Sunday, January 21, 2007

RAIN came by the weekend!

RAIN came by the weekend!

Before I get started on Rain, the weekend was already crazy! Within 3 days, I went through 2 body pump classes and 3 body combat classes, one of which is an extended class! Totally super high and crazy! Haa... Other than that I did nothing else. Haa.... Back to no life!

Sat night spent the evening / night talking to HC and LC. A total of like 3 to 4 hrs right! Haa...
We should have this more often, too bad we can't as someone is flying off soon! We can start recruiting members into our talking club as well! Haa.... Will be organising a dinner soon. Hope that all can turn up!

My cousin managed to get free RAIN's coming concert tickets worth $288! Thks for the free tickets Hazel! Keep them coming ok! Haa.... In case you dunno who is Rain, he is one of the hottest singer / actor that is going to take over the world by storm. Haa... The price of the tickets already set a record with top priced tickets at $888 to the cheapest at $188. Come to think of it, most of the asian singers, their top prices tickets are only at most $168. Haa.... So is the concert worth the price? Hmm.....

To me, not a fan of Rain neither I am interested to see Rain half naked showing of his bod unlike my other cousins!, I enjoyed the concert and would rate it as above average. Starting off with the stage and the amount of LCDs screens they had used, it creates a spectacular scene for every song! The amounts of small fireworks that they had used comparable to a mini National Day parade leh. There are also things like 1001 trapdoors, which he accidentally fell into one at the last concert! Poor thing! But then who asked him to wear sunglasses while performing to look cool leh. Haa.... Travellators so that he can move of one point to another w/o moving his legs. Haa....

His fans! 90% women and to see them going crazy over Rain! Wow! From the moment he appears to the every little movement that he made, even a wink, would have attracted a lot of screams and I really mean a lot of high pitched screams! Haa...

Rain, a guy with good bod and small eyes managed to have a very commanding presence on the stage. Full with confidence, he danced his way throughout the concert! Wow! He was great in his dancing. Hmm… Wished I can do the same as well. Haa… When he talked to the audience, he spoke suing English and I was expecting he would use Korean instead, given the number of Koreans ladies were there at the concert. He does know how to flirt with the audience, and managed to throw a towel soaked with his sweat, flowers into the crazy audience! Erhh.... so anyone wanna my towel soaked with my sweat? Haa.... I got a lot after my gym session leh! Haa…. His singing skills I thought so-so and his voice tend to be drown by the loud music as well. A pity!

There are some funny things to see off stage as well.

A guy sitting next to me (on free tickets as well) was sleeping halfway through the concert! Haa… It was damn loud inside and yet this guy can sleep! Haa…. Come on the concert is not that boring!

When Rain said that he had came to the end of the concert, streams of ppl started to move out while that guy is still on stage (with 2 more songs to go)! Sigh…. Sad to see that! No respect for the artist as well. I know that it is Sunday night and next day have to work but to leave like that… ….

A lot of ppl were using their handphone cameras to take video click of Rain while singing. Well from the seats that I was on, Rain is like an inch tall to me, so when recorded it will become smaller rite? Anyway the quality will not be good as well and it lasted only like 30 sec per clip. Y not jz sit back and enjoy the concert 1st? If you wanna a video click of the concert, jolly well jz go and buy a dvd when it is out. Haa...

Bringing kids to watch the concert. Hmm…. Do the kids know what they are watching in the 1st place? It is not Disney on Ice leh? Y waste the $$ instead?

Well my weekend ended with a Bang! And totally wet with Rain! Haa….

A "drenched with Rain" Polarbear

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