Sunday, July 01, 2007

Christina Aguilera's Concert Rocks!... Boring people watching!!!

Christina Aguilera's Concert Rocks!... Boring people watching!!!

This is my 1st time to the western artist concert. I am happy that I did not miss it as it is one of the BEST concert ever! It is nothing like those concert that I usually watched.

Everything from the music to the dancers to the sets are top notch grade! Of cos the star, Christina Aguilera, is in top form. Her singing is very powerful and clear, very CD like. Of cos good things come in small package and she is still very sexy. Lots of changes in costumes and sets. The 8 dancers are fantastic! So all in all it is one of the best concerts I ever been to! The only complaint is the concert is too short, only 75 mins instead of the usual 2.5 hrs for asian stars.


Too bad even I thoroughly enjoyed at this concert, it was being marred by some idiots! People that dunno how to enjoyed themselves in a pop concert. BORING! BORING! BORING!

When the concert first started, Christina sang "Ain't no other man", of cos it did bring some of the ppl to their feet. Ppl that had attended concerts with me of cos know that I am one of those ppl as well even though I am the ONLY ONE who was on my feet enjoying myself around my area! After that song, some idiot came and tapped on my shoulders and asked me to sit down! I stared at that person and give him the "What are you doing here" look.

If you wanna to sit through a pop concert, you might as well go home, buy a dvd and watch. Cheaper than the ticket that you have bought! Idiot!

As I stay seated through the slow numbers, towards the end, the high part came when she sang the theme song for Moulin Rougue! Again, I stood up and was enjoying myself. This time round, an Ang Mo came about and rudely told me to sit as I was blocking her! WTF! WTF! WTF! I argued with her saying that the 2 gals standing behind me as well. If she want, she can ask the management to come and talk to me! IDIOT!

If you all dunno how to enjoy a pop concert, PLS DUN WASTE YOUR $$ and STAY AT HOME!

I shall cursed the both of you, whatever concert you will be attending, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FOREVER! How dare you come and ask me to sit! YOU BLOODY IDIOTS! I got the good seats you all jealous. Next time go and buy your tickets early and block me then!

Ok now I am cooled down now. I am going back to rave about how good is the concert and how I had enjoyed myself in the concert, blocking some idiots view.

At the same time, National Stadium is doing its closing ceremony and sad to say the fireworks are pathetic. What a way for the fat lady to sing its last song!

Since there are tons and tons of ppl in the area, decided to hang out @ Cosy Bay for beer and food! It is a very cool place to be at chilling out as well especially got special company at the same time. Haa.....

Another concert coming up soon! So looking forward to it!

A "concert crazed" Polarbear

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