Friday, February 02, 2007

Polarbear is so sensitive!

Polarbear is so sensitive!

Poor Polarbear! After visiting the doc on Monday, took my medicine and then rashes appeared on my neck (which made me looked like a turkey) and spread to forearms and legs. A it itchy. Sigh... Hmm... Did informed the doc that I am allergic to Panadol. Hmm... Does that mean I am going to be allergic to more drugs? Hmm....

So finally went to pay the doc another visit today and sort of confirmed that yes could the antibiotics that caused it. So have to add one more item to my list.

So now I am allergy to panadol, lobster and amoxil. So if you wanna to kill Polarbear, by the way is a protect animal, pls feed him those things. Haa.... If not, pls keep those things far far away from him. Well I can take lobster when I got the medicine with me. So that is a different case. Haa... I still can eat.

Finally after a week of slacking, I am going to gym later for my fav classes! Hope that I will last thru the whole thing. Going to watch a movie after that. The first movie in Feb and for the past 2 weeks. Hee... Hope that tonight will be an unforgettable night!

A still coughing and itchy Polarbear

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