Monday, July 23, 2007

Relaxing weekend

Relaxing weekend

This past weekend is good and almost relaxing... Hee... I liked!

Started off with watching movies! Yes a movie buff like me had not watch a movies for the past 1 week and seems that something is missing out from my life! So what we watched? Die Hard 4.0!

Reasons of me watching this movie is not becos
1. I am a big action movie fan
2. I am Bruce Willis fan
3. I am a Die Hard series fan

Nope! Not the above! There is only 1 reason why I watched the movie and it is because of Maggie Q. Haa... She is so HOT in the movie as int he way she walks and fights in the movie. However I am sad the way she died, so ...unglam! Hmm...

Well the movie is about a police detective ,John McClane, found himself yet again embroiled in a cyberspace terrorist attack. The whole fighting scenes and the highways chases are very cool! I like it! Haa... Overall I will give the movie 3.75 out of 5 stars. After all, have to give credit to Bruce Willis to do this movie at an age of 52 (I think). Haa...

On Sat, the day started off with of cos Harry Potter, then it was also a day to sentosa with my dog and I managed to have my family there as well. Free entrance as it was my company family day. Supposed to start off at 7.30am in the morning, but then we only reached there by noon. Even the grand lucky draw was over. Haa...

Everywhere was people and plus it was drizzling so I decided to hang out at Sakae Sushi for lunch then move off to KM8 to chill out! Haa.... Even my mum like KM8! Haa... Plus that the weather there was cool and cloudy.

Oscar had a fun time as well, swimming quite a lot with me dragging him off into the sea. Could not unleash him as there are some big dogs around and Oscar being a bit aggressive, always getting into fight with others. Sigh... Need to train him up on that. After which, went home and slacked at home. It was a time well spent with my family especially it had been ages since we went out alr. Hee.... Especially my poor Oscar!

Sunday spent at gym and reading Harry Potter. Hee....

KM8 proves to be a good place to hang out! I think I will be there more often now. At least once a month right? Hee... Anyone wanna to join me?

A "blissful" Polarbear

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