Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Protege: Gala Premiere

The Protege: Gala Premiere

I was given a pair of Gala Premiere tickets to the movie (all thks to Hazel!) @ GV Vivocity. Tons of ppl where there to see the stars, not the Mediacorp ones but Daniel Wu and Louis Koo, the stars of the movie! The seats are good as we are in the main cinema and with all the Mediacorp stars sitting nearby and even get to see both Daniel Wu and Louis Koo up close and personal! Have to say that Daniel Wu is really good looking! Haa... In fact I think most of the ppl there are to see the both of them lo. Haa....

Ok back to the movie. The movie is about undercover officer Nick (Daniel Wu) had spent the last eight years penetrating into the core of a drug sales ring working his way up from a street dealer post to the managerial position handling cargo deliveries for Jong (Andy Lau) - the biggest player in the local heroin market. When the ailing Jong makes Nick his protégé, Nick could not but sway before money and power and starts to perform his role like a real drug trafficker. This, together with his affair with heroin-addict Jane (Zhang Jingchu), causes Nick to becomes more and more confused about his true identity, and eventually leads to a disastrous end.

It is one of the best HK movies that I have seen so far! Great acting from the cast even though the plot is a little scattered and loose. I always like the movies from the director Derek Yee who is good at the police chase bad man kind of movies. Hee.... The story behind the movie is mainly about drugs. The misuse of drugs abuse and what can harm can it do not only to your own self but to other ppl as well!

In the movie, Andy is a drug dealer who sell drugs but dun take drugs. He mentioned that he is only to supply the drugs becos there is a demand for it. He is actually not doing any bad thing at all. To a certain extend, I agree with him. Haa.... Cos if there is no demand then he is finished as well.

So overall I will give this movie 4 stars out of 5! Go and watch it over CNY once you had collected all your red packets! Haa....

A star- struck Polarbear

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