Sunday, July 08, 2007

PolarbearExpress is ONE YEAR OLD!

PolarbearExpress is ONE YEAR OLD!

Time really flies fast and I had been faithfully updating this blog for a year. Hee... and It is reaching almost its 200th post as well.

Hmm.... During this period of time, this blog had recorded most of the stuff that I had been doing and my thoughts / feelings as well. This blog had served me well also. Haa....

I know most of the readers for this blog (well jz frens that I know) but then I wonder sometimes did anyone else that I do not know are reading this blog as well? Haa... If you are, pls drop me a tag and let me know.

I remember I started this blog as I was going through a rough patch this time last year and wanted to find some way to release the stress as well. Thus this blog was born. Haa...

Hmm... wonder those ppl that I do not know and are reading this blog are thinking how come I do not put my picture in this blog? Haa.... All these while I had only put Oscar's pictures and poster of the movies that I had seen and reviewed. Haa... So wonder how I looked like? Hmm.... Oh well.... here goes nothing.... Enjoy!

Haa.... Handsome right? Haa....

Hmm.... Is there anything I need to improve on? Maybe can jz drop me a note at the tag board as well!

Happy Birthday to PolarbearExpress!

A "Mystery" Polarbear

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