Sunday, December 06, 2009

Another 10km run

Today is the D date for another 10km run. Thought that I will be able to have time to train, in the end... ... managed to sq in a few slow jogs / walk session a few weeks leading to the run.

So went in unprepared and just decided to run when I can, walk if I cannot. Haha... Managed to reach the starting line in time for the flag off (not in the front of cos), after 1 hr 37 mins later, I finally reached the finishing line. Nothing much to talk abt the run, except I am not the last one to return to the finishing line. Haha...

Looking back at the last 2 runs, I think I am the only person that the more I run, the more my timing got worse. Haha... Undeterred, I decided to take part again next year and hope that I will be able to train for it and improve my timing. Maybe a personal best? Haha...

A "dun like to run" Polarbear

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