year and who would missed it? With the 3 biggest stars, this movie is bound to be a hit. Well almost. Hee.... The movie is about 3 guys who step into brotherhood but as each of them believed in different things that caused them to break up in the end. it was a war movie so a lot of big scenes. Overall I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. I do find adding in the love triangle sub plot is totally too extra.

A "think I am watching too many movies" Polarbear

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Christmas Party with a twist!

A Christmas Party with a twist!

Merry Christmas to all! May joy and peace be with you! Ho! Ho! Ho!

This year, Pearlina held a housewarming cum potluck party at her home. So we all are invited. So long ago we decided to prepare agar agar and potato salad, well cos they are simple to made. I was forced to make the potato salad. Hee...

So we all went with different kind of food and took tons of photos. The food was food, a lot of variety of food and all are simply good even though there are some ready cook food. But there was a twist! Since we decided to watch the Warlords, I was bz trying to book the tickets, then suddenly I walked out of the room, they are playing PS3 and I was asked to take over and LOST! Sigh... then there is a forfeit where I need to be blindfolded. They had prepared some combination of food for me, then tickled me, the surprise was out when I removed my blindfold.

There was a BIRTHDAY CAKE sitting right in front of me, on the cake written "Happy Birthday Ah-Bui". Oh boy was I surprised and touched! This is the 1st time ever I got a surprise birthday cake in my life! Hee... This was planned by LLT and Pearlina. Haa... It was a good one! I really was not prepared for it! Really Thks! I loved SURPRISES!

After whic, gift exchange, and we went for movie.

Overall, it was a good xmas celebration! I got a lot of presents. So sorry that I did not prepared anything for you all as well. Next yr ok! Thks guys for the cake as well!

A "Ho! Ho! Ho!" Polarbear

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Shopping!

Christmas Shopping!

I had done with my xmas shopping sometime ago but KH asked me to join him in a day of last min shopping.

Before that, met up with Noorul, HC for lunch and was surprised with a Birthday Present and they gave me a naughty present. It is a lamp with a post of a naked boy and the switch is the penis. Haa... So interesting huh? I think I will place this by my bedside ok! I will press it at least 2 times everyday. Haa.... Oh yes, I did give up going to gym for Noorul ok! So if I grow fat it is all her fault. Haa...

After that, we went to take neo print. It had been some time since I took neo print and boy the systems are getting more complicated. Got fan to blow wind into your face, got a movable platform, background that changes. Totally had a fun and crazy time in there. We ended up taking neo prints using 2 different machines! Haa...

Shopping started @ 4pm. Walk here and there, looking at his list, I thought we will sure shopped until midnight! In the end, we used only 4 hours to complete his shopping and got most of his presents from Sasa, Marks and Spencer's, Crabtree and Evelyn and Royce. He actually spent $160 on biscuits alone. I cannot believe that. It was fun shopping with him. Haa... Walking ard aimlessly and then talking cock at the same time. Since we ended early, we decided to have a nice dinner at Sanur. Great food. Hee...

Oh boy, I am so tired over these few days of eating and shopping and surprises. I need to go gym and I need to sleep. Hee...

A "need some sleep" Polarbear

Friday, December 21, 2007

I am one year older yet again!

I am one year older yet again!

Yes! 28 years ago today, I was born! Hee...

So LLT planned the whole plan today and I am jz supposed to follow her!

Hee... After yesterday short discussion, I managed to guessed what she intend to do this morning! Prawn fishing! Hee... So we went to the one near Bishan Park and bought 3 hours of time for fishing, with bait and net, off we went. It was fun! Cos the whole place was near empty and we have 4 ponds to choose from. Within 1st 15 mins, I already got my 1st prawn! Wow! The prawn is big! However my luck did not last long. After 2.5 hors, we only caught 10 prawns, while another uncle caught one after another prawns. Sigh. We not skillful enough but it was fun! Let do it again!

After which, we decided to cook the prawns but somehow dunno how to kill the still jumping prawns, in the end, gave up the idea and decided to keep them in the freezer. After which, went to collect something.

Decided to watch a show (National Treasure: Book of Secrets) since we got some spare time in our hands. I will post the review some other time.

Dinner at a Jap BBQ place at Chijmes, Gyu-Kaku. Good but expensive place where we get to cook our food. Fun! Hee... Sorry we did not go to the place that you originally wanna to bring me, I scare that place very expensive leh. Hee....

After which did some window shopping and then rushed home before midnight to cut my birthday cake with my family! Hee...

The day was spent with fun! Thks LLT for planning it!

Really glad that my family and frens still remember my birthday! Me really very touched! Thks for all your presents!

Danny and SK: Adidas watch
HW: My fav pair of slippers from NUM
LLT: A Nike bag and a beautiful Polarbear hand made card
Family: A mango cake

PS: Today is also the release of my exams results. Happy to announce that I have PASSED! Haa.... Last hurdle to cross! FYP here I come!

A "getting older, wiser but hopefully thinner" Polarbear

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dinner and more Dinners!

Dinner and more Dinners!

Had a few dinners for the past few days. So happy that my frens still remember my birthday is coming and still ask me out to catch up.

Tuesday was my ex colleagues and boss who brought me to a new seafood place at Geylang near Kallang MRT for crabs! Wow we ordered a lot of dishes and crabs of cos and eat until we are full! Hee... A very nice dinner instead and to catch up with them as well. Haa... Thks Gab for the dinner treat!

Wednesday, met up with Danny and SK, my closest frens. Really happy that it was them that asked me out instead of me asking them out. We used to meet up like every week but now we only met up like once every 3 weeks. Meeting them is always something that I look forward cos I can talk to them about everything under the sun. Most of the time, they are also the ones that I will talk to them when i have problems and need some advice. We went to a new place that have steamboat. Not bad but then the ventilation is very bad especially we are seated in a corner. They gave me a present and I gave them christmas presents. Hope you all liked the presents ok! Hee...

Thursday, hmm... met up HW, surprised to receive an sms from him, will still a bit piss off with him over something, but then I dun think he knows what is happening anyway. Sigh... Think I really owe him something in my last life. Well HAPPY to finally meet him for dinner anyway. After some "who ha", decided to eat at Waraku. We were lucky as we after we were seated, the queue was formed and it jz grew longer and longer. Phew! After a good hearty dinner, and a good talk, we went for a little shopping. I feel that it seems that we grew apart as we got older. Hmm... I wonder why? Well sometimes I really cannot stand his attitude as well. I wonder did he treat his other frens like that or jz simply that me for granted!

After so many dinners and had not been hitting the gym, think I am going to be fat again! Haa...

Thks you all for asking me out for dinner! The though and the company is all that matters!

A "very full and blissful" Polarbear

Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for a lot of things.....

Time for a lot of things.....

Well it is the time of the year to be very busy again, hee...

1. There will be a few dinners going on for the next few days

2. There will be a few Christmas celebrations that I was "invited".

3. A wedding to attend on the Christmas eve (on all dates! Hmm....)

4. I jz done with my Christmas shopping, people get ready to collect your presents! Only got close frens got present hor!

5. Work started to get really bz. This is really good or bad? Projects starts to reach their deadline or new projects starting to kick off alr.

Hmm... the only thing is I still got no plan for countdown yet. anyone got any plans?

Today is also the start of the cab price hikes. Sigh.... It is going to cost more to take a cab. Have to cut down on it alr.

Somehow, I still not in the celebration mood for anything yet. Hmm.... Hope this feeling will be going away soon!

A "looking forward to Christmas" Polabear

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The sun is coming out!

The sun is coming out!

Seem like the weather had been quite good these few days with the sun coming out full force! I think I need to go swimming or sun tanning soon! I need the sun! Haa...

For the past 2 days had been doing pump and combat until my muscles are aching right now. Time to spend some time to do some weights alr. Hee...

Met up with some frens for lunch and me gena bully again. Me treating them again, yes the one earning the least in the group. Sigh... Winnie earning the most yet always asking people to treat her. Sigh....

Next week going to be a short week for a lot of people including me. Haa... So looking forward to the small break to enjoy myself!

A "need the sun" Polarbear

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

This is one movie that jz brings me back to childhood. It is about Mr Magorium think that it is time to leave the world, well he is after all 243 yrs old. So he decided to leave the magical store to his manager, Molly. However the store being magical, it is able to show its mood that Mr Magorium is leaving. This leaves Molly to bring the store back to life. The message of the movie is to have confidence in yourself!

