Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Horror night and a "Funny" night

A Horror night and a "Funny" night

Watched 2 different types of movies over Fri and Sat nights. Crazy huh? Haa... Wat's more? I watched both movies in the same cinema some more! Sigh... One is the last row and the other at the 2nd row from the front! Haa...

So Friday nite, being "asked" (forced) to organise a scary movie outing by Pearlina, decided to watch ALONE, a Thai horror show. Did not watch it alone, ok I dun dare to, but with 5 other frens. Hee....

The story is about a pair of Siamese twin, got separated and one of them died shortly after the operation. When the other one returned to the old house, strange things being to happen and the ending was unexpected very good. Haa... The scares are not the usual scares got some really unexpected ones as well. Haa... Overall, I give the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.

In our group, it seems like the girls are more daring than the 2 guys. Haa... I was sort of hiding behind my jacket one third of the time. Hee... Me being me, yes I like to pay $$ to scare myself ok! Hee...

It was a great time spent with frens that had not met for a very long time, so much fun gossiping huh! Haa...

Next day, met up with my usual gang, less one guy who only called us when his wife out of town?!? (WTF???) Well, jz say I interacted with that guy to a bear minimum. Boring! This time cos that guy got free tickets, we are being treated to watch Knocked Up, 2nd row from the front. (What the hell is he thinking when he is buying the tickets?) This is supposed to be a comedy, however watching it 2nd row from the front, it became a tragedy instead. That explains for "Funny" in the title.

The story about this loser guy met a career rising gal in a club, with the aid of alcohol, one thing led to another and a baby was created. It shows how the couple reacted during the 9 mths. I will give the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars. Good but forgettable.

Although it is a comedy, it dawned on my something. Something that I was unable to explained and it was explained to me in the movie. When someone loved you a lot to a point that he or she will try to control all your stuff. Yes! That freaked me out!

Wonder if the same thing happen to me, what will I do? Hmm... What else, call my parents and inform them "You got a grandson coming!" Haa... Think my mum will be very happy with that.

Two different types of shows back to back also tired me out. Haa... Going to sleep now!

A "wide eyes shut" Polarbear

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