Wednesday, February 28, 2007

End of Feb 07

End of Feb 07

Very fast, Feb is here and gone again. A very short month of 28 days, but a very happy month for me. Haa....

The month started with a BANG! A start of a brand new chapter with someone special. Hee.... Loved every moment of it. Sorry that got to spend V Day alone though... Well to me every moment with you is great ok! Also got to finally met up with your parents. One big day and I think I passed with "flying colours" huh? Haa... Thks for the gift as well.

School started as well and started to get busy as well. I had not really started on my revision yet but I think I better start now. If not, I sure to die from it.

Watched a few movies, and have to say that my fav movie for this month will be The Last King of Scotland. Great acting! Hee... This month is also the month for Oscars to be given out and have to say that all are deserving winners. Hee.... Plus I won a contest from it. I wonder what I had won. Supposed to worth $400 of goodies leh. Haa....

This month, I had not been attending gym due to holidays and other activities. So sad. I missed gym a lot. Sigh.. Will try to make it up this month. I also did NVM, 60 storeys @ Republic Plaza. It was jz great and fun. Let do it again! Haa...

Listed a few things to do in End of Jan post, but seems like I had not done most of it. Will try to do it for this month ok! Hee.... Polarbear got to be more discipline hor. Hee....

At work, nothing much changes except got a new colleague and I am not cool with him. Period!

In March, I got to be very busy with all my assignments due and tons of things to do! Hee.... Wished me luck!

A "poor thing at work" Polarbear

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have Uncle-phobia!

I have Uncle-phobia!

Just last week, I got a new colleague came and joined me. I was hoping for that day to come along as I was sort of getting bored along. Hmm.... However, the happiness did not last long and my worst nightmare begins... ... I shall call my new colleague "Mr Ok Ok".

The first impression sucks, he is a 40 odd yr old guy, his clothes is untidy and everything is "Ok Ok" to him. Sigh... Plus his clearance is still not cleared yet, so I have to be his escort everywhere he goes until his clearance has been cleared. Wonder when is that going to happen. So the first day still ok! He looked bored from reading all the things that I passed to him. Well I am also bored reading from all those things. Haa...

The next few days, he really got onto my nerves. Every day, he will be asking me if my bosses are coming to visit us etc, if they got send any email, etc. He will asked once in the morning, then once in the afternoon again. Sigh.... Then I will try my best to maintain my patience and replied him. Once is ok, but too many times is too much! Way too much! He thinks that he can go anywhere he like and poked his nose into everything. Erhh.... He still got a lot of tricks on his sleeves to irritate me! Which I will not mention here already.

Other than that to irritate me, we got no common topics else. So most of the time, we jz sit there and do our own things.

So, I already termed him as someone with no IQ and no EQ. Sad but he really dun have any. I looked at him and reminded myself not to be like him when I am 40 yrs old.

I am also sorry to the people that I had been complaining to. Sorry that you have to put up with me especially you! Thks for all the listening ears.

I hope he will turn for the good if not I will have to take certain steps already. Trust me I will! I have done that before, I will do it again!

A irritated Polarbear

Sunday, February 25, 2007

National Vertical Marathon 2007

National Vertical Marathon 2007

This morning is the morning for National Vertical Marathon again, except this time round with different people and lots and lots of fun! Haa.... Our team name is called the "Hitch Hikers" Haa....

Last yr was at Suntec Tower 4, 43 storeys, this year at Republic Plaza, 60 storeys. Hmmm... a difference of 17 storeys.

After registration, I got the lucky number tag of 2121. We still have to wait for an hour before we can start climbing. This year we are taking it easy less someone. Haa... Reason being all of us are old already. So we go slow and easy. Haa....

So we started at 11.50am. Countdown of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! Off we go! So I slowly take my time to go stair by stair. Come on! U can say I am lazy but my main aim is to complete all 60 storeys. Hee...

Reached 10 storeys, still ok, legs not aching and still breathing fine.

Reached 20 storeys, I need a drink, getting a bit sweaty and breathless.

Reached 30 storeys, I need a drink and a breather. Hey I am the last one.

Reached 40 storeys, another short water break. Haa... Getting slacker! Got people waiting for me. Better buck up.

Reached 43 storeys, not the ending point yet, it is last year end point. Come on! Endure! Can someone tell me why am I doing this?

Reached 50 storeys, 10 more to go come on! Dun give up! Haa.... Thinking of what I am going to eat for lunch. Haa....