Overall, this is a heartwarming movie, I gives this movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

I still remember that when I was a child, I too had my imagination when it comes to playing. Well cos my parents dun really buy a lot of toys for me as well. However I do have a lot of Lego to play with. Till now, I STILL LOVE LEGO! Hee... I used to build my prefect car, house and a lot of wonderful things that I wished I have at that time. Haa...

At night when I sleep, I would like to think that my mattress is a spaceship that is able to bring me anywhere in the world when I am sleeping. Hee..... It comes with a glass dome so that I will be able to see outside when I am "flying". Hee... So every night before I sleep, I would like to "program" my bed so that it will bring me to my favourite destination. Hee... Although I dun do that now, I sure missed those times. Hee....

Well have too say I am always a kid in a grown up body. Haa....

PS: This is my 300th Post. Woohoo!

A "forever young" Polarbear

Friday, December 14, 2007

Counting down!

Counting down!

7 more days to ...

7 more days to my exam results

11 more days to Christmas

17 more days to 2008!

OMG! Time really moves fast!

A "how to stop time" Polarbear

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tried but Failed.

Tried but Failed.

Took my IPPT today. From above you can know what is my result alr. Haa... However I m happy to say that I only failed my running but passed the rest of the stations as usual. Surprisingly, I can pass my chin up and SBJ. Haa... So I think will be going for RT soon. Haa...

This is the 1st time that I tried the new electronic IPPT system, it was quite good and easy to use as well. Haa... Except the sit up machine hung up on me halfway, luckily I did not have to redo it again. Phew!

Hmm... I still got 1 more week before the deadline. Should I try again? Hmm...

IPPT is really a pain in the a**.

A "I hate IPPT" Polarbear

Monday, December 10, 2007

Gold Class Experience for Golden Compass

Gold Class Experience for Golden Compass

Decided to pamper ourselves for a while by going to watch the Golden Compass in Gold Class. Hee... Thought that go and watch on a Monday morning would be a easy thing to do. Oh boy, I was so wrong! The cinema (of 24 seats) is almost fully booked for an afternoon show! Crazy! Seem like a lot of people not working as well. Well at least got to watch the movie in a sleeping position, so comfortable that someone actually slept! OMG! Pay so much to sleep! Hee....

So back to the movie. This show is based on the book "Golden Com[ass" Part 1 of 3. So expect the remaining sequels to come. Well The movie is about a little girl given a a Golden Compass that can tell the truth. They live in a world that the person's soul takes form of a daemon (animal). So the little girls assisted by the different people including a Polarbear went through a special journey to save the children that had been kidnapped.

The CGI was done almost every scene of the movie and it was pretty well done. The acting by Nicole Kidman was at her best! Overall I give this movie 4 stars out of 5. Heard that the book is much better than the movie. I think I shall go and take a look at the book.

Hmm... toking about daemon, if can choose I think my daemon will be a polarbear. All ready for war Polarbear! Haa...

A "still relaxed" Polarbear

Sunday, December 09, 2007

My First Spa Experience

My First Spa Experience

Went for my first spa experience @ The Rainforest Spa @ Yishun Safra.

When first step in, was surprised that the whole place was quiet and empty, however does gave a very calming and peaceful effect.

Since it is our 1st time there, the guy at reception was patient to explain our package to us. Our package includes of

1. Outdoor Jacuzzi & Steam Bath
2. Body Scrub
3. Massage

So we changed before we started and the locker was well equipped with a robe, shorts, slippers and towels.

Before we started, we were served some tea, before we start our Jacuzzi. Since it was outdoor and it was raining, the hot Jacuzzi was a good welcome. Spent about 40 mins in it. We were given fresh towels to dry ourselves.

After which, we were ushered to our respective steam rooms.

While waiting for the scrubs, we were ushered into a holding area, where we can sit down and relax, with hot tea provided.

For our body scrubs, we chose sugar scrub with lavender scent. We were ushered into a room with smoothing music playing at the same time. While lying on the bed, they “forcefully” scrub the lavender scent sugar crystals on us. It is not painful but a little ticklish. All that know me should know how scare I was for tickles. Haa... After which we were asked to shower off. Our bodies were smelling great after it.

After another cup of hot tea, we started our massage. I got the Traditional Indonesian Massage while my partner got Indulgent Aroma Massage. For mine, it was done in a good and forceful way. It did relax all my tensed muscles. The whole massage was smooth and relaxing. The masseur also used enough force as well. After another quick shower, we lazed around with another hot cup of tea, relaxing.

The whole experience was very good and it was done in a professional way as well. It seems that we have the whole place to us as there is no other people at the same time. This was great as we dun feel like rush to complete our package.

A "very relaxed" Polarbear

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Xmas movie: Fred Claus

Xmas movie: Fred Claus

It is time of the year where there will be Xmas theme movie coming out. Thks to FIRST magazine, I got free tickets to watch this show.

This movie is about Santa Claus's brother, Fred, from his point of view. So it seems that he is jealous of Santa. So started to be the "bad" one in the family. However, when Santa was born, Fred promised to be the best brother he ever had. So it turn out, one day Fred need his bro help, however Santa will only help him if Fred visit him in the North Pole. So off Fred went to the North Pole while Santa had to deal with an efficiency officer, threatening to "sack" Santa. Haa... Yes stupid storyline. So in the end did Fred save Christmas? Hmm....

Overall, it was an ok movie to watch during the holidays. I will give it 2.5 stars out of 5.

Holidays coming. Time to relax...

Hope that I dun eat too much also. Still need to exercise as well. Haa... Need to drag my big fat ass to gym. Need to run more as well.

A "ho ho ho" Polarbear

Friday, December 07, 2007

Jz a simple catch up dinner

Jz a simple catch up dinner

One of my fren will be going to Swiss for a year of school soon, so we had a catch up dinner before he flies off. Hee... The response was quite good with a few people turning up. Dinner was a simple affair @ Thai Express and followed by chit chat session @ Starbucks.

We talked about everything under the sun and it was jz fun doing that. It feels good to have them as frens.

One thing, they all ganged up and forced me to join FB. So finally after resisting for long time, I am in. So what is fun inside? Erhh... I still dunno! Only know how to poke ppl only. Haa....

So LC all the best for your studies! To SP, Ben, HC, thks for the dinner, making time for the dinner and we should do it more often. To those who missed out, join us next time ok!

A "blissful" Polarbear

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Start of rainy season

Start of rainy season

Jz last weekend, during the run, the sun was out full force.

On Monday, there had been showers here and there.

Since yesterday, it had been raining non stop, from showers to thunderstorms. So officially, it is the start of rainy season! Hee.. More cooling weather!

This is also one of the reasons y I loved December!

A "rainy" Polarbear

Wednesday, December 05, 2007



I was "dragged" to this Spin I class today. Well, we always wanted to give it a try but did not find the right class or time to do it.

Before I start, I was thinking how siong can it be, by cycling on a bicycle. Erhh... FYI, Polarbear dunno how to ride a bike. Haa....

5 mins into the class, OMG! I was so wrong! My legs are simple aching alr. Haa.... Super siong man! Then we have to go uphill and downhill, butt off the seat and butt on the seat. Driving me crazy man! Haa.... I think it is more siong than running lo. haa...

However I find the class fun, maybe can give it more tries to get used to it.

So spin class here i come!

Have to thks grace for introducing the class to us. Haa...

A "spinning around" Polarbear

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

30 Days of Night

30 Days of Night

After the run on Sunday, someone decided to relax for a day. (Not me ok! Hee...) After a long time of tossing ideas, finally decided to watch a movie, 30 Days of Night.

It was a horror and violent show. Hee... Well nothing much to watch anyway. The movie was about this small little town at a certain time of the year will be 30 days of night, this means no sun for 30 days. At the same time, vampires decided to come and kill the whole town. Usually the hero and the heroine will not die but there is a twist to this one. Hee... Lot so of blood and gore. Overall give this move 2.5 out of 5. In the same line as 28 days later and 28 weeks later.

Will have to say that it is a small little break after all the training and running. Haa... Will be back on training soon! Sigh....

