Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jacky Cheung's Concert: I had heard Song God sing!

Jacky Cheung's Concert: I had heard Song God sing!

Yesterday, together with Danny and SK, we attended Jacky Cheung's concert. We had spent $200 each for the top price tickets and I managed to get tickets on the 15th row from the front. Was it worth it? Definitely! Worth every cent of it!

The show started of with 3 of his fast songs and he was pretty rather nifty in his footsteps as well. Hee... Throughout the concert, he sang both Cantonese and Chinese songs both form new albums and his classics! Later half of the show, he got a 30 min segment as a showcase of his musical, "Snow Wolf Lake" and movie "Perhaps Love". It was great to showcase his other side of singing ability. I jz loved it! Cos I missed his musical and still sad about it. Sigh...

Encore came and it was an extended encore where he sang all his classics songs over his long career and almost everyone was on their feet. hee... it was jz great. The show lasted slightly less than 4 hours. A record man! Hee... it was one of the longest and the best concert I had ever been to! It is definitely top 2 in my list of my fav concerts!

It was interesting the see the vast age difference of the crowd, I think for ppl from age 1 to 100 in the crowd. The crowd is much more better here and more "on" as well. Hee...

However, can see some bad habits of the Singapore crowd and all this is showing no respect to the performer. Sad. They came in late, even though the ticket stated 8pm, there is still some people that came in after the show had started. Next happens when the concert had not even ended, there were people that jz stood up and left. What is the hurry? The concert had not ended yet leh. Sigh... Disgrace leh!

Well after the concert, we decided to hang out and have Taiwan porridge for supper. Too bad that this place is going to be tear down soon! Cannot think what the govt is thinking sometimes. Tearing down icons or trees jz like that! Wasting $$ at the same time especially when they reversed their decision.

So looking forward to another of his concert! Hope that it will not be another 5 year wait! Hee...

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