Reached 60 storeys, finally reached the end point! Took a number tag and grabbed a drink. Too bad no view to see! Hey I have completed all 60 storeys already. In fact all 5 of us did. SP, Cannie, LLT and ZS. Thks for the encouragement and it was really fun. We still can talk and climb at the same time. Hee...

Next to collect the goodie bag, cool down a bit and next headed to Suntec for lunch. Haa... Since burnt so much fats already, time to put some back and went to Sizzler for a long lunch. Had a great time chatting and seems like we sure got a lot of programs coming on in the next coming months huh. Haa....

Something to ponder, when one have new friends, do you throw ur old friends aside? Hmm... Well I know someone who did just that. Sigh. For these kind of friends, forget about it!

I am going to pamper my legs now for doing such hard work today. Haa...

A "Crazy" Polarbear

Friday, February 23, 2007

Just Follow Law!

Just Follow Law!

Finally can settle down to watch a movie this week... hmmm even though I did caught one on Monday. Did I? Haa... So this time round, the movie that we caught was, Just Follow Law, a local produced movie, with Fann Wong and Gurmit as the leads.

In short, it is a satirical movie that humorously explores the intricacies of office politics, seen through the eyes of blue collar worker Shui and Vice President Tanya who, through a freak accident, swap souls and bodies. They each experience life in the shoes of the other and come to a better understanding of the plights and challenges facing the workforce in Singapore.

Fann Wong's acting was FANNtastic this time round, very different from what she usually do in tv shows. This is the first time that I see her acting and really enjoyed it a lot. Gurmit did the usual stuff but it was Fann who brought the house down this time round.

Jack Neo also did a good job with the story and the directing. The story line was quite true in the civil service world. Hee... I know that as I used to be from there also where everything also need to submit in black and white for approval this or that. Haa...

Overall, I give this movie 3.5 stars out of 5. The plot can be tighter and some of the lame jokes can be removed as well. Since it is a local movie, I will asked all of you to go and support this movie. Have to give Jack and the cast a pat on the back!

So tired after watching the show. Me going to ZZZzzz....

A tired Polarbear

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reservist Call Up!

Reservist Call Up!

I have yet to celebrate my one year anniversary of my ORD! I already received my first NS Reservist Call Up! Sianzz..... How come so fast one? Other ppl ORDed so long still have not started yet, how come I need to start mine so fast! Sigh... I think the ppl in office really missed me too much!

Anyway, it will be 2 weeks in Sep 07. Heng, going back to my old camp so I can lobo there and slack. Haa... I am prepared to read newspapers everyday! The best thing is I can go home everyday! Haa....

A Slacky Polarbear

Monday, February 19, 2007

Time to face the moment of truth ... ... on 2nd Day of CNY

Time to face the moment of truth ... ... on 2nd Day of CNY

1st day of CNY. Went to Grandma's house and met up with a lot of relatives of cos red packets is a must. Spent the whole day rotting until night time. met up and watched "Ghost Rider". OMG! it seems like most ppl got the same thought and I think all shows are sold out! Crazy!

So Ghost Rider is another movie that was from a comic book. Superstar motorcycle stunt rider Johnny Blaze (Nicholas Cage) strikes a deal with the vile Mephistopheles for the most precious of commodities - his immortal soul. Now Johnny Blaze is forever destined to ride night after night as the host to the powerful supernatural entity known as the Ghost Rider. The movie is quiet a decent one with all the cool CG effects. Seems like we will see more sequels from the Ghost Rider. Hee.... I give 3.5 stars out of 5. Decent storyline with good acting. I jz loved Eva Mendes!

Today, was a nerve wrecking day for me. I could not sleep the night before. Haa... In the afternoon, went for a house visit for CNY and had lunch together. Haa... Met up with a few VIPs!
After which, I had invited my grp of pals to my home for steamboat dinner. yes! The 2nd one for me in the day. Haa... It was fun to do this. Hee... We should do this more often ok! Hee... Played Blackjack and won a bit of $$. All thks to my lucky star. Haa...

Meantime, my frens played mahjong with my parents. Haa.... Now still playing. Think they will play until early morning! Good luck to all of you! Haa... Dun let my mum win all the $$ ok? Haa....

A LUCKY Polarbear

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Time for Reunion Dinner!

Time for Reunion Dinner!

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year! The biggest festival to be celebrated by the chinese all over the world. Hee... This year is the turn for the pig, not any ordinaray pig but the golden pig. Haa....