A "thirsty for blood" Polarbear

Monday, December 03, 2007

My fav mth of the year!

My fav mth of the year!

Finally we have reached the end of the year, with my fav mth of the year is here! Hee... A lot of reasons y I like Dec so much. So go and find out yourself y ok? Hee...

A "time of the year" Polarbear

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I did it!

I did it!

Having training a few weeks before the run, I still not confident of myself completing the run.

The target that I set myself for this run:
Distance: 10km
Target time to complete: 1.5hrs without stopping or walking.

I did not managed to get a good night rest, I think in fact I did not sleep at all, due to the excitement and being nervous as I have not ran such a "long" distance since the 21km 7 years ago. Haa.... Yes I know it is only 10km, but then I dun like running remember?

So woke up at 5.15am, got ready, decided not to have any breakfast less water. Met up with SP along the way on the train. The train is almost full in the morning, most of the people going for the run. Haa...Met up with Danny and his frens at the station then move on to deposit baggage.

Before I know it, started some warming up, moved to the start off point, heard them countdown and it started. Not really until we walked to the starting point and we started running. It was a huge turnout, reminded me of the New Paper Big Walk.

Since this is my own race, decided to do it in my pace. Thks to SP for running with me. Hee... Lost Danny after 2km. All was in my mind was run and dun stop. Soon reached the 1st water point, went past the 2nd one, can see the mid point turn. So far so good, still running! Hee... Feet started to get heavy, switched to more power songs, reached 3rd water point. Can see Raffles place MRT, after a quick drink of 100plus, decided it is time to open up! Open up my legs and headed towards the finish line. Saw the timer @ 1:19:30, rushed thru the crowd to make sure I crossed the finishing line before 1:20:00. Hee... Yeah! I completed the run!

Actual results:
Gun time: 1:20:00
Net time: 1:12:29
Average speed: 8.3 kph

Come to think of it, it is better than expected. Haa... Well we started some distance off the start point, that explains the time difference between gun and net time.

So I had met my target for the run. Hee... So happy for myself!

A present for myself!

SCM 10km Medal

So look out 2008, 21km here I come! 2009 42km?

Congrats to Pearlina for completing her first full marathon, and LLT, Cannie, SP and Danny for completing 10km. Remember we got 21km to complete next year ok?

A "motivated" Polarbear

Saturday, December 01, 2007

In a few hours....

In a few hours....

I will be running in 10km run. Feeling excited yet nervous at the same time. It has been a long time since I last ran such a long distance! Haa....

Wish me luck! Going to sleep soon!

A "very nervous" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New release of Body Combat and Pump

New release of Body Combat and Pump

This week marks the new releases of both Combat and Pump.

Went for the launch and found that Combat is more challenging with all the combinations and I am getting used to it. A lot of kicks in this release. Haa... Loved the Rihanna track!

For pump, nothing much expect the combination of 2 count up and down followed by 2 singles. Still pretty much the same. The tracks are also pretty good.

Going to do this for the next 2 weeks. Going to have a lot of fun with it.

A "gym crazed" Polarbear

Monday, November 26, 2007

Running Update: 6 more days!

Running Update: 6 more days!

6 more days to go!

Well I had been running from 2 to 3 times a week, ranging from 2 to 5km. I still dun think I am well prepared for the run but then I will try my best to complete the run within my target time, if not at least finish the whole 10km in 1 piece. Haa...

Wish me luck!

A "need to run more" Polarbear

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friendship: One way or both way?

Friendship: One way or both way?

Recently, felt that all my close friends are gone. Reason being, I did not make the 1st move to ask them out.

I am the one always to organise outings and to meet them. I am the one to make effort to say hi when I log onto msn. So since I am the one always to make the 1st move, they always will think that I should be the one doing that? Hmm.... Even when people say hi to me on msn, it is usually they got something to ask me. Sigh.. Sad to say so but it is true.

So to me it is pretty much of a one way friendship rather than a 2-way friendship.

I dun think I am asking too much but then even a simple "Hi how r you?" sms sometimes does makes me feel good that someone still remember me as their friends.

Maybe I am thinking too much but then am I?

A "still got friends?" Polarbear

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A day full of events!

A day full of events!

After my usual combat-pump-combat combo classes, it is time to face reality and collect my goodies bag for the 10km run. Yes, it is 1 week away! The collection was done in a pretty fast and efficient way. Used to think there is still a lot of time, now it is only a week away. Me going crazy alr. Haa....

After which, met up with a grp of frens for dinner.Got fed up with one of them, ask me to organise the dinner, did not give any ideas of where to go for dinner etc, then to complain this and that. Last min decided not to turn up and did not have the courage to inform the organiser which is me. BTW, she "tasked" me to organise it. I was quite pissed off by it, when I sms her, she then decided to turn up. Sigh... I ratehr she dun turn up at all. All is too late as the damaged is already done. No way I am going to ask her out again.

Dinner was a steamboat place opp Shaw Tower cheap and good. It was funny that you can only collect your chopsticks when you pay up. The dinner was good as I have not eaten buffet for sometime alr. Haa... Quite cheap as well, only $13.80 per person.

Next we moved off to KTV at K box. Got a big room where all of us sing until silly. So much fun! We shall have these kind of session more often without those troublesome people soon!

So tired after one whole day of events. Going to sleep... ...

A "super tired" Polarbear

Friday, November 23, 2007

Team building @ GardenAsia and Enchanted

Team building @ GardenAsia and Enchanted

Today is my company team building day, as this is the 2nd round that they are doing it so we have a smaller group. It is fun to get mixed around and get to know other people in the company. It is held in a very ulu location, Garden Asia. it is a nice big place for wedding and other activities, but then again who will have a wedding there. Well in fact there is a ROM going on in the afternoon, so people do go there for these kind of stuff. maybe I can consider as the location as well. Haa...

The team building activities was fun. Took something to warm up to the people in my group. We can to challenge other teams in 4 different activities. The interesting thing is I finally got to do some fishing. It was quite cool as the fishes got hooked up pretty fast, and I managed to hook up some big fishes.

The food was good and there are tons and tons of good to eat. Haa...

The day ended with a water bomb game where almost everyone was wet and my VP saboed with a big pail of water. Haa... Everyone got a prize and our team managed to get 2nd position overall. Hee...

After which, met up with LLT for a run @ FES. Long distance run and I am happy to say that I did not stop during the run. So happy with myself. Haa...

After the run, since we decided not to do any classes. I decided to watch a movie, decided on Enchanted @ AMK Hub. Thought that we can get tickets when we reached, I was so wrong, the shows are packed and we only managed to get tickets for the next show. Haa...

The show started off with normal Disney animation, about a prince and a girl who longed to met her special one. So they met one day and was going to get married the other. Before that the step-mother of the prince and a witch, decided to banish the princess-to-be into a unhappy world, New York, Manhattan. When the prince knew about it, he went to get back his princess. At New York, the princess met an attorney, who later feel in love and lived happily ever after. Not before the witch decided to take things into her own hands and want to poison the princess.

Being a Disney movie, it is sugar coated with love. Lots of songs and dancing, I loved the one at the park. Also the part where the princess would sing and call all the animals to help out int he cleaning. Haa.... The female lead, Amy Adams is lovely as the princess with big eyes. It is a sweet simply love story that tells you to follow your heart and try to look at things from a different view. Hmm.... Maybe I should go and get the soundtrack. Hee.....

Overall, I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5.

A "sing along" Polarbear

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beowulf! Movie or Cartoon?

Beowulf! Movie or Cartoon?

Caught this show yesterday and we got the tickets like a week ago. Haa... Well reason being, GV Vivocity celebrating their birthday and we decided to join in the fun, not to mention a lot of goodies as well. Haa...

So back to the movie. Prior to the movie, I know that it is an animation, acted by real actors, and it was a poem that was the backbone of the movie.

The movie talks about a demon Grendel was terrorising a town and Beowulf managed to slays it, but incurs the wrath of its seductive mother, which in exchange for a son, she will promise him riches and a status of a king. After many years, it came and haunted him.

The movie was pretty gruesome and good. Hee... The animation is pretty real as well. Overall, I will give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Worth to give it a shot.

Before the movie, managed to squeeze in a combat class before the movie and cannot imagine that the class is in fact packed with people. Hee... It was great energy there. Only it is a little bit too far, have to travel far to go to and fro.

