Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Balance is the topic of the day

Balance is the topic of the day

Balance plays an important role in my life. Everything needs to balance up, jz like yin and yang, the sun and the moon, girlfriend and friends, man and women etc. They all balances up each other. Hee… maybe except for the last one though. Haa….

So y is balance so important to me? Well for me at least, most of the time I am loud, cheerful and happy go lucky kind, but then there are always sometimes (not very often though) I need to have a little peace and quiet to think and reflect on the things going on in my life. This is the time that normally I think I am depressed and would want to hide up in my house and not go anywhere. (Erhh… this does not mean I am depressed now ok!)

I am always the one arguing other people point of view to give them an opposite opinion of things so that they can look from both sides, balancing things up, I hope? I also like to ask people for different views so that I can see if I had missed out anything that I have thought of so that it can balance up my thoughts, even though I have made up my mind. Haa….

Now I am trying very hard to balance the following things:

Diet, Time (To be shared among family (OSCAR included), friends, work and school), Hobbies, etc.

Hmm… Seems like going to be a tough time ahead. Haa…. So pls help me out! Got to decide to have life or no life! Haa....

Y the sudden topic of balance? Cos someone drag me to body balance class yesterday. It was peaceful and quiet but a lot of stretching so very siong as I could not do some of the movements. It was fun. Dun mind doing it once a week or fortnightly? Ok? Haa….

A "balanced" Polarbear

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