Tuesday, July 31, 2007

End of Jul 07

End of Jul 07

This month is an exciting one after all I wanna to play as much as possible before the new semester starts. Hee...

So the highlight of this month got to be the Dim Sum Dollies and Jacky Cheung's Concert. So happy that I had seen both and can say that the $$ is not wasted in anyway. Hee...

Due to someone missing in action for a week, I also toned down in my activities as well. Did nothing much that week less gym and meeting friends for dinner. Fun as well.

Movies, did not watched a lot. Only 5 movies. Hee... I still like Hot Fuzz than Harry Potter.

Of cos talking about Harry Potter, I got the last book and finished it alr. Hee...

Spent some family time at sentosa and hope that I can do it more often.

I think I need to meet up more with my frens as some of them I had not met them for a very long time alr. Hee...

So now so much for my holidays... School starting alr. Had to hit the books again! Hee...

A "muggle mugging" Polarbear

Monday, July 30, 2007

Tired! Tired! Tired!

Tired! Tired! Tired!

Dunno y I am feeling so tired these few days? Hmm.... I wonder y? Well at least something confirmed about y I am so tired cos I had been sleeping like only 4 hrs a day. Hmm...

No mood to do anything at all. Work, gym etc....

This week is also the starting of my new school term. Lesson starting from 2molo onwards. Think got lots of more sleepless nights ahead!

So if you think I got a little moody lately, you should know y? Hee...

A "tired" Polarbear

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol.3

Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol.3

Went to see an interesting play today. Hee....

This is the 3rd instalment of the play. I missed the 1st two. Its adopted Johann S Lee’s Peculiar Chris,for the stage.

1992. In their final year at Junior College, Christopher Han and his best friends – Sylvia, Kenneth and Nicholas, discover the ecstasy and pain of falling in love. Later, while serving his National Service, Chris has a relationship with his army officer, Samuel, before leaving for London for further studies.

2007. After 15 years abroad, Chris returns to a Singapore that he barely recognises. The city has become a veritable gay wonderland, while repressive attitudes remain as entrenched as ever. Sylvia has become part of the leading vanguard for change. Kenneth has renounced his past, refashioning himself as a voice for conservatism. And Nicholas is partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Haunted by the ghosts of the past, and yet enchanted by the spectres of the present, Chris is torn between nostalgia for a more innocent decade, and hope for a wiser future. Timely, urgent and moving, Happy Endings asks what it means for a society to come of age. (Extracted from W!ld Rice homepage)

This is a pretty much interesting show, with a lot of things to debate about, and it also shows that no matter with who, love is the same, got passion and got lust as well. It was well played by the actors and the lines are witty and tainted with hidden political issues on current govt stand on the gays (Read Panel 377A).

To me, they got their rights as well. I am not against them but more of sitting on the fence for the issue. We should be open about them and embrace them into our society. Everyone go their own rights to choose who they want to love anyway.

It is an eye opener play and hope that they can put all 3 acts together to see the whole thing again! That will be great!

A "wide eyed" Polarbear

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Horror night and a "Funny" night

A Horror night and a "Funny" night

Watched 2 different types of movies over Fri and Sat nights. Crazy huh? Haa... Wat's more? I watched both movies in the same cinema some more! Sigh... One is the last row and the other at the 2nd row from the front! Haa...

So Friday nite, being "asked" (forced) to organise a scary movie outing by Pearlina, decided to watch ALONE, a Thai horror show. Did not watch it alone, ok I dun dare to, but with 5 other frens. Hee....

The story is about a pair of Siamese twin, got separated and one of them died shortly after the operation. When the other one returned to the old house, strange things being to happen and the ending was unexpected very good. Haa... The scares are not the usual scares got some really unexpected ones as well. Haa... Overall, I give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

In our group, it seems like the girls are more daring than the 2 guys. Haa... I was sort of hiding behind my jacket one third of the time. Hee... Me being me, yes I like to pay $$ to scare myself ok! Hee...

It was a great time spent with frens that had not met for a very long time, so much fun gossiping huh! Haa...

