Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Recently, met up with a few friends and the topic always will go to owning a car. Wonder y as everyone is in a hurry to own a car? Jz know yesterday that my close fren also jz booked a car. Well for him, I know he is going to get one sooner or later when he says he is looking at car only.

Here, cars are expensive as we need to buy a piece of paper call COE before we can buy a car. Although I got a licence to drive, but I never though of buying a car reason being:

1. No money to buy one and all the additional cost that comes with it.
2. I prefer to be driven then to drive.
3. The drivers here generally all impatient.
4. Hard to find parking lots.
5. Once I have a car, I will start to run around as well.

In short, I rather be the passenger. I dun mind buying a car if someone is willingly to drive me from point A to point B. Hee.... Come to think of it! I even decided what car I want to buy already. Hee.... Therefore at the moment if I am feeling lazy, I would take a cab. Hee... The amount of $$ that I spent on cabs now is still lesser than the monthly instalments for the car.

However, I rather use the $$ to do the things that I like to do eg. travelling, diving, food etc.

So to HW, hope that once you get the car, we still have chance to meet up since I think you will be bz with ur new toy. After all we are only acquaintance only and I know I not in your priority list. Hee...

A "laze to drive" Polarbear

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