Friday, July 06, 2007

Dim Dum Dollies in the History of Singapore

Dim Dum Dollies in the History of Singapore

This is the 3rd outing for the Dim Sum Dollies and I will give up anything so that I will not miss their show. Haa... Their last show being 2005, which was also my first time watching them, not counting The Little Shop of Horrors as one. Hee....

This time, the show is worth every cent of the ticket. Hee... It is fantastic,packed, funny and up to date as well. Haa... It is also like a mini celebration for National Day as well. Haa...

They brought us through the history of Singapore, from how to land was formed, to how many historians rejected Singapore cos it is too small, to how Nila (the guy that saw the lion) discovered Singapura (Cos his mother want him to do so. Haa...), to how Raffles landed, to how it modernise till today. There are laughter through the whole show. They are so good that they even managed to get some of the latest news as spoofs as well like the Spice girls reunion tour etc.

Of cos there is also "Chopsticks", Hossan Leong to provide the laughter with the Dim Dum Dollies as well. He should be part of the Dim Sun Dollies, without him, the show will not be as good alr. Hee... Of cos there is still 6 "lo mai guys".

Seems like the tickets are almost sold out. Go and watch it if can! Haa...

A "Dim Sum Siao" Polarbear

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