A "amazed" Polarbear

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

One more mth to......

One more mth to......

Where is the STOP botton to stop time?

A "how to make time stop" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Hmm... Time really flies fast and I still got 11 more days to the 10km run.

Siao liao la! What have I got myself into?

Anyway, had been doing some running with LLT and pleased to say that I managed to run up to 4km (without stopping). Hope that I can run 5km by end of this week. Hee...

Up to now, my average time is 7.30 min per km. Yes I know I am very slow but then I am never a runner lo. Haa... I think I will try to improve until 7 min per km.

My aim is to complete the 10km within 1.5 hrs, I hope. Haa.... So anyone want to come and support me?

To motivate myself, I got new toys to help me in running. Have to say that running with it does help me in getting my mind of the pain from running! Hee.... Good investment!

My running kit.

Running Kit

A "got to run more and faster" Polarbear

Monday, November 19, 2007

What does my star say?

What does my star say?

Lets101 - Free Online Dating

Most of them true expect the soft spoken part. Do have to agree that I am rare to find though. Haa.... So what you think?

A "sagittarius" Polarbear

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Jz finished watching this musical and it was simply wonderful!

Eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, and his two children Jemima and Jeremy alongside Truly Scrumptious and Grandpa Potts, all try and outwit the dastardly Baron and the evil Child Catcher.

The dogs came out quite unexpectedly and all very cute, esp when the first dog that ran across a stage was a MS. I wonder if Oscar could have done that? Haa....

Another magical moment was when the car took flight into the air. It really looks as if the car is really flying on its own. I am really impressed by it!

The songs are wonderful and catchy especially Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which had been ringing in my head ever since. Hee....

Great for both kids and adults!

A "want a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car" Polarbear

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Back to normal life! Lust Caution!

Back to normal life! Lust Caution!

Back to my normal life mean back to eat, sleep and gym. Haa....

Yes yes! I still remember that I still got a 10km run coming up. Haa...

After slacking at home for one whole day, I spent the whole afternoon in gym going for 3 hours of classes. Hee... By the end of it, my legs are so tired. Haa....

After which, decided to watch the hottest movie in town "Lust Caution" by Lee Ang. Haa... I decided to bring an open mind to watch this show. Hee....

The movie is about a girl doing spy work, trying to kill a traitor. Simple story but the director had managed to squeeze all the small little details out.

I did not watch the censored version earlier, hoping that they will release the full version out which they did. The sex scenes are really important to the movie as the director uses it to show the true feelings between the male and the female lead.

Talking abt the lead, the female lead, Tang Wei, I think she is going to be the next Zhang Ziyi. She put on a brilliant show and this is her first movie only. The male lead of course my fav Tony Leung. He is at his best. Think he will sweep all Best Actor awards again. Hope that he can be nominated at the Oscar as well. Well he bared too much to lose anything also. Haa....

The director, Lee Ang, have to say that this is his best work till now, even better than Brokeback Mountain, which won him his Oscar. Think this one will bring him to greater heights! I really wonder y he did the cuts for the censored version. It is really doing injustice to his own show.

Overall, I give this move 5 stars out of 5.

A "hyper" Polarbear

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Exam finally over!

Exam finally over!

Exam finally over and hope that it is the last paper that I have to take in my life! Haa....

The last paper was ok. Copying tons of notes into my textbook prove to be worthwhile! Haa....

Results coming out end of this year. To be exact, the results will be out on my birthday. OMG! So keeping my fingers crossed!

From now till then, I am going to party all the way! Hee....

I am free for dinners or movies, so pls feel free to jio me anytime! Haa...

A "all ready to party" Polarbear

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 paper down, 1 more to go

1 paper down, 1 more to go

Jz finished one paper.

Only one thing to say, I am so dead now. The paper screwed me up.

Now only can hope that the rest of my classmates also find it difficult as well. Haa...

One more paper 2molo. Sigh.... 2 papers in 48 hours.

A "stressful" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stress creeping in....

Stress creeping in....

My exam are 2molo and I am getting more stressful by the min. Sigh....

Hope this will be over soon! Jia You Polarbear!

A "stressful" Polarbear

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Brave Oscar

My Brave Oscar

Recently Oscar went for his yearly vaccination and micro chipping. At one time, he had 4 injections, not even a sound. So brave hor! So proud of him!

It turn out that Oscar's vet is LLT friend. It turned out to be a very small world. Hee... So Dr Grace, got discount a not? Haa....

Well Oscar is not that good dog leh, cos he did this to my Winnie the pooh. Sob! Sob!

Saw the hole in the pot. Oscar did that! Naughty Oscar!

A "Proud of Oscar" Polarbear

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Which one is easier?

Which one is easier?

To make a new friend or to lose an old friend?

I think one of them is going to happen in my life soon.

Trust me it is not going to be new.

The thing is how to let it go?

Am I a bad friend or you jz dunno how to be a friend?

A "disappointed" Polarbear

Friday, November 09, 2007

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Star Day! A-Mei's Concert ROCKZ!

Today (Yesterday) is a starry day for me! Haa.... I loved today! I have waited for today for so long!

Started the day at midnite with Stardust!

This movie is about a boy who went to get a fallen star for a girl! The star turned out to be a girl as well. However, 3 witches also want the star as with the heart of the star, will stay young forever. Everything is magical and they managed to meet up with a "gay friendly" lightning dealer as well.

Overall, this movie rocks! I will give this movie 4.5 stars out of 5. Seem like there is going to be part 2 and 3. So looking forward to it!

At night, FINALLY THE CONCERT of the YEAR is HERE! A-Mei's concert! I was so excited about the concert! Hee....

Before the concert, we wanted to go Jumbo for crab, however the place is full, so in the end we landed up in No signboard for a good seafood dinner. After which, we headed to SIS. All ready for the concert! Yeh!

The seats are ok, I was seated next to the control station and it was interesting to see how they work to make the concert happen. At first, I was disappointed with the seats, well not after when A-Mei appeared and kept facing our side of stage. Haa... It was jz great!

She sang a lot of her old songs and was on pitch for all times for a good 3 hours concert ok! I was very touched during the part that she was singing with her mentor, Zhang Yu Shen.

Her costumes look great this time with her new hairstyle. Everything was done prefect. Well I find that the encore was not that high as I expected it to be, she can do better than that. Haa...

All in all, she is still the Queen of all Singers in my heart! Hope that I can see her in action again!

A "High High High" Polarbear

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bee Movie

Bee Movie

Thks to GV, got to watch the free showing of Bee Movie.

I had been quite excited to watch the movie however I think the expectation of the movie is there but it fails to deliver. Sigh....

The movie is about this bee who is about to start work in a hive but cannot stand to have the thought of working on the same job for the rest of his life. In the end, he went on outside the hive and had his adventure of his life!

The movie used a view from the bee and it seems quite interesting at first but start to get boring. Hee... I think the scene where the bees got to lift the air plane. That one is so unbelievable.

Overall, I will give this movie 3 stars out of 5. It is from Dreamworks so my expectations are high. I have to say that this is sure a "Bee"-grade movie. Hee...

A "Beezzzzzzzz" Polarbear

Monday, November 05, 2007

Siao Liao! No mood to study!

Siao Liao! No mood to study!

Hmm... Started to study alr, but still could not get into the groove to study. Hmm...

How to get the groove then? I wonder? An tips for me? Hee....

Going on leave 2molo until end of my papers next week! Wish me luck!

Dun think I will blog that often unless something big happen.

A "hugging Buddha leg" Polarbear

Friday, November 02, 2007

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice

Dunno y I am so blur yesterday? I got the wrong cinema and in the end we got to rush to the correct cinema and it does not help when the MRT is down at the same time. At what odds! All happen at the same time. Sigh... Got to blame on it on my blurness. Haa... Can actually mixed up The Cathay and Cathay Orchard. Haa....

Missed out a few minutes of the starting of the show. Something that I dun like when I am watching show.

This movie is about a simple love story between a guy and a gal who met during a stint at a petrol station. It is the first love for the guy and the gal was torn in between her ex and her current love. With the help of his "American" grandma, he managed to win the gal's heart but happiness did not last long when her ex turn up.

Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

A "blur blur" Polarbear

Thursday, November 01, 2007

1 year alr!