Next day, met up with my usual gang, less one guy who only called us when his wife out of town?!? (WTF???) Well, jz say I interacted with that guy to a bear minimum. Boring! This time cos that guy got free tickets, we are being treated to watch Knocked Up, 2nd row from the front. (What the hell is he thinking when he is buying the tickets?) This is supposed to be a comedy, however watching it 2nd row from the front, it became a tragedy instead. That explains for "Funny" in the title.

The story about this loser guy met a career rising gal in a club, with the aid of alcohol, one thing led to another and a baby was created. It shows how the couple reacted during the 9 mths. I will give the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars. Good but forgettable.

Although it is a comedy, it dawned on my something. Something that I was unable to explained and it was explained to me in the movie. When someone loved you a lot to a point that he or she will try to control all your stuff. Yes! That freaked me out!

Wonder if the same thing happen to me, what will I do? Hmm... What else, call my parents and inform them "You got a grandson coming!" Haa... Think my mum will be very happy with that.

Two different types of shows back to back also tired me out. Haa... Going to sleep now!

A "wide eyes shut" Polarbear

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a fun dinner!

What a fun dinner!

Tonite, I meet up with a group of ppl that I had never expected to keep in touch. After all I only had know them for 3 weeks one year plus again. Haa... Guess making an effort to meet up with ppl really makes friendship works.

Before dinner and since I got time in my hands and I am in that area, I decided to donate blood. I am so amazed that if I go on a weekday, everything is so fast and smooth. From registration to the actual blood donating, it only took less than 20 mins. Usually I need to wait for a good 30 to 40 mins on a weekend. So happy that I donated blood and got a yellow bandage in return. Haa...

Back to the dinner, had dinner at lemongrass restaurant. Great thai food (less the garlic soft shell crab) and we ordered tons and tons of food! The main point of this dinner is to catch up and wow there are tons of laughter from all of us especially they started to talk about the gossip from their office. Haa... So much fun. Did missed them, cos we used to have lunch every time when we are working together. Boy was the lunch time fun!

In the end, all of us laughed until our cheeks ached and stomach pain. One of us even starting crying and laughing at the same time. Haa....

So Kasmina and gang, when is the next dinner? Dun drag until too long for the next one ok! Hee.... But face let me recover from my pain and stomach 1st. Hee...

A "thai food junkie" Polarbear

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I had finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

I had finished reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!

Finally I had jz finished reading the book and knew the ending! Dun worry I am not going to say anything here.Happy that I had finished the book and Sad that the journey had ended with Harry Potter and gang. However they will remain as my favourites jz like Secret Seven, Famous Five etc!

Have to say that this book is the best book out of 7 books, the pace and the plot of the story was controlled in a very good way. The cliffhangers at the end of each chapter that makes you wanna to continue reading even though you are very tired (this is what happen to me and there is another reason y I am in a hurry to finish the book as well.)

I am happy with the ending how everything was explained clearly. J K Rowling is a very detailed writer and had created a magical world from nowhere! Sad that there will not be any more Harry Potter books from her.

I took my time to read and finished in about 12 hours, not at one go, over a period of 3 days. I enjoyed my last journey with Harry Potter and Gang! Hmm.. Since I got the whole series now. Maybe I should start to read all over again? Hee... Hee...

The timing of the new book is also good as I will be starting my school soon and will not have time to read if it was to come out later.

Well looking at the news, the book was really HOT everywhere. Its' sales is in terms of millions. One thing I dun understand, you waited so long for the book and instead of reading the book from page one, people jz flipped the book to the last chapter and read the ending. Hmm... This shows no respect for the author who put in so much effort to write the book. This also kills the suspense and fun from reading the book when you already know the ending. Sigh... Stupid Muggles! Haa...

So going back to my boring life again! Wish I got a wand and magical powers!

A "Muggle" Polarbear

Monday, July 23, 2007

Relaxing weekend

Relaxing weekend

This past weekend is good and almost relaxing... Hee... I liked!

