Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Running Update: 11 more days to go!

Hmm... Time really flies fast and I still got 11 more days to the 10km run.

Siao liao la! What have I got myself into?

Anyway, had been doing some running with LLT and pleased to say that I managed to run up to 4km (without stopping). Hope that I can run 5km by end of this week. Hee...

Up to now, my average time is 7.30 min per km. Yes I know I am very slow but then I am never a runner lo. Haa... I think I will try to improve until 7 min per km.

My aim is to complete the 10km within 1.5 hrs, I hope. Haa.... So anyone want to come and support me?

To motivate myself, I got new toys to help me in running. Have to say that running with it does help me in getting my mind of the pain from running! Hee.... Good investment!

My running kit.

Running Kit

A "got to run more and faster" Polarbear

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