Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Earth: Saving the Planet

Live Earth: Saving the Planet

070707 makes environment day? Hee... I not sure but Live Earth concerts organised by Al Gore are happening around the world, 8 concerts at different places like New York, London, Sydney, etc, for 24 hours. This is done to bring awareness to the whole world about global climate changes. All lot of stars from all over the world joined in for the cause.

Hmm... So how effective was it? To me, not really, imagine the power required to power up for the concerts. I think the same amount of power can light up Africa for a very long period of time! Plus the private jets that the stars are always using, it does add more pollution right? Hmm..... After the concerts, the amount of trash being left behind is ... ... Talk about recycling then. Hmm.... Effective? I dun think so. More jz of the fun and get to see more stars performing under the same roof. Creating awareness? Hope it works. Hmm.....

What about here? Well we need more recycling bins for sure and to have more events on care for environment as well. For me, I think I will start of with using less plastic bags and start to recycle things more often. Not going to drive a car, since I cannot afford one as well. Haa.... I will do my part for the environment for sure, in order to save the Polarbears. What about you?

I dedicate this post to the event to create awareness as well. So this post will be in green! Hee....

A "environment friendly" Polarbear

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