Started off with watching movies! Yes a movie buff like me had not watch a movies for the past 1 week and seems that something is missing out from my life! So what we watched? Die Hard 4.0!

Reasons of me watching this movie is not becos
1. I am a big action movie fan
2. I am Bruce Willis fan
3. I am a Die Hard series fan

Nope! Not the above! There is only 1 reason why I watched the movie and it is because of Maggie Q. Haa... She is so HOT in the movie as int he way she walks and fights in the movie. However I am sad the way she died, so ...unglam! Hmm...

Well the movie is about a police detective ,John McClane, found himself yet again embroiled in a cyberspace terrorist attack. The whole fighting scenes and the highways chases are very cool! I like it! Haa... Overall I will give the movie 3.75 out of 5 stars. After all, have to give credit to Bruce Willis to do this movie at an age of 52 (I think). Haa...

On Sat, the day started off with of cos Harry Potter, then it was also a day to sentosa with my dog and I managed to have my family there as well. Free entrance as it was my company family day. Supposed to start off at 7.30am in the morning, but then we only reached there by noon. Even the grand lucky draw was over. Haa...

Everywhere was people and plus it was drizzling so I decided to hang out at Sakae Sushi for lunch then move off to KM8 to chill out! Haa.... Even my mum like KM8! Haa... Plus that the weather there was cool and cloudy.

Oscar had a fun time as well, swimming quite a lot with me dragging him off into the sea. Could not unleash him as there are some big dogs around and Oscar being a bit aggressive, always getting into fight with others. Sigh... Need to train him up on that. After which, went home and slacked at home. It was a time well spent with my family especially it had been ages since we went out alr. Hee.... Especially my poor Oscar!

Sunday spent at gym and reading Harry Potter. Hee....

KM8 proves to be a good place to hang out! I think I will be there more often now. At least once a month right? Hee... Anyone wanna to join me?

A "blissful" Polarbear

Saturday, July 21, 2007

At 7.01am, I received... ...

At 7.01am, I received... ...

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows! The postman was at my door step at 7.01am sharp to deliver me the book on time! Cannot believe it!

Will be bz reading the book over the weekend!

Pls do not let me know the ending unless I finish reading the book! Thks.

A "Harry Potter Fan" Polarbear

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oscar and me

Oscar and me

Both Oscar and me led the same life yesterday. So what happened? We went to see doctors yesterday.

After seeing my in house doctor, which issued me with medicine that did not work, I decided to visit another clinic as I cannot tahan the might coughing which is affecting my sleep. This time much better, he gave me antibiotics and my cough med. Plus, he gave me 2 days MC! Woo Hoo.....

Back to OSCAR, in the earlier post, I stated that he was vomiting and pooing until wed, but it started yesterday again. This time even worse, there is blood in his poo. So immediately, me and my dad brought him to the vet. So worried for him.

After seeing the doc and a jab, suspected that he might had eaten something off the ground and cause some infection and thus blood in this poo. There might be foreign body inside his stomach but the doctor could not feel anything inside.

It is funny to see Oscar being poked at the backside when the doc was taking the temperature. Haa... So he too came back with a bag of med and need a change of diet (fish porridge) as well. His medical bill also much more higher than me!

He is now feeling much better with no more poo and vomit alr.

Hope that he will be all ready to go sentosa with me 2molo! Hee...

A "on MC" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oscar is sick!

Oscar is sick!

Poor Oscar had been pooing and vomiting for the past two nights. Hmm... Wonder what had happen to him?

My sis going to bring him to the vet tonight.

Oscar pls recover soon ok! Polarbear Kor Kor going to bring you to Sentosa this weekend ok?

Loveya always Oscar

A "worried" Polarbear


Oscar did not poo or vomit today. So we decided to keep him under observation for one more day before we send him off to the vet. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Recently, met up with a few friends and the topic always will go to owning a car. Wonder y as everyone is in a hurry to own a car? Jz know yesterday that my close fren also jz booked a car. Well for him, I know he is going to get one sooner or later when he says he is looking at car only.

