Sunday, November 25, 2007

Friendship: One way or both way?

Friendship: One way or both way?

Recently, felt that all my close friends are gone. Reason being, I did not make the 1st move to ask them out.

I am the one always to organise outings and to meet them. I am the one to make effort to say hi when I log onto msn. So since I am the one always to make the 1st move, they always will think that I should be the one doing that? Hmm.... Even when people say hi to me on msn, it is usually they got something to ask me. Sigh.. Sad to say so but it is true.

So to me it is pretty much of a one way friendship rather than a 2-way friendship.

I dun think I am asking too much but then even a simple "Hi how r you?" sms sometimes does makes me feel good that someone still remember me as their friends.

Maybe I am thinking too much but then am I?

A "still got friends?" Polarbear

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