So on the eve we will have reunion dinner. This year a little special. I had my uncle and his family that came and joined us. With my 3 cousins, the noise level in my house jz went up to a new high record. Haa... However they does make the whole thing more interesting. It had been a long time since I ate with little kids. Boy, they did make the dinner more rowdy and funnier. Haa....

So what I had this year? As usual, steamboat with 1001 food to go into the steamboat. Haa....

Had a long time eating and talking to my family and the rest. Hmm... it had been a long time since we sat down and have a meal as a family.

My mum's special sauce

After which, I had promised the kids to make chocolate fondue for them.

After spending a lot of time on it, they jz ate and few mouthful and walked off. Really making me angry leh.... ....

Peace and quiet came back after they left. Haa....

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

A "going to eat a lot" Polarbear

Friday, February 16, 2007

The Last King of Scotland

The Last King of Scotland

Yesterday, caught the one of the shows that I had been wanting to watch, "The Last King of Scotland"'. I had heard and read so much of the movie that I had to watch it personally. The male lead, Forest Whitaker, was fantastic as Amin. Now I am convinced that he should get the Oscar for Best Actor. Haa....

The story is about in an incredible twist of fate, a Scottish doctor, Nicholas (James McAvoy) on a Ugandan medical mission becomes irreversibly entangled with one of the world's most barbaric figures: Idi Amin (Forest Whitaker). Impressed by Garrigan's brazen attitude in a moment of crisis, the newly self-appointed Ugandan President Amin hand picks him as his personal physician and closest confidante.

Though Garrigan is at first flattered and fascinated by his new position, he soon awakens to Amin's savagery - and his own complicity in it. Horror and betrayal ensue as Garrigan tries to right his wrongs and escape Uganda alive.

In fact both actors came out with strong acting. I like the Scottish accent. Haa.... The movie does not really show how violent is Amin but it does show his insecurity and unable to trust anyone beside himself. The point of view of the movie come from Nicholas and how he viewed Amin.

To me, Amin is not a bad person, but a bad leader! He had great vision but unable to carry them out. He had no views on his own and will blame other ppl for the mistakes that he had decided on. Hmm..... Bad.

Overall I will give the movie 4 stars out of 5 for the great acting from the actors! Go and catch it soon before they take it off from the cinemas, which I think is soon!

Before the show, went for a combat class. Hmm... think I am going to fall sick again. Sigh.... Felt so tired after the class and my nose started to be a running tap as well. Maybe shall delay the gym sessions after CNY then. Haa.... Meantime got to resist all the feasting during CNY then.

Got a little surprise before watching the show. Haa.... Thks for the surprise! Really loved it!

Oscar got a new haircut before CNY. Looking so handsome now! Should post some of his pics here alr. Time really flies fast, he is coming to 9 mths old alr. Haa... Going to celebrate his one yr old birthday soon!

CNY is coming really soon! Dunno y I dun seem to have any mood for CNY at all. Haa... Maybe wait till I see the red packets then maybe I can feel it then. Haa...

A "show me the food!" Polarbear

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine / Friendship Day!

Happy Valentine / Friendship Day!

I got lesson 2nite! Enough Said. Haa....

A "poor thing" Polarbear

PS: Jz wondering y would ppl wanna to spend tons of $$ today on flowers / gifts / dinners knowing that it will cost tons cheaper 2molo. Hmm... ... I will not fall into this little trap of theirs.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Protege: Gala Premiere

The Protege: Gala Premiere

I was given a pair of Gala Premiere tickets to the movie (all thks to Hazel!) @ GV Vivocity. Tons of ppl where there to see the stars, not the Mediacorp ones but Daniel Wu and Louis Koo, the stars of the movie! The seats are good as we are in the main cinema and with all the Mediacorp stars sitting nearby and even get to see both Daniel Wu and Louis Koo up close and personal! Have to say that Daniel Wu is really good looking! Haa... In fact I think most of the ppl there are to see the both of them lo. Haa....

Ok back to the movie. The movie is about undercover officer Nick (Daniel Wu) had spent the last eight years penetrating into the core of a drug sales ring working his way up from a street dealer post to the managerial position handling cargo deliveries for Jong (Andy Lau) - the biggest player in the local heroin market. When the ailing Jong makes Nick his protégé, Nick could not but sway before money and power and starts to perform his role like a real drug trafficker. This, together with his affair with heroin-addict Jane (Zhang Jingchu), causes Nick to becomes more and more confused about his true identity, and eventually leads to a disastrous end.