1 year alr!

Time really flies fast. I had been in my current job for 1 year already. Hee...

This really outlasted the rest of the jobs that I have been through, except my first job.

So am I happy with this current one? Hmm....

I have to say that I am getting the hang of my job and the people here. So far so good. The job can get stressful at times when all deadlines crashed together.

All in all, I am happy with the job. Hee.. After all it pays well (in my context).

Hope will stay here for sometime.

A "happy working" Polarbear

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

32 more days to .....

32 more days to .....

To my 10km run and now I only had been running ard 2 to 3km. I am so dead.

Where got time to run!

Anyone to sponsor me the Nike shoe that I had been eyeing? I promise to run more with that shoe! Hee....

A "got to run more" Polarbear

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A "Relaxing" Day!

A "Relaxing" Day!

Hmm... Come to think of it actually not that relaxing after all. Haa....

2 movies I watched over the past few days

Lars and The Real Girl

This movie is a very "thinking" movie. It is about a lonely, delusional young man buys a life-size sex doll on the Internet and falls in love with her, telling people it's his girlfriend. His brother and sister-in-law step in to help him with his delusion. Things started to get funny when the whole town was involved. The movie did not mention y the guy did that but I think he is out to prove something only.

Have to say that Ryan Gosling is the ACTOR to look out for, he gives a very intense and believable acting. After all his nomination for Oscar Best Actor was not there to make up numbers only.

Overall, I give this movie 4.5 starts out of 5.

The second movie is Pleasure Factory

This movie got no plot or anything. It jz show the life in Geylang. This is the first time I nearly slept in a movie. I rather watch porn than this lo. Haa....
Overall, no stars for this movie. That bad.

Now talk about relaxing day, after gym @ Vivocity, decided to hop on the sentosa express and go to Km8, have a nice old bear and suntan and relax. The sun was really bright and sunny! The whole 3 hours there was great and relaxing. Hmm... Think will do this more often. Haa....

After that, met up with LLT frens and had dinner at Marche. My first time there after the revamp and have to say that I am very impressed with the food there.

A "very busy" Polarbear

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Athen dun like me!

Athen dun like me!

Last saw Athen during his one month celebration. Time really flies past, I saw him 5 months later.

Cute right?

He now know how to recognise people and every time I tried to carry him, he will burst into tears. Sigh.... I think it is not easy being an uncle now.

A "uncle" Polarbear

Friday, October 26, 2007

The Game Plan and I saw "The Rock"!

The Game Plan and I saw "The Rock"!

I won tickets to the Gala Premiere of "The Game Plan" and have to say this is one of the best experience. Hee...

First, I got to see Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. How cool was that? Hee....

Next, there is a lot of freebies waiting before the show starts like Nachos, popcorn and drinks awaiting in our seats.

The movie itself was a heartwarming show. it was about a little girl that suddenly appeared in front of Joe, the Quarterback house. Then Joe had to adjust to his life as a dad. From ever thing also dunno until in the end he fights for the child custody. After all it is a Disney show so the ending was a happy ending. I like Joe's motto: "Never Say No!". The little girl was great as well. Prefect for the role with her innocent big eyes look.

Of cos there is a lot of funny scenes as well. Like the part where the dog is dressed with a tutu. Wonder how Oscar will look in one. Haa....

Overall I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "Never Say No" Polarbear

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally completed all my assignments!

Finally completed all my assignments!

Jz completed and submitted my last assignment for this semester! Haa....

On time some more! Haa.... So proud of myself. Haa....

So now, it is full energy for my coming exams! 3 more weeks to go!

Wish me luck!

Had not been going to gym for this week. Later going to drag my fat ass down. Haa...

A "going to hug Buddha leg again" Polarbear

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Black Eyed Peas Black Blue and You Concert!

The Black Eyed Peas Black Blue and You Concert!

Again I got free tickets to watch Black Eyed Peas concert! Although, they are balcony seats (Yes! Me 1st time there! Up there so high!), but they offer a great view as well. Haa... A bit far and they seem a bit small but then WTH! Free tickets leh.

So the concert was opened by The Click Five, who spent 45 mins warming up the crowd. They did warm up those small little girls! Come on bring the BEP on anytime! Haa....

At ard 9pm, they appeared! The whole crowd went crazy! Almost everyone stood up, yes almost, the people around me did not. Haa... Boring. BEP is really good esp Fergie! She is beautiful, and not to mention SEXY!

They sang all their famous songs, including My Hump, Don't Lie, Where is the love? etc.... Of cos Fergie also sang songs from her own album as well.

Well in short the concert was great other then that it was held on a Monday night.

Maybe next time they come, I will pay for my own tickets!

A "Peace Out" Polarbear

Monday, October 22, 2007



Decided to watch another lame show, but then this movie surprises me! Haa...

The movie is about 2 teenagers thinking of a way to get some alcohol for a party cos they thought that if they did that, they will be able to have sex that night. Haa... Then the journey of how they are going to get the drinks are jz simply funny. Haa...
At the end of the show, it jz states that regardless where people are going, friendship is always most important. Haa.... Jz love the part where they say "I loved you too" to each other.

Such a simple story yet about to turn into one of the biggest hit. These show how much ppl actually like to watch these kind of show.

Overall, I will give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

So is McLovin a good name? Hmm...... I wonder? Sound good though.

A "wanna to be bad" Polarbear

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Congrats! A Cosy Wedding!

Congrats! A Cosy Wedding!

Congrats to Jason and Pearlina, the newly wed couple! I helped out as the wedding emcee, did nothing much. Hee....

It was a small and cosy wedding at Gallery Hotel. Buffet style dinner. Everything went without much hassle and went on smoothly. Bride beautiful and Groom handsome, so happy for them. Hee....

Took tons and tons of pics with the rest of the friends. I think all my photos are spread across everyone camera. Haa... I wanna to see all those pics!

The buffet food was good, even though I did not spend a lot of time eating. Hee....

The sabo part was boring as we dunno what we can play and what we cannot play. Hee...

More phototaking after the wedding and we all gatecrashed into their room and teased them what they are going to do in the night. After which, the groom went on to drink with his brothers while we all decided to stay in the sister room and talk cock. Haa... With Pearlina doing her silly stunts in her pom pom dress. Haa...

In the end, we had to chase both Pearlina and Jason back to their room to do their own things or should i say things that they should do on a wedding night. Haa... Of course not before they had to do some dirty dancing in front of us. Haa....

Then the rest of us chatted about 1.30 am after which I made myw ay home.

So sleepy at the end of the day! Yawn!!! Not to forgot, Ia ctually took half day leave to sleep at home this afternoon some more. Haa....

Oh yah! To Jason and Pearlina: Thks for the red packet and the present! Hee...

A "happy for both of you" Polarbear

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lazy Mood!

Lazy Mood!

Polarbear had been on a lazy mood for the past few days.

He had been sleeping quite early these few days, yet to start on the last 2 assignments! Yes I am starting on it now.

Exams starting soon, in countdown mode!

The best is no one else can help me. Sob! Sob! Need to buck up alr!

Something else:
Yesterday night, got news that the market in front of my old flat got burnt down. To think that, there is quite a lot of good food there and it will be sometime before I can get to taste them again.

A "lazy" Polarbear

Monday, October 15, 2007

Can anyone tell me y?

Can anyone tell me y?

Recently, me and one of my fren found out that one of our mutual fren is in a relationship. That was some 5 months ago and to think that he jz refused to tell us who the special girl is. Hmm.... Consider the frenship between the 3 of us are pretty good and close, he decided not to tell us.

So we went on a mission to find out who, since I found out that one of my fren had seen the pic of his galfren. Hmm... Y show her and not to us? Sigh.... Even much pestering and forcing, we could not get anything out of it. The only thing we got out was his galfren turn out to be some one both of us know. Hmm.... Big clue and it took us 5 months to get that clue out. Sigh... Thru elimination we had sort of know who is the galfren.

At the hen party recently, the guy and the gal came together and pretty much DOES NOT behave like they are a couple. Until when they are not in the big group and start to hold (more like touch to me) each other hands and keep passing a bag to each other (Dun ask me, I also wanna to know y? Maybe the guy find the bag to heavy.).

After which the guy still refuses to admit that the gal is his galfren? Y? If I am the gal, I will chop off his D*** and break off with him. Haa... Lucky I am not a woman.

