Wednesday, January 31, 2007

End of Jan 07!

End of Jan 07!

Wow times really flies! It seems that we jz did countdown to welcome the new year and now Jan is over. Haa... So I decided that at the end of every month I will do a review or summary of the month.

This mth is the 1st mth of my gym membership and I am happy to say that my weight did drop a bit and intended to go downwards more! I have been going to gym on a regular basis and hope that I would be able to carry on with it. This week I am down with coughing and did not go to gym. Sigh! Hope that I can go 2molo. I am totally into body combat and pump! They are jz great! Thks for LLT being there to accompany and to encourage me as well. Hee... Well I need to swim more often, hope that I can start the program to swim during my lunch time soon. Haa...

This mth also marks the 3rd mth in my current job. Had not been doing any real projects yet. However from yesterday's meeting, it seems that things will start to get heated up pretty soon. Haa... That sounds good. Finally! Saw my new RO, Christina, yesterday. A nice lady and knowledge in the things that she is doing. Hope that I can learn a lot from her as well.

This week I started my school. Jz finished my 1st lecture for both subjects, think that I am in for some pretty hard time! Need to pull my socks alr! Better start reading soon!

I have watched a total of 6 movies, yes I know it is too little due to the fact that I had been going to gym, I like the Queen, Blood Diamonds and Stranger than Friction. Hope that I can watch more movies, really need to relax.

Watch a stand up comedy, Chestnuts series, great! Rain concert! ok la! Have a few more shows coming up as well.

Celebrated my sis's birthday as well! Haa...

Ended this mth with coughing like hell. Think that I am allergic to the medicine that the doctor gave to me, and now I am having rashes over me. Hmm.... Should I see the doc later?

So for next mth going to do the following things:
1. To be healthy.
2. To be active in my work.
3. To be and remain happy.
4. To study more often.
5. To watch more movies.
6. To go to gym on regular basis.
7. To rollerblade. Had not done it for some time.
8. To swim more often. At least 2 times a week during lunch time.
9. To have dinner with family at least once a week.
10. To save more $$. I need $$. Haa....

Haa.... That seems a lot huh. The next few days are going to be interesting for me. Hope that everything will turn out well for me. Start praying and crossing my fingers now! Wish me LUCK!

A "itchy" Polarbear

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