Thursday, July 05, 2007

Little pleasures that makes Polarbear happy

Little pleasures that makes Polarbear happy

Today is quite a Happy day for me even though I had to went through torture before I can enjoy my fruits of labour. Haa... So finally after 2 days of slacking, I finally hit the gym again. Did Hi-Lo and first time tried Bootcamp. Wow was it tiring! Foor me at least. Haa....

Hi-Lo, this time round more like dancing, with all the twisting and turning, making me all giddy and forgetting my steps. Haa.... It was fun though.

Bootcamp different alr. It is something like the 5BX that I used to do during my BMT. I had been thinking of getting the rubber rope for sometime. It prove to be useful during the lesson. Hmm... Maybe I should get one as well. Hee.... It is plain torture for the class as everything is done 50 reps. Siao one. Hee...

Now come the pleasure part, since we ended quite late, I managed to get approval to eat one of the forbidden food, Fast Food. Hee... So off went to Mac to enjoy. It has been a long time since I last ate alr. Hee... Very hard to get approval though. Shared Grilled chicken foldover set meal with free 6 pcs nuggets and an apple pie. It is jz heaven after eating even though I am not full from the meal! Hee...

So happy after eating the meal! It jz reminds me of my childhood times!

A "Mac Happy" Polarbear

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