Saturday, December 05, 2009

Broadway Beng - Jiak Liu Lian!

Having missed this show for 2 yrs, I bought the tickets when it was released, especially hearing all the good reviews about the last 2 shows. To me, this is a must watch.

After watching the show, I have to say that the show is one of the better local productions that I have seen in the year. The Beng can really sing, in English, in Chinese and in Hokkien. The director was Royston Tan, which I can see a lot of 881 getai shadows in the show, which makes the show more Beng. Haha... The jokes are pretty much spot on and not to the point of lame. The Chios Bus in the show can also really sing. Haha....

I think this is one of the local production that I will be keen to watch when it returns with new ideas. Looking forward to the next show.

A "want to sing like Beng" Polarbear

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