So now are they out in the public or still underground? To stay underground for 6 months a bit too much right. I mean if you are in a relationship, it is good news and good to share with frens around you. Y must hide? Especially to the whole group of close frens.

To me, I dun consider that guy a close fren (but still a normal fren) any more. Well it is also consider a form of cheating! I dun even bother to ask the gal about the whole thing. If they intend to rent an underground flat from HDB and stay underground forever, be it.

Oh ya, dun even bother to invite me to your wedding if there is one. I will be too busy to attend it anyway.

Can anyone tell me the reason behind the whole underground thing? They not proud of each other to be seen in public or they jz shy?

A "clueless" Polarbear

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Another Birthday Celebration! Happy Birthday SK!

Another Birthday celebration! Happy Birthday SK!

SK's birthday was last friday so we celebrated with him today. Hee...

After thinking decided to buy a pair of Levis' jeans for him and the way to do it simple. bring him to the shop and let him choose and buy. Haa... Ended up I also bought a pair of jeans for myself since we have MAJOR discount!

After which we had a quick dinner at Soup Restaurant before hopping over to party world for 4 hours of singing. Great!

Happy Birthday SK! No fun with you, sort of already know what we intend to get for you. I still think Transformer will be a good present also. Haa....

Although it is a simple celebration (Well after all we dun club or drink!), it is the time we spend together and hope that our frenship will last forever, dun waste the past 10 yrs alr. Haa....

How come all my best buddies' birthday all fall within a period of one month and I am the odd one out? Hmm....

A "finally celebrated all my best buddies' birthday" Polarbear

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lame Movies

Lame Movies

Finally got to watch 2 movies over the weekend and they are all LAME movies! Haa...

Mr WoodCock

Decided to watch a show. However we decided late so only a handful of shows to choose from and decided to watch Mr Woodcock.

The story about a guy when young had a "PE" teacher by the name of Mr Woodcock who used to terrorise him during PE lessons. He grow up and became an author of "Letting go of your past". Went back hometown to collect a CORN key in a CORNival. Realised that mum (Ms CORN Queen) is dating Mr Woodcock who dun remember him. He hated him and decided he is not good enough for his mum and tried to make trouble to make his mum leave him. So in the end he is the one that cannot let go of his past and a series of things happen.

Lame and not funny. Overall 1 star out of 5.

Balls of Fury

The whole story about ping pong and FBI using it to track down a syndicate head. Good guy win and bad guys loses. Simple story. Y I chose this movie? Maggie Q is in it! Haa...

Lame but funny. Overall 2.5 stars out of 5.

A "lame" Polarbear

Friday, October 12, 2007

Polarbear is lousy at....

Polarbear is lousy at....


Jigsaw Puzzles. Of cos there are a lot of things that I am lousy at, but I will touch on the other things other time.

The above 48 pieces jigsaw puzzle took me 3 hours to do it, whereas my fren took only 30 mins. Sigh.... Enough said.

There is a 1500 pcs puzzle in my drawer for the past 6 yrs which I have yet to complete. Haa....

Anyone wanna to help me out in that?

A "puzzle hopeless" Polarbear

Thursday, October 11, 2007



Recently, there area lot of things going on in my life. Sigh... I felt a bit tired from all these things. Deadlines, Deadlines and more Deadlines. Projects due, assignments due, exams coming!

Got this feeling that I am going to burn out soon! Hmm... Hopefully I can find some solution to prevent this from happening and get back then energy in my life!

Had been having this backache for a few days, wonder if it is my sleeping posture is wrong. My poor back!

I had not watch a movie for the longest time! I want to step inside a cinema and watch a show. Any show also can!

I want to go and swim and be in the sun!

So many things to do but so little time. Someone pls save me!

A "about to burnt out" Polarbear

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bz with work!

Bz with work!

Polarbear had been leading boring life recently where my main focus had been on work as one of my projects' deadline is due.

That PM also did something that angered me as well. Instead of calling me to check on the status, he called my manager and asked her instead. So call using the top down method on me! WTF! So in the end, instead of putting much thought into it, I jz dumped everything in.

Then I finished all the required stuff today and supposed to pass it to him, he called me and told me he is very bz and could not get it form me today and to get it from me 2molo. So does the things from me urgent or not urgent? I wonder?

So one project done! I got to start on another one! Deadline also looming soon!

From my boss, I got one MEGA project coming soon! I wonder if I am able to handle that! Especially after seeing my colleagues being stressed from the same project (1st round).

My exams also coming in a month time. Better buck up now as well. Haa....

Wish me luck!

A "time not enough" Polarbear

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Kumar: The Queen / Happy Birthday Dad!

Kumar: The Queen / Happy Birthday Dad!

Finally, The "Queen" of Singapore is here! Of cos I am talking about Kumar! I have never been to Boom Boom Room, by the time I want to go, they closed it alr. So when I heard that he is going to have a show in the "Durian", I jz went to grab the tickets. Despite, I got Cat 3 tickets ($68), the seats I got are freaking good! Haa... So proud of myself!

The show started off promising, with him and his Bend-Hims (Hunk? Erhh...) and Bend-Hers (Ah Gua? Erhh...). For me, the best part of the show was the first portion and the last portion. Loved his jokes! He is really not afraid of anything! His politically incorrect jokes, his gay jokes, and his racist jokes. he even jokes about the guy "upstairs". Haa....

So he is the Queen in the show and decided to be Queen in other countries so he travelled around to be Queen in other countries! Good at times if not draggy most of the time. Still he look good in his dresses and his slender leg, tiny waist, is enough to make every gals jealous. Haa... He looked his best at the UK dress which he looked like Posh Spice. Haa...

Other than Kumar, the rest of the cast looks a bit rough on the edges and seem like they did not rehearse enough. Their dance moves are not uniform and at times sloppy.

Overall, I give the show 4 stars out of 5. Kumar saved the show!

Today is my dad's birthday! Mum decided not to go out and eat and stay at home for a home cooked meal! Great! His present is the recent Shanghai trip that I paid for it. Haa....

A "laughing" Polarbear

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pearlina's Hen Party and Briefing Dinner

Pearlina's Hen Party and Briefing Dinner

Yesterday was Pearlina's hen party, she is going to get married in 2 weeks time! Congrats! Haa....

The planning of the hen party started way off, getting both 2 different groups of her frens together was one big task! Haa... A plan was out (well a rough one), after discussing endless time on msn and even met up to discuss once (I did not join in that as I got something on)!

So the plan was we had a surprise dinner for her and after which we all "left" and meet back at the club. Haa....

So the dinner part went on smoothly, except it started off late and met up with a few people who I had not seen them for sometime. Almost everyone was in the dress code of the day which is white top and blue bottom. Haa...

After which, hang out at Mac for a while before we decided to move off to Play, to wait for Pearlina and the rest. Y Play? Well Pearlina always like gay clubs anyway. Hee... So the rest oft eh gals blindfolded her and brought her to the club and "surprised" to see us there again. Haa.... One thing, it is fun to see HL being so stressed! I jz loved it!

Nothing much happen at Play. BORING! Decided to go home and I had supper at Maxwell. Haa... Pearlina was not feeling too well so we did not sabo her much as well. Dun worry there is always her wedding to sabo her! Haa....

Sat, Pearlina decided to hold a steamboat buffet at her new house. It is for her jie mei and emcee (which is me! Haa...). Finally met Jason, The Groom.

Her new flat, not really new, almost 20 yrs old alr, was well decorated. Zen style. Nice and cosy! I like! The gals really went crazy, took photos fromt he ground floor, in front of the garbage collection centre, to every room in the flat even the toilet was not spared!

The whole steamboat was done by Jason and I was impressed by it! Quite good. Lucky Pearlina. The after eating was the discussion held in the room while there would be another surprise going to happen as QQ birthday is coming soon!

She was caught off surprised as well and was happy by it. So we had cake, ice cream and wine for dessert. Haa....

After watching some tv, the gals really so drama watching tv, decided to call it a night!

I am really tired after 2 days of happening. Up next, "THE WEDDING"!

A "tired" Polarbear

Friday, October 05, 2007

Finally... ...

Finally... ...

