Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dinner with ex-colleagues

Dinner with ex-colleagues

With a sms, out of the blue, from one my my ex colleagues inviting me for a dinner, yesterday managed to meet up with 10 of them and trying to catch up on how each other is doing right now. I had been meeting some of them in small groups and some of them tried to meet up for a very long time but they always flew me aeroplane (means cancel the gathering last min). Hee...

So yesterday was quite fun, as it is good to see them becoming frens as well. A lot of updates, especially to see that 2 of them going to be 1st time parent soon! Dun worry everything is going to turn out fine, and you all going to be great parents.

Something funny happened, when Ozy told me that a gal at the next table was looking at me and smiling when I am talking quite loudly as we are seating in a long table and makes it hard to chit chat. This happens a few times through the night. I did not see it as my side is facing her. Once back to my seat, I took a quick glance at the girl, and I go "OMG!" Hee.... As we were leaving I can see that her frens are even looking at me, checking me out. Hmm.... SO funny though.

It is fun having such gathering. We should have this more often. Dun worry I will be back in Sep. So till then... ... Wait for my return ok!

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