Friday, January 12, 2007

Forbidden Chestnuts: Portrait Of A Brokeback Geisha

Forbidden Chestnuts: Portrait Of A Brokeback Geisha

This show had been in its 10th year but this is the 1st time I am watching it. Sigh.... but nevertheless better late than never, I am happy that I caught it finally! IT WAS GREAT!

The show is all about spoofs of anything, from movies, musicals and even MRT Ad. Haa..... The show starred by Jonathan Lim, Hossan Leong, Rodney Oliveiro & Judy Ngo. The 4 of them really got all the spoofs so funny that I was practically laughing all the time! So what had they spoofed this time round? Below jz a teaser!

"Delicious digs at local offerings like Little Shop of Horrors, Jack & the Beansprout, Army Daze, The Magic Fundoshi, Thunderstorm and others!

Take a peek inside the Forbidden Kitty as The Re-Producers tackle their toughest show yet!
Get up-close & personal with the granny-exciting star of the Cabaret!
And who's the sexiest dentist in Singapore (with the biggest drill)?

And not forgetting those crazy mix & match movie parodies - from Deathnote and Poseidon to Snakes on the Plane and Happy Feet!
See too-hot-for-Ang-Lee deleted scenes from Brokeback Mountain.
Discover how hard it is for kung-fu stars to become geishas!

Putting a twisted Chestnuts spin on imported goods like Notre Dame de Paris, the upcoming Phantom of the Opera, Grease, My Fair Lady and more!

PLUS lots of rapid-fire unforgettable parodies of TV ads, national campaigns, media controversies and other sordid current affairs!

Join host Samuel Ching-Chong in the fight against terrorism and terrible videos!
Hear the women of Tom Cruise's life tell us all why he was a girl's best friend!
Get the latest (& queerest) news updates from Pondan News Asia
Will The Matrix's Neo ever get his 5 dollar EZ-Link deposit back? "

Yah the above are jz some of it and all of them are really funny! Haa... U got to catch the show while it is still showing until end of this week!

Cannie was supposed to join us for this show but then due to a lot of reason she cannot join us for the show. Sad. Next time ok! Without her, we also did not carry out our intended gossip session with her. Haa.... Lagi more sad! Next time sure got chance one ok! Haa...

The weather also sort of went back to the rainy season again and had been raining like ages....Hee.... only for some days lah. But then I missed the sun! Sun, pls come back soon ok!

The start of another wonderful weekend!

A laughing Polarbear

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