Out of 4 assignments that I have submitted so far. I finally submitted one ON TIME. It is supposed to be due yesterday night @ 2359H, I pressed the button submitted @ 2358H. Hee.... So proud of myself.

Still got 2 more assignments to go. Got to start my engines again!

Exams also coming on soon! Arhhh...........

Before all these maybe I should enjoy the coming weekend 1st. Haa.....

A "got to start working" Polarbear

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Careless and Blur Polarbear

Careless and Blur Polarbear

Recently I become very Blur and careless. Sigh....

First, I left my gym membership card in the locker. Luckily it was found.

Secondly, I kicked my little toe into the wall when I was playing with Oscar yesterday. Skin went off and blood appeared. Now my little toe in pain and I was walking with a little limp. Pls heal fast!

Now I lack of sleep as I only slept for 2 hours. During the 2 hours, my leg where the little toe was injured, felt numb at times.

How bad can this be? Hmm.....

Well still rushing my assignment due today! Going crazy yet again!

Hope things will turn out better now.

A "careless and blur" Polabear

Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Children Day!

Happy Children Day!

I admit I am a kid inside an adult body at times! Ok! Ok! Most of the time! Haa....

I always like Children's Day cos got Sharity Elephant, sweets and special cartoons on TV etc. I missed them a lot. Haa.....

Wonder how kids celebrate their children day now? Hmm....

So all kids regardless of your age: Happy Children's Day! Have fun!

A "childish" Polarbear

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Back to Gym!

Back to Gym!

These 2 weeks had not been going back to gym as I had lots of time to go to the gym in camp. Haa...

So after ICT, I started to go back and do my fav combat and pump. Even though the new release for both was out for sometime, I had only done it like once or twice only. Haa...

For the past sat and sun, had been to both classes, 2 times each. Now feeling the strain on my muscles, aching... Hee... Feeling a bit retard during combat as well, the usual, always confused between right and left. Haa....

Time to go back to my normal gym routine and of course my running routine as well. Yes! I had been running! Haa...

A "back to gym" Polarbear

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cheer Chen Qi Zhen: A Piece Of Summer Concert

Cheer Chen Qi Zhen: A Piece Of Summer Concert

I know who she is but not really a fan of hers. I only know a few of her songs. Have to say that this is the first time that I attend a concert without doing any actual "homework". Haa....

She had been in Singapore for concert a few times. Always hear quite good reviews of her concert. That is y I decided to give it a try, together with a few frens. I expected her concert I expected to be a slow and quiet one where my bum is expected to be on the chair for the whole period. I was so wrong about that. Haa....

First thing, the concert was downside and was seated somewhere that I was not expected. I was supposed to sit on the tier seats but ended up on the raised platform. Yes nearer to the stage but they can at least inform the affected ticket holders 1st.

The concert started off with jz her and her guitar. Good start huh? Haa.... After every song, she will change to another location of the stage and at the same time, introduce a new instrument, until the whole band appears on stage. At this point of time, everyone still calm and sitting down enjoying her and her songs.

The only thing is, behind us sitting, is her fans, one of the guys even crazy about her (I think) where he shouted "I love you" to her when the whole hall was quiet. He sings to her every songs, we like got a backup singer behind us. Haa...

At the 2nd half of the concert, all hell let loose, she decided to turn into a rock chick (Hmm... I never know she got fast songs.) Most of the people in the front stood up and waving their light sticks as well! However I stayed seated then. Haa... I only stood up when everyone in front of me stood up. Some of them even stood on the chairs!

She got 4 encores, keep leaving and coming back to the stage with 1 more song to go. Haa... Very funny to see people leave and run back again!

Overall, the concert is good. Her voice is very good. No back up singers or any dancer. Not a lot of talking as well. I like! I ended up buying her 2CD+DVD set to go home and slowly enjoy her songs! Hee...

Oh yes, I also ended up standing up on the chair by the end of her concert. Haa... Come to think of it, how many times I can stand on a chair during concert? Hmm....

A "cheery" Polarbear

Friday, September 28, 2007

Done with my 1st ICT

Done with my 1st ICT

Finally completed my ICT, a full 2 weeks! More like a holiday! Hee...

Caught up with most of the ex colleagues over tea breaks and lunches.

The same environment but with different people. Boring people! That place is like a dead town to me! OMG! I think the next time I go back, I would not have known the people there alr. Sigh....

Spent most of my time running, gymming and swimming. Me more tanned now but not thinner due to tea breaks and free lunches. Haa....

So going back to office soon to face the truth again! Hmm....

A "back from the sun, sand and sea" Polarbear

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday HW!

Happy Birthday HW!

Today is my bro, HW's birthday! So Happy Birthday to you!

Met up with him over the weekend. It has been a long time since we last met. Had a nice chat with him and at the same time to pass him his birthday present!

Bought a cheeky t-shirt for him! Mr Well Hung huh? Not I say one but he used to, and still, claimed that himself! Haa.... Next time must force him to wear it! Haa....

Today is also Mid Autumn Festival. Since my parents are away in Shanghai, only left me, my sis and Oscar to look at the moon and eat mooncakes. Haa.... Having the whole house to ourselves! Haa....

A "over the moon" Polarbear

Monday, September 24, 2007

3 Movies over the weekend!

3 Movies over the weekend!

Had not watch a movie for almost 2 weeks, I came back with a vengeance this weekend cos I watched 3 movies in 3 days! Haa....

First movie: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

A rather lame show. A bit of gay bashing as well. Talking about 2 fire buddies that have to get "married" so that one of them can get the welfare benefits for his kids. So now they have to prove to the whole world that they are gay and happily married as well. Well but it is a brainless movie to see after a week of hard work. Haa..... Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5.

Second movie: Cheaters

Before decided to watch this movie, I tried to find the poster in the cinema trying to see if it is movie that is worth to watch. It seems that they forgot about the movie and I could not even find one poster in the whole cinema! Haa...

It turned out to be one of the better films I like! Haa.... Not because of the sexual content but how the plot unfolds itself! It is jz great!

The story line is simple where one married guy cheats on his wife and continues to have affairs outside with other gals. In turn his galfrens, also have affairs with other guys outside. His wife in turn also have an affair with his best fren. His best fren's brother is having affairs with his other galfrens as well. Complicated huh? It turns out that the guys and gals all seem to know each other! Finally that all meet up and know the truth and that scene was just funny! Haa...

Wonder if the movie have correct morals but the way the movie was shot in a rewinding back method brought an interesting approach.Overall, I give the movie 4 stars out of 5.

Third movie is No Reservation, which LLT wanna to watch. So we watched! Haa...

This is a straight forward romantic movie. A uptight, everything need to be prefect chef suddenly becomes a guardian for her niece and a new assistant chef was brought in during her absence. So many things she need to be in control of and in the end learns how to let go and enjoy the process. Fall in love with assistant chef (No surprise!), had a big argument, got back together and lived happily ever after.

The movie is a ok romantic comedy, does remind of the cartoon,Ratatouille, because of the food theme. Hee.... To me it is jz another romantic comedy. Overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5. Reason being, the acting not by the leads but by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine) is jz great! Hee...

Wow! So much for the reviews! I was amazed by myself for watching 3 movies in 3 days! Hee....

So what movie next? Hmm.....

A "movie crazed" Polarbear

Monday, September 17, 2007

Away for Reservist!

Away for Reservist!

I will be away for 2 weeks of "National Service". So fast back to the same old place again hor!

Dun think I will blog as much as I hoped to for the next 2 weeks. Hee...

Dun worry sure got a lot of backlog posts standing by.

Stay tuned!

From the look of today, I am so going to be slacking for the next 2 weeks.

Till then...

A "back to the sun, sand and the sea" Polarbear

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SMRT Challenge 2007

SMRT Challenge 2007

For the 3rd time, I was in the same race again! Haa...

This time round the race started off in the rain, a wish came true for Pearlina. Haa...

We all started to run like crazy in the rain going to different places. Hmm.... most of the places are the same as last year huh? The organisers are getting lazier to think huh? Haa...

This year, we had to complete 8 stations in 6 hours! The clues are a bit "tough", or rather senseless cos there is a few we could not solved. Hee... The station tasks mostly brainless, however we gave up one at one of the stations, cos it is too difficult and time-consuming! Should have taken out that task at AMK station! We managed to even find one station without solving the clue. Haa....

