Sunday, January 14, 2007

Usual Weekend doing Usual Stuff

Usual Weekend doing Usual Stuff

Before I touched on my weekend, let me give you all a quick update on the challenge. Hmm... It is the 5 th day of the challenge and I am quite happy to say that I had been disciplined for the past few days. No soft drinks, a meal in mac (that is for dinner ok), only one mocha drink at NYDC. Wow that is a new record for me alr! It is sort of difficult for me cos at home there are always lots of soft drinks lying ard. Hee... Yes a lot! Then I can only see but cannot drink leh, very sad. Usually to perk my self up whenever I am stressed or sad, I will turn to sugared drinks to make me feel better, but then lucky for me I am not stressed or sad for the past few days.

To walk past Coffee Beans, Starbucks and yet unable to walk in and order my fav drink is so torturing as well. Haa.... but I am slowly getting used to it as well. :P

Jz bear with it only 9 more days to go! Haa.... But what the heck? All for healthy living anyway.

This week had been crazy I attended like 5 body combat classes and 2 body pump classes. Crazy man! I like it lo! Esp when all classes are doing the same thing! Deja Vu moment! Haa... This week we also been to new outlets like Great World City and Far East Square. Haa... Also got a new member to join us for gym and she is HC. Haa... The more the merrier, let do it more often ok! It is fun!

Well usual weekend program also includes watching movies. Haa.... Guess what I watch 2 on 2 days! I think I must have contributed a lot to the national average of movie attendance like 3.7, if I did not remember wrongly. Haa....

HW, thks for jz checking with me if I am free. Haa.... The thing is I am always free for you! Anyway U can only meet at those graveyard hours anyway. Haa.... But I am not complaining! So 3rd Chinese movie with him and this time we watch "Kung Fu Mahjong 3: The Final Duel"

The movie is abt this guy (Ken) who is the son of a Mahjong King needs to win 16 rounds of mahjong before he can take over his father's business. Haa... However he met up with a girl of misfortune, whoever go out with this gal, will either land up bankrupt or lands himself in a accident. So immediately Ken's luck ran out and learnt some ways to overcome his misfortune and get it back. Haa...

For those who play mahjong will enjoy the show better, however for ppl like me who do not play mahjong does get lost at times, esp in the show he always got the most lousy tiles but I know it is lousy leh? Haa... Well the show does have something good out of it, is to always look on the positive side of the everything. If you do, and with perseverance, things will slowly look up upon you. Overall I will give this movie 2.5 stars out of 5.

The next movie is a movie I wanna to watch after reading glowing reviews abt it. It is a spanish movie called "Pan's Labyrinth".

The movie sets in Spain 1944. The civil war has been over for 5 years. Carmen, recently remarried, settles down with her daughter Ofélia in the home of her new husband, the highly domineering Vidal, captain in the pro-Franco army. While the little girl struggles to get used to her new life, she discovers nearby the great family house a mysterious labyrinth. Pan, its faithful guardian, a strange magical and demonic creature, will reveal to her that she is none other than the princess who long ago disappeared from an enchanted realm. To discover the truth, Ofélia will have to face three dangerous trials that nothing on earth has prepared her for...

Overall, there are 2 different stories going on. One is the civil war and one is the little girl doing all the tasks to be the princess. The effects in the movie was good and like the flow of the story. However I was wondering why everyone is saying that this movie will win the Oscar Best Foreign Language Movie? Hmm.... Well overall, I give this movie 3 stars out of 5. Hee...

So you can see the weekend is considered a normal weekend for me! Haa... Boring huh! Need some excitement in my life! Come on!

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