Here, cars are expensive as we need to buy a piece of paper call COE before we can buy a car. Although I got a licence to drive, but I never though of buying a car reason being:

1. No money to buy one and all the additional cost that comes with it.
2. I prefer to be driven then to drive.
3. The drivers here generally all impatient.
4. Hard to find parking lots.
5. Once I have a car, I will start to run around as well.

In short, I rather be the passenger. I dun mind buying a car if someone is willingly to drive me from point A to point B. Hee.... Come to think of it! I even decided what car I want to buy already. Hee.... Therefore at the moment if I am feeling lazy, I would take a cab. Hee... The amount of $$ that I spent on cabs now is still lesser than the monthly instalments for the car.

However, I rather use the $$ to do the things that I like to do eg. travelling, diving, food etc.

So to HW, hope that once you get the car, we still have chance to meet up since I think you will be bz with ur new toy. After all we are only acquaintance only and I know I not in your priority list. Hee...

A "laze to drive" Polarbear

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mega Combat and a Lonely Day

Mega Combat and a Lonely Day

Yesterday is one of the lonely day that I had to spent alone. So boring!

Yesterday is sort of gym day as the whole day was spent there. Hee... See... boring rite? Well had signed up for Mega Combat today and since I had alr signed up and got nothing to do, might as well go for it. Hee...

Before that I had decided to go for Body Pump since the day before I did not go for any gym session at all cos of the concert! Hee....

After which, I went for a swim and thought that it will be able to waste around 3 hours at the pool. The pool was split into half, with the other half was used for some teaching session. It is so fun to see that they actually conducted baby swimming lessons. So all the parents got to go down and swim with their babies. Hee... Glad to see that most of the dad are accompanying their babies to swim. it was so cute to see them. Hee.... Next time maybe can join the class with my kid as well. Hee...

Well then after 1 hour, I decided to stop swimming and spent the rest fo the time relaxing at Coffee Bean. Hee...

Mega Combat was held at the Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City. Hmm... Even though the turnout was ok, but the organisation was quite bad as in terms of lousy PA (Hmm... di not do enough testing in the 1st place), wrong music played (DJ lousy?), music too soft unable to hear the instructions (testing fault again?), so therefore due to all the faults, there is a lot of breaks in between. All in all, the event was average lah. Haa... Got a free singlet and a goodie bag. Hee... I managed to get a shower before the crowd come in and leave the gym. Hee...

For the rest of the weekend was spent rotting at home less met up with SP for an overdue lunch on Sunday. Hee... Luckily the weekend is save by Jacky Cheung's Concert! Hee...

Someone is coming back soon!

A "very bored" Polarbear

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jacky Cheung's Concert: I had heard Song God sing!

Jacky Cheung's Concert: I had heard Song God sing!

Yesterday, together with Danny and SK, we attended Jacky Cheung's concert. We had spent $200 each for the top price tickets and I managed to get tickets on the 15th row from the front. Was it worth it? Definitely! Worth every cent of it!

The show started of with 3 of his fast songs and he was pretty rather nifty in his footsteps as well. Hee... Throughout the concert, he sang both Cantonese and Chinese songs both form new albums and his classics! Later half of the show, he got a 30 min segment as a showcase of his musical, "Snow Wolf Lake" and movie "Perhaps Love". It was great to showcase his other side of singing ability. I jz loved it! Cos I missed his musical and still sad about it. Sigh...

Encore came and it was an extended encore where he sang all his classics songs over his long career and almost everyone was on their feet. hee... it was jz great. The show lasted slightly less than 4 hours. A record man! Hee... it was one of the longest and the best concert I had ever been to! It is definitely top 2 in my list of my fav concerts!

It was interesting the see the vast age difference of the crowd, I think for ppl from age 1 to 100 in the crowd. The crowd is much more better here and more "on" as well. Hee...

However, can see some bad habits of the Singapore crowd and all this is showing no respect to the performer. Sad. They came in late, even though the ticket stated 8pm, there is still some people that came in after the show had started. Next happens when the concert had not even ended, there were people that jz stood up and left. What is the hurry? The concert had not ended yet leh. Sigh... Disgrace leh!