So we run from central, to the north, to the east, to the west then back to east again cos my mistake in solving the clues! Hee...

We kena cheated at the last station when we thought that we have no chance for the top prize, the station master told us we still got chance if we rushed back. Hee... Cos we are slacking and intend to go back to the finishing point in a relax manner! Haa... So we rushed back in double time only to found out that we are the 19th team. Chey! Haa... Actually 17th team la cos 2 teams did not complete the race.

At least I am proud to say that we finished this race yet again! Haa... As the race got a merit and demerit point system going on, a team kept going around to bug each station masters to give them the merit points. Hmm.... This is time wasting and a bit silly right. Maybe the organisers should remove merit system next time and only have demerit system!

Had a fun time on the train with the rest of the gang and trying to dig out some gossips along the way as well, WE FAILED! Haa...

So tired after the race that we dun even bother to wait for the prize giving ceremony and we went off to reward ourselves a well-deserved dinner. Haa...

So gang, going to try it for the 4th time next year? Haa.....

A "sick of MRT rides" Polarbear

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I felt the earth shook!

I felt the earth shook!

Jz now, while I was waiting for my lecture to start, I felt the floor shaking and I was feeling giddy. Thought it was only me at first until my classmates also felt the same as well. Then we were thinking if we need to get out of the building a not. Hmm.....

It lasted for around 30 secs. I was thinking if it is really an earthquake, it must be a big one.

So now back home, saw the news of a 8.0 scale earthquake in Indonesia. Scary! So far yet still able to feel it. Hope that there will not be any injuries or death.

What an experience!

A "shaking" Polarbear

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Danny's Birthday Celebration

Danny's Birthday Celebration

Friday was Danny's birthday (Happy Birthday!), so me and SK met up with him to celebrate his birthday. So we decided to have dinner at Kallang, No Signboard Restaurant to eat crabs. Haa.... Loving it!

Now let pics do the talking.

A tissue packet. I was trying to show the restaurant name. Haa...

So what dishes did we order? Hee...

Fried baby Kailan

Fried Baby Octopus

Prawn Paste Chicken

Stired Fried Venison

The Star of the Dinner: Chili Crab

Everything was good especially the crabs. It has been a long time since I had a very good crab dinner! Company was great, dinner was great, the environment was great! Haa... Must go back for more crabs soon! Haa....

So when is the last time you had tasted crabs?

A "crab loving" Polarbear

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Night Safari

Night Safari

Spent a day at the Night Safari and it had been ages that I had been there. Haa....

The place was impressive! From the moment I stepped into the place until I walked out the place. I was fully impressed with the place! No wonder this place wonder the tourist attraction of the year so many times!

So what I did there? To see animals of cos. The tram ride was fun except it the stupid people that are with us in the same section kept using flash to take pics even though the guide repeatedly reminded them not to use flash. They should be dragged off by the lions!

So I got fed up, and got of the trial at the leopard trial. Saw a lot of different cats there like lion and tiger. Cool! All almost sleeping! Haa...

Then got back on the tram, continue with the tour. Then off for a short dinner break and off to watch the animal show. Haa... I was very careful in the seating as I was very wary of where they might hide some snakes (which they really did during the show). Then continue to walk the remaining trails and call it a night.

Saw a lot of animals int heir "night mode". Hee.... Most of them are eating, sleeping or standing there doing nothing. Haa...

Got in a little adventure as well, halfway through walking on the trail, suddenly i saw some paw prints on the walkway. Hmm.... Some animal got out into the "wild"?
Night Safari 2

Wow the print as is big as my foot. Y? Cos I am a Polarbear remember? Haa...
Night Safari 3

Hmm... wonder what animal was it? Haa....

It was nearly midnight by the end of the whole tour and boy, my legs are almost screaming for help, in other words, aching. Haa...

Got a special gift! A Polarbear! I loved it! Hee... Thank "YOU" for the gift!

Had so much fun at the Night Safari! Hmm... Maybe we can try the zoo soon ok! Hee...

Thank "YOU" for the special night out with me as well!

A "Back to Nature" Polarbear

Friday, September 07, 2007

Running Plan 1

Running Plan 1

Still got less than 3 months to the 10 km run and less than 1 week to my reservist, which in turn means IPPT. Hated it! Haa...

I really need to start on my running plan and routine so that I will not be ill prepared for the 10km run. Forget about the IPPT! Will jz go for a attempt can alr. Haa.....

So below is my exercise plan plus my running plan and hope that I will keep to it. Haa...

I should run at least 3 times a week. Wow! That sounds a lot man! Sian! Since I am jz starting off, I should jz start with short distances like 2.5km to 3km. Hee...

So for this month, Sep:

Monday: 2.5 km
Friday: 3km
Sunday morning: 2.5km

Let's stick to this plan for this month and shall see how. Haa... The above plan is on top of the gym sessions/classes and swimming that I will be going as well. Crazy!

Wish me luck!

Hmm... I need a new pair of running shoes!

A "dread of running" Polarbear

Thursday, September 06, 2007



Well if you had been reading my blog, should know that I am talking about going for a holiday for the longest time.

So yesterday I went to a travel agency to pay for a trip, 8 days to Shanghai at end of this month.

Sigh.... The sad thing is, my butt will not be on that plane cos my parents will be the ones going instead. A trip partial sponsored by me! That is the reason y I am there to pay for it. Haa...

This means from now till end of this year, no overseas trip for me. Unless I tio 4D or TOTO. Hee...

A "Holiday Less" Polarbear

Monday, September 03, 2007



As sudden as it happen, the mist was cleared in no time. Well, different people different views that caused the tiff to happen. Enough said.

Nothing much happen today, Work, Gym then Watch Movie!

Blood Brothers is what we watched.

It is basically a simple story of how a group of 3 "brothers" in 1930s, went to Shanghai thinking to make it big and earn more money. They got involved in the biggest gang at that time and different views caused them to drift apart.

I watched this movie solely for 2 people, Shu Qi and Daniel Wu. Haa... The story a bit straight forward and tends to get a bit boring at times as well. The ending is so John Woo (after all he is the producer for this film).

Overall I give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

Since now the weather is cleared now and the sun is out again. I m going to catch up with my sleep. *YAWN*

A "happy" Polarbear

Sunday, September 02, 2007

A tiff.... that should not happened

A tiff.... that should not happened

In a terrible / sad mood now.

Yesterday a tiff happened which should not happen.

Maybe I was insensitive,

Maybe I said something wrong,

Maybe I did something wrong.

The problem is .... I dun no what actually went wrong. Sigh....

Should I make the 1st move?

A "feeling terrible now" Polarbear

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Arctic Tales: The PolarBear Story

Arctic Tales: The PolarBear Story

Got tickets to watch a preview of this movie. It is about the POLARBEARS, which is me right! Hee.... The movies goes like this: "In the frozen wilderness of the Arctic, each year an ancient cycle begins: a cycle of birth, death and rebirth, love and life, self-sacrifice and great danger. Two giants of the icy North Pole – Seela, the walrus and Nanu, the polar bear - start their magical journey, from birth to adolescence to maturity and parenthood in the frozen Arctic wilderness.
They are playful, mischievous, daring, calf and cub romp freely, eager for adventure, but nonetheless, both are extremely vulnerable.

Their mothers will stop at nothing in the battle to rear and protect their young. Freezing cold; starvation-level hunger; lethal threats from predators and the monumental, snowbound landscape itself - all are confronted and defeated in the spectacular life-or-death struggle for survival." (Extracted from

This is another environment awareness movie, talking about the shrinking Arctic and the changes that the weather and how the animals need to change and adapt to the changes. The shots are captured in the most realistic ways and could feel like I was in the Arctic. The narration of the film by Queen Latifah was humorous, which makes the movies less documentary like.

Overall, I give the movie 4 stars out of 5. Y? Cos I am a Polarbear. Haa...

Polarbear are the kings in the Arctic. They are at the top of the food chain. However, seems like to them, getting food is not the easy part at all. I think it is the same as human beings, being sort of top of the food chain, it seems like things are not always smooth going for us as well.

I am always amazed by all these animals like whale, killer whales, seals, and of cos the Polarbears. Would like to get close to them if possible. Haa....

Maybe I was a Polarbear myself in my last life. Haa....

A "Polarbear wannabe" Polarbear