Sunday, January 19, 2014

SmartSupport - StarHub's Latest Value-Added Service

StarHub recently launched their latest value-added service called Smart Support.

So what is SmartSupport all about?

SmartSupport provides the following:

1. Technical Support
2. Data Protection
3. Device Replacement

You can read more information from this link.

After using the service for a month, so what I love about it?

1. Easy to use - No set up is required. Just need to download the Smart Support App, available from both Apple App Store or Android Play Store. Start the app, set up an account and the app will start the rest on its own.

2. The Auto Back-Up Function of the phone's contacts, photos and videos. The back-up is saved in a secure cloud which can be easily retrieved from the Smart Support Website. Who still sync and does back up of their phone to their PC in these days? Please note that only the phone's information is back up, not those information saved in the SD card.

3. There is a Locate function, for this who always misplaces their phone. Once logged into the Smart Support, you can see the last location of the phone, or you can activate an alarm from the phone. The alarm can be sound even the phone is set on silent mode. If there is not access to internet, you can call the Technical Support hot-line to activate the alarm.

4. Device replacement for lost phone within a certain time frame. This is good for those who always seems to lose their phone. The service allows up to 2 phone replacement in a year. However there is a fee for the phone replacement.

So what do I find this service not attractive?

1. The monthly subscription can be confusing. There is SmartSupport Plus and SmartSupport Basic and it is price differently depending on the phone model. You can only subscribe to this service at the point of purchase. Once you walk out of the shop with the new phone, you will not be allowed to subscribe to this service.

2. With free apps providing anti-virus protection and back up services, this might not appeal to experienced users, especially those who do not lose their phones.

I think SmartSupport value-added service can be offered as a trial or time-limited free service to new subscribers and those who reconstruct their phone lines. So they can try the value-added service on their own, and determine if they like to continue to use the service.

So are you using the StarHub's SmartSupport service now? What are your thoughts on it?