Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bodyguards And Assassins

I hardly watched Chinese movies nowadays cos they usually produced the same type of movies. I have to say that I am happy to have seen this movie as it surpass my expectations of this movie. With a lot of big stars and a good story plot in this movie, it can be one of the best chinese movie of the year. The simple story line of protecting somone important during a trip to Hong Kong and what happen to the people protecting him during that day. I give this movie 4 stars out of 5.

A "why they did not meet on the boat?" Polarbear

Friday, December 11, 2009

I fired you!

This morning, when I step into office, I was informed of a sad news. Based on the news, I intend to shift everything forward. So today after helping the company to get certification, which the company do not deserve at all, I threw in the letter.

It seems to me that the HR was prepared for it and she even dared to tell me straight in the face that she had checked my leave balance a few days ago. Hmm... Well she offered something that I do not agree to and in the end I got to teach my HR how to calculate my last day. She did not even ask me for reason of leaving etc. I really wonder did she ever did any HR stuff beforehand. OMG! I was happy that I got more than enough leave to offer me another week of break. Luckily I was prepared to leave on that day so I had cleared all my stuff and returned everything.

I am really happy to leave that forsaken place and hope I will never ever got to endure through that again. Good luck to whoever will be going to take over my position! I pity him. Oh boy!

A "the worst is over" Polarbear

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally got the reply I want!

After a few months of searching, I finally got the reply that I have been waiting for! The call came while I was in the bus on my way home. I was excited to get what I want but was (a little) disappointed for what was offered.

Well my main aim is to get another job soon and it offered me what I want! I was relieved and was ready to move on. So when should I throw? Hmm....

A "very happy" Polarbear

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another 10km run

Today is the D date for another 10km run. Thought that I will be able to have time to train, in the end... ... managed to sq in a few slow jogs / walk session a few weeks leading to the run.

So went in unprepared and just decided to run when I can, walk if I cannot. Haha... Managed to reach the starting line in time for the flag off (not in the front of cos), after 1 hr 37 mins later, I finally reached the finishing line. Nothing much to talk abt the run, except I am not the last one to return to the finishing line. Haha...

Looking back at the last 2 runs, I think I am the only person that the more I run, the more my timing got worse. Haha... Undeterred, I decided to take part again next year and hope that I will be able to train for it and improve my timing. Maybe a personal best? Haha...

A "dun like to run" Polarbear

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Broadway Beng - Jiak Liu Lian!

Having missed this show for 2 yrs, I bought the tickets when it was released, especially hearing all the good reviews about the last 2 shows. To me, this is a must watch.

After watching the show, I have to say that the show is one of the better local productions that I have seen in the year. The Beng can really sing, in English, in Chinese and in Hokkien. The director was Royston Tan, which I can see a lot of 881 getai shadows in the show, which makes the show more Beng. Haha... The jokes are pretty much spot on and not to the point of lame. The Chios Bus in the show can also really sing. Haha....

I think this is one of the local production that I will be keen to watch when it returns with new ideas. Looking forward to the next show.

A "want to sing like Beng" Polarbear