It is one of the best HK movies that I have seen so far! Great acting from the cast even though the plot is a little scattered and loose. I always like the movies from the director Derek Yee who is good at the police chase bad man kind of movies. Hee.... The story behind the movie is mainly about drugs. The misuse of drugs abuse and what can harm can it do not only to your own self but to other ppl as well!

In the movie, Andy is a drug dealer who sell drugs but dun take drugs. He mentioned that he is only to supply the drugs becos there is a demand for it. He is actually not doing any bad thing at all. To a certain extend, I agree with him. Haa.... Cos if there is no demand then he is finished as well.

So overall I will give this movie 4 stars out of 5! Go and watch it over CNY once you had collected all your red packets! Haa....

A star- struck Polarbear

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekend of nerves!

Weekend of nerves!

This weekend is sure a weekend of nerves! Haa.... Let start of with Friday where we were watching movie (review later) and as the movie started, the conversation behind us also started. WTF! As I cannot concentrate between both conversations, I decided to turn behind and say "Do u mind?" and the stupid guy with the BIGGEST mouth came back with a reply "I mind", and the conversation continues and instead of using my combat moves on him which I am tempted to, I decided to shift seats. After a while, the couple decided that a cinema is not a good place to talk and leaves the cinema. WTF! Who in the right mind will spend $18 and then dun watch a movie! I am cursing him since ever since! Haa....

So what was the movie? Little Children, a movie abt adultery basically. Haa.... It all started in a suburban town full of perfect parents devoted to rearing their children, a stay-at-home mom has an affair with an ex-jock stay-at-home dad who rebels against his wife's wishes that he become a big-bucks lawyer. Nice story, a bit slow, and great acting from Kate Winslet. I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5.

On Saturday, went for the Combat class, decided to give the pump a miss as I had attend one the day before (a last min one). Haa.... It was totally fun and crazy! I totally loved Sue's classes! Haa... No rest and all the way chiong until it is all over. Haa...

After which, met up with the HW, Danny and SK, intention to buy some CNY clothing, in the end bought rings, Haa.... Yes I bought one too! A pair of the sandals that I had been eyeing for so long. Thk you for picking the colour for me! It is sort of also the first time that we are meeting up together and it was great! I was in a semi freaking out mode cos of some reason but then it all went well! Chopped approved! Haa....

After that, we decided to go to Vivocity for a movie since HW and SK had not been there for a movie yet! So what we watched? A comedy called "Clerks II". Damn lame and sort of funny as well. R21 movie but I think it is still censored at parts. Sigh.... Haa... LLT so tired that she jz fell asleep in the movie. Poor thing huh? I give the movie 2 stars out of 5.

After a packed Friday and Saturday, I decided to let Sunday be a rest day and I spent the whole day resting (read: Sleeping). Haa.... Did a bit of spring cleaning as well, playing with dog Haa.... CNY is coming! Time to feast again! Haa.... The thing that I am dread of finally happened yesterday! Haa... I m totally in freaking out mode now!

Me going back to sleep! ZZZ...zzz....

A Rest-a-lot Polarbear

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Feeling tired!

Feeling tired!

Hmm... dunno y I am feeling so sluggish today? Hmm.... I think could be really due to the lack of sleep since I have been waking up early even on weekends. Haa..... Maybe it could be school work that is also making me starting to lose my sleep. Sigh... Maybe it could be something else? (Yes got nothing to do with YOU! Dun worry!) Haa...

So what do I need now? I think a solid 12 hr sleep of me will do wonders for me. If it also does not work, then I really dunno what to do alr. Haa.... Where to find time to sleep? So many things to do but so little time to do. I need to do some time management alr. Sigh...

For lunch, met up with Siti since we have not seen each other for so long. Had fun talking to her. Haa.... Dun ask me y she is not in school? Haa....

Dig out a lot of things, dun worry ur secrets are safe with me. Haa.... Hmm... Y dun like to take pics with me huh? I too ugly for ur blog huh? Sad leh. :(

Haa.... Jz wanna to say to you study hard, dun get distracted by all other stuff and take care!

After work, went to gym again. Thought that will be going for combat only, in the end also went for the Scuplt/Abs. Wrong choice! I put in much effort for the combat and did not expect scuplt/abs to be really so tough! It was fast paced and with some really tough moves. Haa... I sort of gave up half way but still managed to hang ard until the end of the class. Phew! Can go for the class again but I have to take time to get used to it and no other classes before that. Haa...

Finally had a subway sandwich with Hearty Italian! Y so hard to get the bread huh? Hmm....

So tired! Going to sleep now! ZZZzzz.... Sweet dreams to all!