Well after the concert, we decided to hang out and have Taiwan porridge for supper. Too bad that this place is going to be tear down soon! Cannot think what the govt is thinking sometimes. Tearing down icons or trees jz like that! Wasting $$ at the same time especially when they reversed their decision.

So looking forward to another of his concert! Hope that it will not be another 5 year wait! Hee...

A "ear wax free" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dinner with ex-colleagues

Dinner with ex-colleagues

With a sms, out of the blue, from one my my ex colleagues inviting me for a dinner, yesterday managed to meet up with 10 of them and trying to catch up on how each other is doing right now. I had been meeting some of them in small groups and some of them tried to meet up for a very long time but they always flew me aeroplane (means cancel the gathering last min). Hee...

So yesterday was quite fun, as it is good to see them becoming frens as well. A lot of updates, especially to see that 2 of them going to be 1st time parent soon! Dun worry everything is going to turn out fine, and you all going to be great parents.

Something funny happened, when Ozy told me that a gal at the next table was looking at me and smiling when I am talking quite loudly as we are seating in a long table and makes it hard to chit chat. This happens a few times through the night. I did not see it as my side is facing her. Once back to my seat, I took a quick glance at the girl, and I go "OMG!" Hee.... As we were leaving I can see that her frens are even looking at me, checking me out. Hmm.... SO funny though.

It is fun having such gathering. We should have this more often. Dun worry I will be back in Sep. So till then... ... Wait for my return ok!

A "shy" Polarbear

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Hee... Lucky Polarbear managed to win gala premiere tickets to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This time round, Shaw Lido is transformed into a mini Hogwarts.

This is based on the 4th book of the Harry Potter series. For me and my sis, being a fan of Harry Potter, we are happy that we can watch this show first hand. Hee... Well the screen not that big and the seats not comfortable for a 2.5 hours show, at least for the cinema that I was allocated. Still prefer Cathay anytime!

After watching the show, I can only say that, same for the rest of the 3 shows, it tries to be faithful to the book. This 4th book is the thickest of the 4 books (870 pages) and yet the film is one of the shortest. So what can you conclude? Hee... However the flow if the movie is still there and yet able to keep to the true essence of the book.

This movie / book introduces a few new characters:

Professor Dolores Umbridge, so call a spy from the Ministry of Magic planted by the Minister for Magic, Cornelius Fudge, as the new Defence of Dark Arts teacher. She is the villain in the movie. I hated her. Haa..... She is the one in pink.

Luna Lovegod is a student in Hogwarts that joined Harry Potter in their adventure. Strange and spacey looks as stated in the book.

The main two groups of the book is the Order of Phoenix set up by Albus Dumbledore and Dumbledore's Army set up by Harry Potter.

Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. Effects still good especially when they are practicing with the spells and the final scene. However I felt that the director missed out the fun stuff like Quidditch etc. The kiss scene between Cho Chang and Harry, err....., go and watch you will understand what I am trying to say lah. Over hype though. Haa....

As this movie is short, the scene time for all the actors are rather short. Especially to Sirus Black, Dumbledore etc.

A must see for all Harry Potter fans (jz make sure you watch it in a comfortable cinema) and I can't wait for the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to arrive at my door step on 21 Jul.

A "patiently waiting" Polarbear

Monday, July 09, 2007

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Polarbear is not a BIG Fan of chocolate. However when it comes to chocolate cravings, I would always go to my one and only chocolate place, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. I would always bring my frens to this quiet little place as well. Everything inside there is about chocolate, hot, cold, ice blended etc. Till now, I could not find a place that serves better chocolate than this place. Hee....

I always order this 2 things when I am there.

