Saturday, August 22, 2009


Hmm.... knowing what I can expect to see in this movie, I was still shocked by the movie after watching it. Haha.... How can this kind of film be shown in the first place. It was crude, boring, not funny. Wasted my $$ and time on this movie. This had got to be the worst movie of the year. However got to admit that the lead was very brave to art in this movie. Haha.... I give 0.5 star out of 5. Ok, I admited I laugh at some parts of the movie. :P

A "bored" Polarbear

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Reduced Shakespeare Company's ''The Complete Works of William Shakespeare''

I missed them when they first came to Singapore and decided to watch their show when they came again. I am not a big fan of literature and Shakespeare, knowing a few stories only. Therefore, with little expectation, I was pretty much surprised after watching the show. The energy of the 3 people were so good that they managed to reacted all or most of the stories.

It started a bit difficult to understand their accent initially, after a while, I got used to it,and began to enjoy the whole show. I have to say that if I were to see this when I was in my secondary school days, i would have loved literature. Haha....

A "like to read?" Polarbear