Sunday, July 29, 2007

Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol.3

Happy Endings: Asian Boys Vol.3

Went to see an interesting play today. Hee....

This is the 3rd instalment of the play. I missed the 1st two. Its adopted Johann S Lee’s Peculiar Chris,for the stage.

1992. In their final year at Junior College, Christopher Han and his best friends – Sylvia, Kenneth and Nicholas, discover the ecstasy and pain of falling in love. Later, while serving his National Service, Chris has a relationship with his army officer, Samuel, before leaving for London for further studies.

2007. After 15 years abroad, Chris returns to a Singapore that he barely recognises. The city has become a veritable gay wonderland, while repressive attitudes remain as entrenched as ever. Sylvia has become part of the leading vanguard for change. Kenneth has renounced his past, refashioning himself as a voice for conservatism. And Nicholas is partying like there’s no tomorrow.

Haunted by the ghosts of the past, and yet enchanted by the spectres of the present, Chris is torn between nostalgia for a more innocent decade, and hope for a wiser future. Timely, urgent and moving, Happy Endings asks what it means for a society to come of age. (Extracted from W!ld Rice homepage)

This is a pretty much interesting show, with a lot of things to debate about, and it also shows that no matter with who, love is the same, got passion and got lust as well. It was well played by the actors and the lines are witty and tainted with hidden political issues on current govt stand on the gays (Read Panel 377A).

To me, they got their rights as well. I am not against them but more of sitting on the fence for the issue. We should be open about them and embrace them into our society. Everyone go their own rights to choose who they want to love anyway.

It is an eye opener play and hope that they can put all 3 acts together to see the whole thing again! That will be great!

A "wide eyed" Polarbear

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