Saturday, November 24, 2007

A day full of events!

A day full of events!

After my usual combat-pump-combat combo classes, it is time to face reality and collect my goodies bag for the 10km run. Yes, it is 1 week away! The collection was done in a pretty fast and efficient way. Used to think there is still a lot of time, now it is only a week away. Me going crazy alr. Haa....

After which, met up with a grp of frens for dinner.Got fed up with one of them, ask me to organise the dinner, did not give any ideas of where to go for dinner etc, then to complain this and that. Last min decided not to turn up and did not have the courage to inform the organiser which is me. BTW, she "tasked" me to organise it. I was quite pissed off by it, when I sms her, she then decided to turn up. Sigh... I ratehr she dun turn up at all. All is too late as the damaged is already done. No way I am going to ask her out again.

Dinner was a steamboat place opp Shaw Tower cheap and good. It was funny that you can only collect your chopsticks when you pay up. The dinner was good as I have not eaten buffet for sometime alr. Haa... Quite cheap as well, only $13.80 per person.

Next we moved off to KTV at K box. Got a big room where all of us sing until silly. So much fun! We shall have these kind of session more often without those troublesome people soon!

So tired after one whole day of events. Going to sleep... ...

A "super tired" Polarbear

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