A sluggish Polarbear

Sunday, February 04, 2007

A weekend of fun!

A weekend of fun!

This weekend started off with a bang! Haa... Saw 2 movies over the weekend. The first one is a romantic weepy Korean show, "Once in a summer". To me, Koreans romantic movies are the best, I always shed a tear or two whenever I watched one. The one that I shed most tears were "You are my sunshine" and "My sassy girlfriend". Jz classic romantic weepy movies! I loved it!

Anyway back to the movie, it is a heart-warming love story starring Lee Byung-hun who embarks on a quest to find out what happened to his first and only love (Su-Ae), who had mysteriously disappeared years ago. When still in college, Suk-young (Lee) then traveled with student volunteers to a remote village in the countryside in an attempt to escape the supervision of his strict father. He met the beautiful Jung-in (Su) there, and it was love at first sight. However, as the summer drew to a close, the couple faced a challenge to their willpower. Well the ending is sad, but then it was shot beautifully at country side and the whole movie was done so romantic, seeing how the guy go all out to chase after the girl. Haa... Go and watch it with someone special in your life. If not jz go with ur frens. Haa....

The second movie was the much acclaimed, oscar nominated movie, "Babel". The movie is set in the remote sands of the Moroccan desert, a rifle shot rings out - detonating a chain of events that will link an American tourist couple’s frantic struggle to survive, two Moroccan boys involved in an accidental crime, a nanny illegally crossing into Mexico with two American children and a Japanese teen rebel whose father is sought by the police in Tokyo.

The special thing about this movie is it started off with 4 different stories in 4 different countries and slowly in the movie, the link between the 4 stories surfaced. There are also a lot of meanings behind each story and when the stories are linked up. The usual things are like love, loneliness, hatred, etc.. Jz loved the movie! Great! Haa...

Other then watching movies, organised a potluck on Saturday night. It was fun! Thks for you all for attending the potluck. Thks Erica for the home made cheesecake and her flat! Thks the rest, Ben, HC, SP, Gina, LC for the wine and the food and entertaining my OSCAR! Haa... Fun talking and eating like that and cannot imagine we actually spend the whole night with no music and tv and yet does not feel boring at the same time. Haa... We can do this more often next time ok! Hee... Noticed that a lot of the dogs photos were taken and yet we forgot to take a grp pic! Sigh! Next time got to do it ok! OSCAR get to know a new fren named Effie. Haa... Poor thing! Got shaved looked kinda of cute now. Haa...

The rest of the weekend are pretty much the same, went gym on Sunday but this time to vivocity outlet, nice view of sentosa but pretty small place. The studio's air con is under maintenance so the whole workout was HOT HOT HOT! Sweating like a pig! Haa...

Yesterday rushed home to watch Project superstar. Well to say both are good and congrats to Darren who won it! Expected it anyway. Haa...

I am now tired, and still coughing. Haa.... I had been drinking tons and tons of water alr! When will the torture stop? Hmm... Did not touch my books at all over the weekend. Better start soon!
A very sleepy Polarbear

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I asked and the answer is ... ...

I asked and the answer is ... ...


Polarbear very happy with the answer but very lousy at asking. Took 30 mins of nervous stuttering only to get a single word answer. Haa... Really disappointed with myself leh. Usually can talk anything through my way but not for this. I have to admit that I am human and got a weakness after all. Haa...

A "happy over the moon" Polarbear

Friday, February 02, 2007

Polarbear is so sensitive!

Polarbear is so sensitive!

Poor Polarbear! After visiting the doc on Monday, took my medicine and then rashes appeared on my neck (which made me looked like a turkey) and spread to forearms and legs. A it itchy. Sigh... Hmm... Did informed the doc that I am allergic to Panadol. Hmm... Does that mean I am going to be allergic to more drugs? Hmm....

So finally went to pay the doc another visit today and sort of confirmed that yes could the antibiotics that caused it. So have to add one more item to my list.

So now I am allergy to panadol, lobster and amoxil. So if you wanna to kill Polarbear, by the way is a protect animal, pls feed him those things. Haa.... If not, pls keep those things far far away from him. Well I can take lobster when I got the medicine with me. So that is a different case. Haa... I still can eat.

Finally after a week of slacking, I am going to gym later for my fav classes! Hope that I will last thru the whole thing. Going to watch a movie after that. The first movie in Feb and for the past 2 weeks. Hee... Hope that tonight will be an unforgettable night!

A still coughing and itchy Polarbear