Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have Uncle-phobia!

I have Uncle-phobia!

Just last week, I got a new colleague came and joined me. I was hoping for that day to come along as I was sort of getting bored along. Hmm.... However, the happiness did not last long and my worst nightmare begins... ... I shall call my new colleague "Mr Ok Ok".

The first impression sucks, he is a 40 odd yr old guy, his clothes is untidy and everything is "Ok Ok" to him. Sigh... Plus his clearance is still not cleared yet, so I have to be his escort everywhere he goes until his clearance has been cleared. Wonder when is that going to happen. So the first day still ok! He looked bored from reading all the things that I passed to him. Well I am also bored reading from all those things. Haa...

The next few days, he really got onto my nerves. Every day, he will be asking me if my bosses are coming to visit us etc, if they got send any email, etc. He will asked once in the morning, then once in the afternoon again. Sigh.... Then I will try my best to maintain my patience and replied him. Once is ok, but too many times is too much! Way too much! He thinks that he can go anywhere he like and poked his nose into everything. Erhh.... He still got a lot of tricks on his sleeves to irritate me! Which I will not mention here already.

Other than that to irritate me, we got no common topics else. So most of the time, we jz sit there and do our own things.

So, I already termed him as someone with no IQ and no EQ. Sad but he really dun have any. I looked at him and reminded myself not to be like him when I am 40 yrs old.

I am also sorry to the people that I had been complaining to. Sorry that you have to put up with me especially you! Thks for all the listening ears.

I hope he will turn for the good if not I will have to take certain steps already. Trust me I will! I have done that before, I will do it again!

A irritated Polarbear

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