Suckao that come in dark, milk or white chocolate and milk. So what you do is, depends how how thick you like your coco drink to be, you can add in the number of coco drops and amount of milk. This is the reason why I like this drink so much. Usually I go for dark chocolate for the bitter sweet taste. The stirrer cum straw that comes with it is also unique

Chocolate Fondue that come with dark, milk and white chocolate. This is the main reason cos no where else serves fondue like that, of cos this is what I know lah. Haa.... So with the fruits and bread and marshmallows that come with it, it is together a prefect match! I always like to do mix and match, which means dip the fruits into white coco then dip it again into milk or dark coco. It jz simply taste heavenly!

There is still a lot of other chocolate drinks offered there. Go there and try it! The souffle there is fantastic as well! It is also a must try.

It is located at Esplanade, be a bit patient when queuing. Have to say that the place is really under staffed so the standard of service could be below the par at times. However for the chocolate, all can be forgiven, at least for me. Hee...

Reminder too much chocolate at one go is bad ok! So dun eat too much also. Hee....

A "Max Brenner Lover" Polarbear

Sunday, July 08, 2007

PolarbearExpress is ONE YEAR OLD!

PolarbearExpress is ONE YEAR OLD!

Time really flies fast and I had been faithfully updating this blog for a year. Hee... and It is reaching almost its 200th post as well.

Hmm.... During this period of time, this blog had recorded most of the stuff that I had been doing and my thoughts / feelings as well. This blog had served me well also. Haa....

I know most of the readers for this blog (well jz frens that I know) but then I wonder sometimes did anyone else that I do not know are reading this blog as well? Haa... If you are, pls drop me a tag and let me know.

I remember I started this blog as I was going through a rough patch this time last year and wanted to find some way to release the stress as well. Thus this blog was born. Haa...

Hmm... wonder those ppl that I do not know and are reading this blog are thinking how come I do not put my picture in this blog? Haa.... All these while I had only put Oscar's pictures and poster of the movies that I had seen and reviewed. Haa... So wonder how I looked like? Hmm.... Oh well.... here goes nothing.... Enjoy!

Haa.... Handsome right? Haa....

Hmm.... Is there anything I need to improve on? Maybe can jz drop me a note at the tag board as well!

Happy Birthday to PolarbearExpress!

A "Mystery" Polarbear

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth: Saving the Planet

Live Earth: Saving the Planet

070707 makes environment day? Hee... I not sure but Live Earth concerts organised by Al Gore are happening around the world, 8 concerts at different places like New York, London, Sydney, etc, for 24 hours. This is done to bring awareness to the whole world about global climate changes. All lot of stars from all over the world joined in for the cause.

Hmm... So how effective was it? To me, not really, imagine the power required to power up for the concerts. I think the same amount of power can light up Africa for a very long period of time! Plus the private jets that the stars are always using, it does add more pollution right? Hmm..... After the concerts, the amount of trash being left behind is ... ... Talk about recycling then. Hmm.... Effective? I dun think so. More jz of the fun and get to see more stars performing under the same roof. Creating awareness? Hope it works. Hmm.....

What about here? Well we need more recycling bins for sure and to have more events on care for environment as well. For me, I think I will start of with using less plastic bags and start to recycle things more often. Not going to drive a car, since I cannot afford one as well. Haa.... I will do my part for the environment for sure, in order to save the Polarbears. What about you?

I dedicate this post to the event to create awareness as well. So this post will be in green! Hee....

A "environment friendly" Polarbear

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dim Dum Dollies in the History of Singapore

Dim Dum Dollies in the History of Singapore

This is the 3rd outing for the Dim Sum Dollies and I will give up anything so that I will not miss their show. Haa... Their last show being 2005, which was also my first time watching them, not counting The Little Shop of Horrors as one. Hee....

This time, the show is worth every cent of the ticket. Hee... It is fantastic,packed, funny and up to date as well. Haa... It is also like a mini celebration for National Day as well. Haa...

They brought us through the history of Singapore, from how to land was formed, to how many historians rejected Singapore cos it is too small, to how Nila (the guy that saw the lion) discovered Singapura (Cos his mother want him to do so. Haa...), to how Raffles landed, to how it modernise till today. There are laughter through the whole show. They are so good that they even managed to get some of the latest news as spoofs as well like the Spice girls reunion tour etc.

