Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oscar and me

Oscar and me

Both Oscar and me led the same life yesterday. So what happened? We went to see doctors yesterday.

After seeing my in house doctor, which issued me with medicine that did not work, I decided to visit another clinic as I cannot tahan the might coughing which is affecting my sleep. This time much better, he gave me antibiotics and my cough med. Plus, he gave me 2 days MC! Woo Hoo.....

Back to OSCAR, in the earlier post, I stated that he was vomiting and pooing until wed, but it started yesterday again. This time even worse, there is blood in his poo. So immediately, me and my dad brought him to the vet. So worried for him.

After seeing the doc and a jab, suspected that he might had eaten something off the ground and cause some infection and thus blood in this poo. There might be foreign body inside his stomach but the doctor could not feel anything inside.

It is funny to see Oscar being poked at the backside when the doc was taking the temperature. Haa... So he too came back with a bag of med and need a change of diet (fish porridge) as well. His medical bill also much more higher than me!

He is now feeling much better with no more poo and vomit alr.

Hope that he will be all ready to go sentosa with me 2molo! Hee...

A "on MC" Polarbear

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