Monday, July 09, 2007

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Polarbear is not a BIG Fan of chocolate. However when it comes to chocolate cravings, I would always go to my one and only chocolate place, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar. I would always bring my frens to this quiet little place as well. Everything inside there is about chocolate, hot, cold, ice blended etc. Till now, I could not find a place that serves better chocolate than this place. Hee....

I always order this 2 things when I am there.

Suckao that come in dark, milk or white chocolate and milk. So what you do is, depends how how thick you like your coco drink to be, you can add in the number of coco drops and amount of milk. This is the reason why I like this drink so much. Usually I go for dark chocolate for the bitter sweet taste. The stirrer cum straw that comes with it is also unique

Chocolate Fondue that come with dark, milk and white chocolate. This is the main reason cos no where else serves fondue like that, of cos this is what I know lah. Haa.... So with the fruits and bread and marshmallows that come with it, it is together a prefect match! I always like to do mix and match, which means dip the fruits into white coco then dip it again into milk or dark coco. It jz simply taste heavenly!

There is still a lot of other chocolate drinks offered there. Go there and try it! The souffle there is fantastic as well! It is also a must try.

It is located at Esplanade, be a bit patient when queuing. Have to say that the place is really under staffed so the standard of service could be below the par at times. However for the chocolate, all can be forgiven, at least for me. Hee...

Reminder too much chocolate at one go is bad ok! So dun eat too much also. Hee....

A "Max Brenner Lover" Polarbear

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