Of cos there is also "Chopsticks", Hossan Leong to provide the laughter with the Dim Dum Dollies as well. He should be part of the Dim Sun Dollies, without him, the show will not be as good alr. Hee... Of cos there is still 6 "lo mai guys".

Seems like the tickets are almost sold out. Go and watch it if can! Haa...

A "Dim Sum Siao" Polarbear

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Little pleasures that makes Polarbear happy

Little pleasures that makes Polarbear happy

Today is quite a Happy day for me even though I had to went through torture before I can enjoy my fruits of labour. Haa... So finally after 2 days of slacking, I finally hit the gym again. Did Hi-Lo and first time tried Bootcamp. Wow was it tiring! Foor me at least. Haa....

Hi-Lo, this time round more like dancing, with all the twisting and turning, making me all giddy and forgetting my steps. Haa.... It was fun though.

Bootcamp different alr. It is something like the 5BX that I used to do during my BMT. I had been thinking of getting the rubber rope for sometime. It prove to be useful during the lesson. Hmm... Maybe I should get one as well. Hee.... It is plain torture for the class as everything is done 50 reps. Siao one. Hee...

Now come the pleasure part, since we ended quite late, I managed to get approval to eat one of the forbidden food, Fast Food. Hee... So off went to Mac to enjoy. It has been a long time since I last ate alr. Hee... Very hard to get approval though. Shared Grilled chicken foldover set meal with free 6 pcs nuggets and an apple pie. It is jz heaven after eating even though I am not full from the meal! Hee...

So happy after eating the meal! It jz reminds me of my childhood times!

A "Mac Happy" Polarbear

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Night of Laziness!

Night of Laziness!

Feeling lazy today so decided not to go to gym today but to do something else. Haa... Since LLT is going somewhere soon and need to change $$. So I am the bodyguard. Hmm... Seem like I did not know how to exchange rate goes about and created a joke out of it. Haa... Oh well, I can't be good in everything right? Haa...

After which, decided to try out a new Jap restaurant, Tom Ton @ The Central. I read the review for the place a dew days ago and wanna to try it out. The place is not a normal jap place but serves mainly Black Pig Meat. Hee.... Hmm... Sounds interesting right?

So how was it? It was great. Tender, juicy pork that melts in your mouth. Hee... Even LLT who dun like to eat pork, like it. Hee.... This means we can go back again! Yeh!!!!

Now let the pics say the thousand words.

Nice Fried Sweet Potato

Seafood set

Star Attraction: Black Pork Loin Cutlet

Look nice? Check out their website: http://www.cfc.com.sg/

After which, we decided to catch a movie, Hot Fuzz, a British comedy thriller.

It is the best cop (Nicholas Angle) was being sent to from London to the a small little town as he was being seen as a threat. However, the small little village does not seems to be as what it looks like. Sergeant Angel is all solve the mystery. With all action and humour inside the movie, this movie is the underdog of the year! Everyone should try to watch it. Overall, I give the movie 4.5 stars out of 5. One of the coolest police movies I have ever seen.

A "meat lover" Polarbear

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Meet Ducky

Meet Ducky

The Singapore Duck Race is back. I have adopted a duck. Have you?

A "proud duck owner" Polarbear

Monday, July 02, 2007

First Rock Climbing Session

First Rock Climbing Session

After yesterday tiring concert, I managed to wake up early in the morning @0730 for my first rock climbing session. I was freaking tired as I had attended two combat and one pump classes yesterday before I attended the concert. So even before the concert started, I was freaking tired alr.

So met up with the rest at Ah Kun for breakfast and we moved off to Safra Yishun! Some of us were excited about the whole thing cos it is our 1st time doing such things. Haa... Hmm... Dunno if I got a fear of height though. Haa....

So the course started off at 10am instead of 9.30am as stated. The whole morning is the theory part where they taught us about the equipments that are required for rock climbing and the techniques of belaying, which is the main purpose of the whole course. Haa... Climbing not so much in level 1. Got to say that the shoes used for climbing are special type of shoes and had to wear sizes that are 1 or 2 size smaller than what normally I am wearing, reason being they wanna the toes to be cramp togehter to ahve a better grip. Ouch!

