Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a fun dinner!

What a fun dinner!

Tonite, I meet up with a group of ppl that I had never expected to keep in touch. After all I only had know them for 3 weeks one year plus again. Haa... Guess making an effort to meet up with ppl really makes friendship works.

Before dinner and since I got time in my hands and I am in that area, I decided to donate blood. I am so amazed that if I go on a weekday, everything is so fast and smooth. From registration to the actual blood donating, it only took less than 20 mins. Usually I need to wait for a good 30 to 40 mins on a weekend. So happy that I donated blood and got a yellow bandage in return. Haa...

Back to the dinner, had dinner at lemongrass restaurant. Great thai food (less the garlic soft shell crab) and we ordered tons and tons of food! The main point of this dinner is to catch up and wow there are tons of laughter from all of us especially they started to talk about the gossip from their office. Haa... So much fun. Did missed them, cos we used to have lunch every time when we are working together. Boy was the lunch time fun!

In the end, all of us laughed until our cheeks ached and stomach pain. One of us even starting crying and laughing at the same time. Haa....

So Kasmina and gang, when is the next dinner? Dun drag until too long for the next one ok! Hee.... But face let me recover from my pain and stomach 1st. Hee...

A "thai food junkie" Polarbear

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