Belaying is basically the person assisting the person climbing and the brake for the climber is he falls. Hmm.... So since I am not in the light weighted category, I wonder how many ppl need to belay me huh? Haa....

We started the real climbing in the afternoon. Heaven being good to us as the whole day had been cloudy and not much sun! So it is a good day to climb some walls. Haa... So I started to belay people on the walls. Seems easy but very stressed as that person's life is in my hands. Haa....

Other ppl seems to climb quite well, all the way to the top of the 25m wall. When it come to me, 1st time, I only managed like half of the wall before I decided that well that is good enough for the 1st try. Actually I was scare that the person(s) belaying me might not be able to take my weight for long. Haa... It is so scary when your life is dependent on other ppl hands. Haa.... The coming down part was scary. Hee...

So the 2nd time I climb was ok nearly reach the top but was stuck 3/4 way up as I could not find another tile to hold on, another point was I was tired. Looking down was scary as well. The rest of my frens like spiderman managed to reach the top though, with me belaying them. Haa....

Overall, it is fun. I still got 2 free climbs to be claim within this month. So who wanna to jio me go climbing? Provided you can belay a heavy weight polarbear ok? Hee....

Got pics but dun wanna to show you all the ugly ones. Haa...

A "rock climbing" Polarbear

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Christina Aguilera's Concert Rocks!... Boring people watching!!!

Christina Aguilera's Concert Rocks!... Boring people watching!!!

This is my 1st time to the western artist concert. I am happy that I did not miss it as it is one of the BEST concert ever! It is nothing like those concert that I usually watched.

Everything from the music to the dancers to the sets are top notch grade! Of cos the star, Christina Aguilera, is in top form. Her singing is very powerful and clear, very CD like. Of cos good things come in small package and she is still very sexy. Lots of changes in costumes and sets. The 8 dancers are fantastic! So all in all it is one of the best concerts I ever been to! The only complaint is the concert is too short, only 75 mins instead of the usual 2.5 hrs for asian stars.


Too bad even I thoroughly enjoyed at this concert, it was being marred by some idiots! People that dunno how to enjoyed themselves in a pop concert. BORING! BORING! BORING!

When the concert first started, Christina sang "Ain't no other man", of cos it did bring some of the ppl to their feet. Ppl that had attended concerts with me of cos know that I am one of those ppl as well even though I am the ONLY ONE who was on my feet enjoying myself around my area! After that song, some idiot came and tapped on my shoulders and asked me to sit down! I stared at that person and give him the "What are you doing here" look.

If you wanna to sit through a pop concert, you might as well go home, buy a dvd and watch. Cheaper than the ticket that you have bought! Idiot!

As I stay seated through the slow numbers, towards the end, the high part came when she sang the theme song for Moulin Rougue! Again, I stood up and was enjoying myself. This time round, an Ang Mo came about and rudely told me to sit as I was blocking her! WTF! WTF! WTF! I argued with her saying that the 2 gals standing behind me as well. If she want, she can ask the management to come and talk to me! IDIOT!

If you all dunno how to enjoy a pop concert, PLS DUN WASTE YOUR $$ and STAY AT HOME!

I shall cursed the both of you, whatever concert you will be attending, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FOREVER! How dare you come and ask me to sit! YOU BLOODY IDIOTS! I got the good seats you all jealous. Next time go and buy your tickets early and block me then!

Ok now I am cooled down now. I am going back to rave about how good is the concert and how I had enjoyed myself in the concert, blocking some idiots view.

At the same time, National Stadium is doing its closing ceremony and sad to say the fireworks are pathetic. What a way for the fat lady to sing its last song!

Since there are tons and tons of ppl in the area, decided to hang out @ Cosy Bay for beer and food! It is a very cool place to be at chilling out as well especially got special company at the same time. Haa.....

Another concert coming up soon! So looking forward to it!

A "concert crazed" Polarbear